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This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MV.

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Extension Plugins

The following plugins are Extension Plugins that require this plugin as its Parent Plugin.

Place the following plugins below this plugin located in the Plugin Manager if you plan on using them.

Yanfly Engine Plugins

This plugin is a part of the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.


This plugin alters the various aspects of the default battle system,
allowing it to be more streamlined like most modern RPG's and less clunky
like older RPG's. This ranges from choosing what text will appear in the
battle log window at the top and how it will be displayed.

Battle Messages

When changing "Terms" and the "Messages" that appear in battle, inserting
the following tag anywhere in the message will cause the message to center
itself in the battle log.

  This tag must be all caps in order for the battle log window to recognize
  it as an instruction to center the displayed battle text message.

There are a couple of notetags you can use to change the way certain skills
and items will show up incase you don't want a name like 'Harold's Attack'
to appear in the name.

Skill and Item Notetags:

  <Display Text: x>
  This will change the text displayed to x.

  <Display Icon: x>
  This will change the icon displayed to x.

Battle Windows

There's various options to adjust the window settings found in the battle
system to make navigating the battle system more intuitive. Such options
include starting the turns with the Actor Command Window instead of the
Party Command Window (the Fight/Escape Window). The Party Command Window is
still accessible but only by pressing cancel on the first actor's window.

Battle Order

The battle turn order is also fixed, too. This way, any battlers that Have
their AGI value changed over the course of battle will reflect those changes
during the current turn rather than the following turn. The action speed
calculation can also be adjusted and finetuned to have the random factor of
its speed calculation formula removed, too, making AGI actually worthwhile
as a tactical parameter.

Skill and Item Notetag:
  <speed: +x>
  <speed: -x>
  This lets you break past the editor's limit of -2000 and 2000 allowing you
  to set the speed of your actions with more control.

Multiple Hits

Multi-hit action will no longer end prematurely if the target dies midway
through the action. This is done through toggling immortal states. To make
use of feature, make sure your database has an Immortal State somewhere. If
you do not wish to use this feature, set the Parameter for Immortal State ID
to 0 instead.

Popup Revamp

Although the damage popups may still look the same as the default ones from
MV, the process in which they're created is now different to streamline the
damage popup process. Before, popups would only appear one a time with a
frame's different at minimum in order for them to show. Now, any actions
that occur at the same frame will now all show popups at the same frame,
making for smoother and less clunky damage popups.

Common Events

Common Events will now occur at the end of each action regardless of whether
or not the enemy party is still alive. With proper placing of the action
sequence tags, you can make the skill's common event occur in the middle of
an action, too. However, keep in mind if you force an action in the middle
of another action, the remainder of the former action's sequence list will
become null and void in favor of the new forced action.

Casting Animations

Casting Animations help provide visual hints for players either by letting
them know which battler is going to perform an action or what type of skill
that action will be. This plugin enables skills to have casting animations
that can be modified universally or customized for each individual skill.

Skill Notetag:
  <Cast Animation: x>
  Sets the skill's cast animation to animation ID x. Setting x to zero will
  cause the skill to not have any animaton at all.

Changing Battle Systems

While the player is not in battle, you can change the battle system using a
Plugin Command. With only this plugin, there is only one battle system
included: the default battle system.

Plugin Command:
  setBattleSys DTB      Sets battle system to Default Turn Battle.

Other future plugins may include other battle systems that may utilize the
Battle Engine Core.

Sideview Actions

In RPG Maker MV's default battle system, both the sideview and the frontview
settings do not display counterattacks, reflected magic attacks, nor any
case of substituting for battle members. The Battle Engine Core provides
games that are using the sideview settings small amounts of animations to
relay information to the player in a more visual sense.

Magic Reflection will also display a reflection animation to indicate the
battler has reflection properties. This animation can be changed in the
parameters, but certain actors, classes, enemies, weapons, armors, and
states can display a unique kind of animation for reflection if desired.

Actor, Class, Enemy, Weapon, Armor, and State Notetag:
  <Reflect Animation ID: x>
  Changes the user's reflect animation to x. This will take priority in the
  following order: Actor, Class, Enemy, Weapon, Armor, State, Default.

Sometimes, you don't want your enemies to be able to move. Or you don't want
certain actors to be able to move. They're just stationary for whatever
reason. To accomplish that, you can use this notetag to forbid the battler
from moving.

Actor, Class, Enemy, Weapon, Armor, and State Notetag:
  <Sprite Cannot Move>
  Prevents the battler's sprite from moving. This will take priority in the
  following order: Actor, Class, Enemy, Weapon, Armor, and State. If an
  enemy is unable to move when it performs an action, it will flash white as
  if it normally does in front view.

Custom Sideview Battler Anchor

Sideview battlers are generally centered horizontally, and grounded at their
feet. However, not all sideview battler spritesheets work this way. In the
event you have a sideview battler that doesn't conform to those standards,
you can 'anchor' them a different way.

Actor, Class, Weapon, Armor, State Notetags:
  <Anchor X: y.z>
  <Anchor Y: y.z>
  This sets the anchor location for the actor's sideview battler at y.z.
  By default, the X anchor is 0.5 while the Y anchor is 1.0. If you want
  the X anchor to be a bit more to the left, make it less than 0.5. Make it
  more than 0.5 to make the X anchor more towards the right. To raise the
  Y anchor, set the number value to less than 1.0. Keep adjusting until you
  find that perfect anchor setting.

If an anchor has multiple traits that yield different anchors, it will be
used in a priority list akin to this order:


The higher it is on the priority list, the higher its priority.

Enemy Attack Animation

To give your enemies unique attack animations, you can use this notetag:

Enemy Notetag:
  <Attack Animation: x>
  Replace x with the ID of the battle animation you wish to set as the
  enemy's default attack animation.

Automatic State Removal Conditions

By default, RPG Maker MV's battle system has automatic state removal under
three different conditions: none, action end, turn end.

None and Turn End are working as intended. However, Action End, however, had
the states removed at the start of the battler's action rather than the end.
This is changed and updated to occur only at the end of a battler's action.

Two more automatic conditions are now added: Action Start and Turn Start.
These can be added and implemented using the following notetags:

State Notetags:
  <Action Start: x>
  <Action Start: x to y>
  This will cause this state to update its turns remaining at the start of
  an action. x is the number of turns it will last. If you use x to y, upon
  applying the state, the state will be removed a random number of turns
  from x to y.

  <Turn Start: x>
  <Turn Start: x to y>
  This will cause the state to update its turns remaining at the start of a
  battle turn. x is the number of turns it will last. If you use x to y,
  upon applying the state, the state will be removed a random number of
  turns from x to y.

States with Action End have a unique trait to them where if the caster of
the state is the current active battler (subject) and if the state is then
applied on the user itself, they will gain a 'free turn'. The 'free turn' is
to mitigate the user from losing 1 duration of the turn since with an Action
End timing, they would lose the benefit of being under the state for that
turn's timing.

Action Sequences

The Yanfly Engine Plugins - Battle Engine Core includes the capability of
using custom action sequences. Action sequences are basic instructions for
the game to creating a customized skill both visually and mechanically.
The Battle Engine Core, however, will only include the most basic of action
sequences so the instructions on how to create a custom action sequence will
be included in the Help file on future extension plugins for this plugin.

Tips & Tricks

The following Tips & Tricks effects use this plugin:


Version 1.50:
- Action sequences allow for unlimited arguments now.

Version 1.49:
- Added failsafe for 'furthestRight()' errors.

Version 1.48:
- Optimization update.

Version 1.47:
- Bypass the isDevToolsOpen() error when bad code is inserted into a script
call or custom Lunatic Mode code segment due to updating to MV 1.6.1.

Version 1.46:
- Updated for RPG Maker MV version 1.6.1.

Version 1.45:
- Updated for RPG Maker MV version 1.5.0.

Version 1.44:
- Fixed a bug where the enemy name windows disappear if you change scenes
mid-way through battle and return to it.

Version 1.43b:
- Bug fixed to prevent crash if non-existent actions are used.
- Optimization update.

Version 1.42:
- Optimization update.

Version 1.41:
- Fixed a bug that allowed certain sprites to remain in the active pool
while party members were removed midway through battle.

Version 1.40:
- Updated for RPG Maker MV version 1.3.2.

Version 1.39c:
- Fixed a bug that caused dead actors to not be a part of action sequence
targeting for "Not Focus".
- Optimization update.
- Updated "queueForceAction" to utilize both numbers and actual targets.

Version 1.38a:
- Optimization update.
- Compatibility update for Selection Control v1.08.
- Bug fixed for mirrored animations on enemies.

Version 1.37:
- Fixed a bug where if the enemy's size is too small, the enemy's name
during selection will be cut off.

Version 1.36d:
- Made an update for the battle background image snaps when there is no
battleback being used. This will prevent the player party and enemy troop
from appearing in the background snapshot when entering menus mid-battle.
- 'Death Break' action sequence now only triggers upon dead status and not
an 'or 0 HP' condition.
- Updated Forced Action sequencing for more efficiency.
- 'Action Times+' traits now work properly for DTB again.
- Optimized message displaying for battle log.
- Optimized z sorting algorithm for sprites.

Verison 1.35d:
- Scopes that target a dead ally will automatically target the first dead
ally now. Scopes that target all dead allies will lock onto the first dead
ally. This will hopefully provide less confusion amongst playing.
- Added anti-crash measure for sprite bitmaps.
- Added anti-crash measure for faux actions.
- Added anti-crash measure to prevent non-existant animations from playing.
- Added a check that prevents hidden battlers from appearing when using
certain action sequences.

Version 1.34a:
- Fixed a bug where 'NOT FOCUS' targets were not including dead members.
- Fixed a bug where using NOT FOCUS would cause dead targets to be visible.

Version 1.33:
- Updated for RPG Maker MV version 1.1.0.

Version 1.32d:
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when an actor died.
- Added a motion engine to be used for future plugins.
- Preparation for a future plugin.
- <Anchor X: y.z> and <Anchor Y: y.z> notetags for actors are now extended
to actors, classes, weapons, armors, and states.
- Added <Display Text: x> and <Display Icon: x> notetags for skills and
items. These notetags will alter the display name shown and icon shown
respectively while performing a skill.
- Switched Magic Reflect checking order with Counterattack checking order.
This is to give priority to reflected actions over countered actions.

Version 1.31b:
- States with Action End now have a unique trait to them where if the caster
of the state is the current active battler (subject) and if the state is
then applied on the user itself, they will gain a 'free turn'. The 'free
turn' is to mitigate the user from losing 1 duration of the turn since with
an Action End timing, they would lose the benefit of being under the state
for that turn's timing.
- Added failsafes for Free Turns in case other plugins have overwritten the
on battle start functions.
- Added a compatibility update to Animated SV Enemies for dead motion.

Version 1.30:
- Optimization update.
- Fixed a bug that prevented added state effects be unable to apply if they
are an added Death state.
- Battlelog lines are now able to display text codes.

Version 1.29:
- Fixed a bug with the 'else if' action sequences not working in the right
order of sequence conditions.

Version 1.28d:
- Fixed a bug if instant casting a skill that would make an opponent battler
to force an action to end incorrectly. Thanks to DoubleX for the fix.
- Fixed a bug with mouse over not working properly.
- Fixed a bug regarding forced actions that will cause the battle to freeze
if the forced action causes the main active subject to leave the battle.
- Fixed a bug with timed states not updating their turns properly.
- Changed priority of IF action sequences to higher to no longer interfere
other action sequences.

Version 1.27:
- Mechanic change. This will only affect those using turn-based state timing
mechanics. Turn End state updates are now shifted from Turn End to occur at
Regeneration timing to have a more synchronized aspect. The timings are very
close so there's next to no notice in difference. Buff turn updates are also
moved to the regeneration timing, too.

Version 1.26:
- Added 'Mouse Over' parameter to Selection Help. This parameter enables
mouse users to simply hover over the enemy to select them rather than having
to click an enemy twice to select them.

Version 1.25f:
- Added failsafes for Forced Action queues.
- Added 'Show Select Box' parameter when selecting enemies.
- Fixed a bug that caused End Turn events to not function properly.
- Battle animations, by default, are positioned relative to the base bitmap
for its target sprite. However, actor sprites do not have a base bitmap and
therefore, battle animations, regardless of position, will always target the
actor sprite's feet. This update now gives actor sprites a base bitmap.
- Readjusted sprite width and sprite height calculations.
- Added a failsafe for when no sideview actor graphics are used.

Version 1.24:
- Implemented a Forced Action queue list. This means if a Forced Action
takes place in the middle of an action, the action will resume after the
forced action finishes rather than cancels it out like MV does.

Version 1.23:
- Fixed a bug that didn't regenerate HP/MP/TP properly for tick-based.

Version 1.22:
- Fixed a bug within MV that caused Forced Actions at Turn End to prompt and
trigger all turn-end related activities (such as regeneration and state turn
- Made a mechanic change so that Action Start and Action End state turns do
not update their turns through forced actions.

Version 1.21:
- Fixed a bug where states Action End weren't going down properly with DTB.

Version 1.20:
- Fixed a bug where revived actors using instant cast aren't properly set to
use actions immediately.

Version 1.19:
- Added <Attack Animation: x> notetag for enemies.
- Added 'AI Self Turns' for Tick-Based Battles. Enemies can now have their
A.I. revolve around their own individual turns rather than the battle's.
- Mechanic change for states. Following suit with the change to Action End
removal, there are now two more conditions added: Action Start, Turn Start.
- Added <Action Start: x>, <Action Start: x to y>, <Turn Start: x>, and
<Turn Start: x to y> notetags for automatic state removal.

Version 1.18:
- Fixed a bug with irregular targeting scopes.
- Fixed an MV-related bug with Recover All event not refreshing battlers.

Version 1.17b:
- Fixed a bug with action end states to remove multiple at once.
- Fixed a visual error with flinching sprites.
- Added 'Current Max' parameter to change HP current/max display in battle.
- Mechanic change for states that update on Action End to end at the end of
a battler's turn instead of at the start.
- Began preparations for another battle system.

Version 1.16:
- Fixed an issue with mirrored enemies having mirrored state icons.

Version 1.15a:
- Fixed a bug revolving the status window not updating.
- Updated default home position formula to better fit other party sizes.
New Home Position X:
  screenWidth - 16 - (maxSize + 2) * 32 + index * 32
New Home Position Y:
  screenHeight - statusHeight - maxSize * 48 + (index+1) * 48 - 16

Version 1.14:
- Fixed a bug with Forced Actions locking out the battle.
- New mechanic: For tick-based battle systems, states with action-end will
go down in turns based on how many actions took place for the actor instead.
Previously, they were indistinguishable from states with Turn End removal.
- New mechanic: Using Instant Skills/Items from YEP_InstantCast.js will also
cause states with action-end to go down in turns upon using actions.

Version 1.13a:
- Fixed a bug that made battlebacks disappear.
- Reworked visual enemy selection.
- Victory phase doesn't immediately display level up changes in battle
status window.
- Fixed a bug with the visual enemy select showing dead enemy names.

Version 1.12b:
- If the Battle HUD has been hidden for whatever reason during the victory
sequence, it will be returned.
- Added <speed: +x> and <speed: -x> notetags to break past editor limits.
- Added new conditions where the battle won't end until all action sequences
have been fulfilled.

Version 1.11:
- Fixed a bug that didn't show HP/MP Regeneration.

Version 1.10:
- Removed immortal state dependancy. Immortality is now its own setting.
- Added more abbreviated variables for action speed calculation.
- Fixed a bug where all-scope attacks would reveal Appear-Halfway enemies.
- Fixed a bug where the battle wouldn't end if the final enemy was killed
by state damage.

Version 1.09:
- Fixed a undefined actor bug for refreshing the status window.
- Added 'Show Shadows' parameter to the plugin settings.
- Reworked the default action sequences so that forced actions do not appear
on top of each other and party-heal animations occur simultaneously.

Version 1.08:
- Fixed a bug where battlers gaining HP/MP in the damage formula for
themselves wouldn't trigger popups.
- Fixed a bug where if the party failed to escape from battle, states that
would be removed by battle still get removed. *Fixed by Emjenoeg*
- Fixed a bug where instant death skills didn't work.
- Changed Sprite Priority settings to decide whether actors, enemies, or
neither would always be on top.

Version 1.07:
- Optimized status window to refresh at a minimum.
- Set up frame work for future plugins:
- Added 'Escape Ratio' and 'Fail Escape Boost' to parameters to allow users
to set the escape ratio they want.
- Added 'Front Sprite Priority' and 'Side Sprite Priority' to parameters to
dictate if actor sprites are always on top.
- Added 'Tick-Settings' category for tick-based battle systems.

Version 1.06:
- Fixed a bug that causes dead actors at the start of battle to not spawn.
- Fixed a bug where the help window on an empty slot would show the
previous skill's message.

Version 1.05:
- Added new target typing: Character X, which allows you to select
specifically the actor with an actor ID of X if he/she/it is in the party.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Miss and Evade popups from showing.

Version 1.04:
- Fixed a bug where popups didn't show under certain animation types.
- Fixed certain battler motions from not refreshing correctly.
- Actions with no scope will not trigger the confirmation selection window.

Version 1.03:
- Added 'Wait for Effect' action sequence.
- Actions now wait for effects (such as collapsing) to be done before
continuing on with battle or to end battle.

Version 1.02:
- Fixed a bug where the help window would retain descriptions on no skills.
- Synched up weapons with actor sprites so they would occur simultaneously.
- Fixed an issue where requesting certain motions from enemies that don't
exist would cause them to crash.

Version 1.01:
- Skills and items that affect both HP and MP will now show popups for both.

Version 1.00:
- Finished plugin!