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| <html><a href="https://visustella.itch.io/stella-generator-animal-parts"><img src="https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzQyNDQ4ODUucG5n/original/eEVKGw.png" width="300"></a></html>
| [[ Visustella|Stella Character Generator DLC01: Animal Parts]] Series: '''[[Stella Character Generator (Visustella)|Stella Character Generator]]'''
Release: 2020.09.18
Download DLC01: Animal Parts for the Stella Character Generator, and start making your own anthropomorphic characters today! This DLC will provide new Parts for Male Lean, Male Lean (Neutral Pose), Female Slim and Female Slim (Neutral Pose). It will add parts for both the Portraits and Tall Sprites.
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=== [[:Category: Packages|Project Outbreak]] ===
=== [[:Category: Packages|Project Outbreak]] ===

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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from Yanfly.moe, Ækashics.moe,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.


What started as a mere whisper of our hearts have grown to a tremendous roar of spirit and energy.
Visustella was founded with the aim is to bring quality indie games with strong plot, creativity, and innovation. Games are not merely our passion but a way of life.

Originally founded by Archeia, Yanfly and Marimo. Visustella is an indie game development circle focused on creating JRPGs and resources for fellow game developers, heavily leaning towards the RPG Maker series.

Support Visustella

Click here if you want to help support Visustella on Patreon.

Engine-Free Assets

You can see all the currently released assets and games by Visustella!

Stella Character Generator

Visustella: Stella Character Generator is a multi-purpose character generator created with Top-Down RPGs and other artistic projects in mind.

Stella Character Generator Series: Stella Character Generator

Release: 2020.05.06

So if you've ever wanted art or sprites for your original characters, but can't afford to commission an artist, you might be stumped since other generators don't do what you want? That's where the Stella Character Generator saves the day! For a one time cost, you can have access to THOUSANDS of combinations of character parts to design your very own custom characters.

Stella Character Generator DLC01: Animal Parts Series: Stella Character Generator

Release: 2020.09.18

Download DLC01: Animal Parts for the Stella Character Generator, and start making your own anthropomorphic characters today! This DLC will provide new Parts for Male Lean, Male Lean (Neutral Pose), Female Slim and Female Slim (Neutral Pose). It will add parts for both the Portraits and Tall Sprites.

Project Outbreak

Visustella: Project Outbreak is a series of resource packs focused primarily on creating a survival horror game.

Project Outbreak Series: School Horror

Release: 2017.11.18

A well crafted pack to create schools from preschool and up! It features Tile sets, Character walking sprites, Door animations and more! From students back packs to blood-flooding toilets, this pack includes fun details to give your school map some chilling personality and charm.

Project Outbreak Series: Modern City

Release: 2019.03.19

Do you wish to create a game inspired by dating sims or modern indie adventure games? Do you like high res pixel art? With this pack, you can create a dating game or even survival horror! With a flexible palette that can be easily desaturated for a more serious feel or a bright cheery game, this pack is for you!

RPG Maker Only Assets

VisuStella Plugins for RPG Maker MZ

VisuStella MZ is a plugin library created from converted the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

Tier 0 Plugins

These plugins have to go to the top of the Plugin Manager list if used.

These plugins provide engines for the plugin library to work from.

VisuMZ.001.jpg Core Engine VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Core Engine plugin is designed to fix any bugs that may have slipped past RPG Maker MZ's source code and to give game devs more control over RPG Maker MZ's various features, ranging from mechanics to aesthetics to quality of life improvements.

Tier 1 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0 plugins.

These plugins are create strong core foundations for other plugins to work from.

VisuMZ.002.jpg Battle Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Battle Core plugin revamps the battle engine provided by RPG Maker MZ to become more flexible, streamlined, and support a variety of features. The updated battle engine allows for custom Action Sequences, battle layout styles, and a lot of control over the battle mechanics, too.

VisuMZ.008.jpg Elements and Status Menu Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Elements & Status Menu Core plugin gives you more control over in-game elemental rate calculations, providing Trait Sets to streamline assigning elements to actors and enemies, and updating the Status Menu to display all that information properly.

VisuMZ.005.jpg Events and Movement Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Events & Movement Core plugin adds a lot of new functionality in terms of event flexibility and movement options to RPG Maker MZ. These range from adding in old capabilities from previous iterations of RPG Maker to more mainstream techniques found in other game engines. Movement options are also expanded to support 8-directional movement as well as sprite sheets provided that the VisuStella 8 format is used.

VisuMZ.006.jpg Items and Equips Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Items & Equips Core makes improvements to the RPG Maker MZ item and equipment dedicated scenes (including the shop) and how they're handled. From more item categories, better parameter control, rulings, and more, game devs are able to take control over key aspects of their game's items.

VisuMZ.003.jpg Main Menu Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Main Menu Core plugin is designed to give you more control over the Main Menu outside of RPG Maker MZ's editor's control. Game devs are given control over how commands work, visual aesthetics pertaining to the Main Menu, and assign menu images to actors as background portraits.

VisuMZ.004.jpg Message Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Message Core plugin extends and builds upon the message functionality of RPG Maker MZ and allows you, the game dev, to customize the workflow for your game's message system.

VisuMZ.010.jpg Options Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Options Core plugin revamps the Options Menu Scene in RPG Maker MZ to be more extensive and sustain a larger variety of options. This plugin will add new options to the list in addition to options from other VisuStella MZ plugins provided that they're installed as well. Game devs that are adept with JavaScript are also able to add in their own options to the menu as well.

VisuMZ.009.jpg Save Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Save Core plugin adds upon the existing functionality of how saves operate in RPG Maker MZ and how the Save Menu appears in-game. Control over autosaves is also provided by this plugin as well as the ability to make Global Switches and Variables accessible across all game saves (including new games).

VisuMZ.007.jpg Skills and States Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Skills & States Core plugin extends and builds upon the functionality of RPG Maker MZ's inherent skill, state, and buff functionalities and allows game devs to customize its various aspects.

Tier 2 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0 and 1 plugins.

These plugins are systems which have their own mechanical systems and structures.

VisuMZ.025.jpg Aggro Control System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.28

A common mechanic found in many RPG's nowadays is the ability to steer the way enemies target party members. This can be in the form of provocations, taunts, and aggro.

Provocations come in the form of states, where when a unit applies a provoke state on a target, the target must attack the provoker when using single target skills. This plugin provides support for multiple provocations and such provocations will be given focus based on the state's priority value.

Taunts are a third way to steer an opponent to focus on a party member. The taunt effects can be split up into global, physical, magical, or certain hit only taunts and these can be applied to almost any trait object.

Aggro is a numeric value that determines the likelihood and/or priority level of how often a target party member is to be attacked by an enemy unit. The higher the aggro value, the more likely the chances of being targeted. A option can be turned on (or through notetags) to set enemies to always target the party member with the highest aggro.

VisuMZ.022.jpg Battle System - ATB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.21

The RPG Maker MZ Time Progress Battle (TPB) system is only a few steps away from the acclaimed Active Turn Battle (ATB) system. This plugin will grant it the various features needed to turn it from TPB into ATB.

This plugin will grant control over how the various mechanics work, ranging from penalties to calculations, to actions that can manipulate the ATB gauge of battlers. Battlers that are in the middle of casting a spell can also be interrupted with specific notetag traits.

ATB Gauges can also be displayed on enemies and/or allies, giving the player full access to the current battle state. The ATB Gauges are also improved, showing different colors for different states and showing a new gauge for the casting state.

VisuMZ.013.jpg Dragonbones Union VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.24

DragonBones allows your games to use skeletal animation, a type of computer animation in which a character (or object) is represented by skins/textures and a digital set of interconnected bones (called the skeleton). Using a set of instructions, the game will create animations based off these skins, skeletons, and instructions to create beautifully smooth and light-weight movements.

This plugin gives you such control over various facets of your game: the battle system, event pictures, and map sprites for characters. Various plugin commands, notetags, and comment tags are added through this plugin to give you as much control as you need over Dragonbones from the RPG Maker MZ editor itself.

VisuMZ.Temp.jpg Grid-Free Doodads VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.05

In RPG Maker MZ, tilesets are used for mapping purposes. Tileset A is used for drawing land while Tilesets B through E are used to add doodads. But in RPG Maker MZ, doodads added by Tilesets B through E are locked to the grid and add a rather unnatural feel to it. This plugin will allow you to break free of the grid and add doodads unbound by the grid. Doodads can come in all forms, from large to small, static and animated, you name it!

There are two plugins for Grid-Free Doodads. One is the system, which has all of the data contained for how doodads are handled in-game. The other is the in-game editor, which allows you to add, remove, and edit doodads during Playtest mode. These are separate so that when you deploy the game and want just the doodad data to remain without the in-game editor, you can leave the editor out. Or in the event there's ever an external editor, you can use that instead.

VisuMZ.019.jpg Party System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.07

RPG Maker MZ only gives game projects the ability to switch party members within the main menu and nothing more. There's no inherent functionality to lock party members, make party members required, and/or give players the ability to switch party members mid-battle.

This plugin will add in all of those functions as well as a dedicated scene for switching party members. Party switching will allow party members to be removed, swapped, and sorted. Through the usage of Plugin Commands, party members can also be locked and/or required for party presence.

Those using the VisuStella MZ Battle Core will also have access to features in this plugin that aren't available otherwise. These features give players the functionality to switch out the whole party lineup mid-battle and/or individual party member switching.

VisuMZ.016.jpg Quest Journal System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.31

A quest journal is a very important tool provided by game developers for the players. It lists various quests, missions, and objectives that the player can pursue in order to progress further into the game. This can be helpful in reminding the player what needs to be done in the event the player can forget what things there are to do in a vast and large RPG world.

This plugin places a quest journal system into your RPG Maker MZ game. You can set up how the quest journal appears, move its windows around and/or reshape them to fit your game.

You can adjust the quest's title, display a difficulty level, remind the player who the quest is from, where that quest is from, various dynamic descriptions explaining the quest, a list of objectives to make, a list of rewards that will be given to the player once the quest is complete, and any subtext footnotes and quotes you may wish to insert into each quest.

Tier 3 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, and 2 plugins.

These are extension plugins which may have dependencies on Tier 0 through 2 plugins.

VisuMZ.023.jpg Action Sequence Camera VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.23

This plugin adds new Action Sequences functions to the VisuStella MZ Battle Core plugin to give you, the game dev, control over the battle camera and zoom functions.

VisuMZ.Temp.jpg Battle AI VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.30

This Battle A.I. plugin changes up how enemies and any Auto Battle actors behave by implementing many new key components to their decision making process in battle. These new compotents are: A.I. Styles, A.I. Levels, Rating Variance, A.I. Conditions, and Influencing TGR Weight.

With these new key components put together, you can transform RPG Maker MZ's highly primitive A.I. into something more intelligent. Auto Battle actors can also base their A.I. patterns off an enemy's A.I. in order to behave in more desirable ways during battle as well.

VisuMZ.020.jpg Skill Cooldowns VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.09

Skill Cooldowns are a mechanic added by the game to prevent repeated skill usage (or as some gamers call it, skill spamming). Upon usage in battle, a skill with a cooldown will become unselectable for a duration of time set by either notetags and/or Plugin Commands. This duration would have to pass in order for the skill to become usable once again.

Skill Warmups are another addition by this plugin. Skills with warmups will start the battle unusable until a certain duration has passed. This can help prevent strong skills from being used from the very start of battle.

VisuMZ.Temp.jpg Life State Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.07

The Life State Effects plugin allow for trait objects and/or states to create specific, though, commonly used effects found in many traditional JRPG's, such as Auto Life, Doom, and Guts. These mechanical effects add a whole new layer of strategy when it comes to status effects.

VisuMZ.013a.jpg Victory Aftermath VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.26

The Victory Aftermath plugin consolidates the rewards granted upon finishing a battle successfully into one screen (or more if there are level ups). This helps reduce the amount of button presses needed to display similar information by default. The level up screens will also display parameter changes and new skills acquired in addition to victory quotes.

VisuMZ.017.jpg Visual State Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.02

States, buffs, and debuffs are amongst one of the most important aspects of the battle system. Therefore, relaying proper information to the player is extremely important. RPG Maker MZ does relay information to the player about the various states and effects, but it is far from perfect. This plugin allows you to add more detail and visual effects regarding states to relay proper data.

Tier 4 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, 2, and 3 plugins.

These are standalone plugins, which are best placed towards the bottom of the Plugin Manager list.

VisuMZ.Temp.jpg Animated Map Destination VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.02

When the player clicks on the map, the player sets a destination for the player character to move to. This destination is, by default, marked with a white square sprite that flashes over and over. This aesthetic does not necessarily fit every type of game project so this plugin will allow you to customize it.

You can change the way the square sprite looks, change it into a circle, use an image file, or even use an animation file. There are various properties for each of these settings, too.

VisuMZ.014.jpg Button Common Events VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.28

By default, there's only a few keys on your keyboard that perform any kind of action when pressed on the map screen. This plugin allows you to bind Common Events to various other keys to expand the keyboard's functionality. Plugin Commands can be used during the middle of a playthrough to change up which Common Events are bound to each key as well, allowing you, the game dev, to have full control over which keys can be used during the map screen.

VisuMZ.011.jpg Debugger VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.21

The RPG Maker MZ default debug menu (accessible through the F9 key during a play test session) only has switch and variable manipulation options, which might not be enough for some game developers. This plugin adds in a new debug menu with access to launching Common Events on the go, teleporting to any desired map, quick options, initiating battles, modifying quantities for items, weapons, armors, altering self switches, and applying buffs, debuffs, and states. Furthermore, this plugin also makes the debug menu accessible from anywhere.

VisuMZ.Temp.jpg Extra Enemy Drops VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.09

By default, RPG Maker MZ limits enemies to only drop up to 3 items max and at very limited drop rates. This plugin allows you to add more than 3 items at drop and at custom rates that aren't limited to a demoninator value.

This plugin also gives the functionality to force specific drops or give any additional bonus drops to make some battles give different rewards despite having the same types of enemies encountered before.

And if you have the VisuStella Battle Core, drops can be visible on the battlefield and spring out of the enemies as they collapse!

VisuMZ.021.jpg Gab Window VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.10

Sometimes there's random jibber jabber that does not warrant a message box. The Gab Window fulfills that jibber jabber by placing such text outside of the message window box and at the corner of the screen. The gab text will appear briefly and then disappear, not showing up again until the gab text is updated with something else.

VisuMZ.018.jpg Picture Common Events VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.04

With RPG Maker MZ having better touch support, it's important that almost everything can be interacted with such as pictures. Pictures on the map screen can have a Common Event bound to them, which will launch once clicked (assuming no other events are running). These pictures can also change the Common Events bound to them and/or clear them during the game.

VisuMZ.Temp.jpg Weapon Unleash VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.25

The Weapon Unleash plugin lets you give battlers a chance to perform a skill that's different from the usual Attack or Guard action they have. Unleashes work off a success rate system, meaning they can but not always occur.

In addition to Unleashes, replacements for the default Attack and Guard actions also available through this plugin. Unlike Unleashes, replacements are always present. Though, if an Unleash manages to succeed, they will take over the replacement skill.

Each of these features can help alleviate the monotony of using the same commands over and over throughout the game, giving more life to the battle system and keeping it fresh and interesting.

Tier 5 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 plugins.

These are patches, used to create compatibility between VisuStella MZ plugins and those outside of the VisuStella MZ plugin library. They can also be used to link software and/or libraries from outside of RPG Maker MZ.

VisuMZ.012.jpg TileD VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.29

A warning: This plugin is for advanced users, or users who plan to learn TileD. We at VisuMZ are not TileD support and will not be teaching TileD, or answering support questions in regards to TileD itself. If you think learning a new mapping program may be too hard, or might be too tedious this plugin is not for you.

Tired of RPG Maker MZ's Map Editor? Do you want to map the XP way but more? Tired of Parallax Mapping? Want to do round corners? Want to create a map with basically unlimited layers?

Well, now all those worries are gone! Instead, let's just use the awesome map editor, TileD! Free, easy to use and very flexible Map Editor. Grab it from here: http://www.mapeditor.org/

VisuStella Plugins for RPG Maker MV

Luna Engine MV Series: Luna Engine MV

Release: 2019.08.29

Luna Engine MV is a tool created for RPG Maker MV (RPGツクールMV) to give you the freedom to manipulate RPG Maker MV's default GUIs and modify them according to your own vision! Luna Engine can also be useful for seasoned programmers, providing a solid core base you can build up on.

Tiled Plugin

Release: 2015.11.17

Tiled is a general map editor made by Thorbjørn Lindeijer. It offers many features such as multiple layers, grid-free object layers and more! We recommend reading the documentation on the Tiled website for the full list. We implemented it in RPG Maker MV for our personal projects and we hope that it will help your project in the future!

Steamworks MV

Release: 2019.12.14

The plugin is meant to be easily usable for non-developers via plugin commands.

Some things however require a "Callback" function, as they have to connect to steams servers to get information, or do things (e.g: unlocking achievements) these things may take some time, and therefore when using plugin commands that require a callback, you should apply a wait before executing more logic.

The plugin is a wrapper for Greenworks module, meaning that the functions used by the plugin commands are usable by developers in their own plugins. If you need a specific Steam SDK version, 1.42 is recommended. Steamworks is generally backwards compatible so any new versions should work. Make sure to get the proper greenworks version!

This plugin is licensed to you, the user under the terms that you credit Visustella, Liquidize and Archeia in your game (commercial or free). The terms also include you leaving all copyrights intact, you are however free to modify this file to add additional functionality or fix bugs.

Input Combo Skills

Release: 2020.05.25

This plug-and-play feature lets you drop the plugin right into your project, and set up custom skills and combos with notetags.

Intuitively set up Key Inputs using the Plugin Manager.

Make endless combinations of skills and combos, to bring your battle system to life!

Active Chain Skills

Release: 2020.05.30

This plug-and-play feature lets you drop the plugin right into your project, and set up custom skill chains with notetags.

Intuitively set up Key Inputs using the Plugin Manager.

Make endless combinations of skill chains, to bring your battle system to life!

Fantasy Facegen

Fantasy Facegen Series: Fantasy Facegen Vol.1

Release: 2019.03.15

This Assets Pack features some new additions to RPG Maker MV's robust Face Generator. The first of its series with future additions planned, in this you will find both Adult and Kid Male.


Crime City Tiles

Release: 2020.07.02

Crime City Tiles have been designed to match the RPG Maker MV RTP, so they will fit seamlessly into your game alongside other default 48x48 graphics!

Polished to look great and crisp in a retro flavor! Let your player embark on a grungy adventure in modern American-inspired cities.

It comes with vehicle tiles facing all four directions, cozy roadside restaurants and fast food, buildings for hotels, offices, and department stores.

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