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Tips & Tricks List

No. Banner Name and Description
Molten Giant (Hearthstone)

Here’s a neat little trick you can do with the Skill Core plugin: recreate the Molten Giant card from Hearthstone. Its effect is that the card costs less mana depending on how much health the hero is missing. Let’s do that, too, in RPG Maker MV using the Skill Core plugin!

Chicken Knife (Final Fantasy 5)

Recreate that hilarious, yet, deep knife from Final Fantasy V: the Chicken Knife! Its strength increases based on the number of times your party ran away from battle and now, you can make something like that in RPG Maker MV, too, using the Equip Core plugin!

Tonberry Shop (Final Fantasy 8)

In Final Fantasy 8, there was the ability to call forth a shop from the main menu. Now, you can do the same with RPG Maker MV through the use of the Main Menu Manager plugin.

Parallax Mapping

Let the Region Restrictions plugin make your parallax mapping life a lot easier by making visible boundaries that you can actually see!

On Map Encounters

As random encounters tend to have a negative stigma with most players, it’s not a bad idea to learn how to create on-map encounters where the enemy touches the player and forces the player into a battle. Using the Event Chase Player plugin, you can do this in RPG Maker MV, too!

Hestia Knife (Danmachi)

The Hestia Knife from Danmachi is a knife whose strength is relative based on its user’s strength. Now, you can recreate a similar effect in RPG Maker MV using the Equip Core plugin.

Regen Scroll

This video will teach you how to add passive states onto item upgrades by showing you how to make a Regen Scroll!

Runic Blade

Ever wanted to remake Celes’ Runic ability from Final Fantasy 6 for your RPG Maker MV game? Well, now you can if you follow the above tips & tricks video.

Annie's Disintegrate (League of Legends)

Annie, from League of Legends, has a nifty skill that would translate well (and in a useful way) to RPG Maker! Her Disintegrate skill functions as a “finisher” that gives the user a bonus when it kills and enemy with it! This tips & tricks video will show you how to create something just like that!

Stat Upgrades

Ever wanted to make use of Job Points to create a way to permanently increase stats? Well, now you can by combining two Yanfly Engine Plugins!

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