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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from, Æ,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.


What started as a mere whisper of our hearts have grown to a tremendous roar of spirit and energy.
Visustella was founded with the aim is to bring quality indie games with strong plot, creativity, and innovation. Games are not merely our passion but a way of life.

Originally founded by Archeia, Yanfly and Marimo. Visustella is an indie game development circle focused on creating JRPGs and resources for fellow game developers, heavily leaning towards the RPG Maker series.

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Engine-Free Assets

You can see all the currently released assets and games by Visustella!

Stella Character Generator

Visustella: Stella Character Generator is a multi-purpose character generator created with Top-Down RPGs and other artistic projects in mind.

Stella Character Generator Series: Stella Character Generator

Released: 2020.05.06

So if you've ever wanted art or sprites for your original characters, but can't afford to commission an artist, you might be stumped since other generators don't do what you want? That's where the Stella Character Generator saves the day! For a one time cost, you can have access to THOUSANDS of combinations of character parts to design your very own custom characters.

Project Outbreak

Visustella: Project Outbreak is a series of resource packs focused primarily on creating a survival horror game.

Project Outbreak Series: School Horror

Released: 2017.11.18

A well crafted pack to create schools from preschool and up! It features Tile sets, Character walking sprites, Door animations and more! From students back packs to blood-flooding toilets, this pack includes fun details to give your school map some chilling personality and charm.

Project Outbreak Series: Modern City

Released: 2019.03.19

Do you wish to create a game inspired by dating sims or modern indie adventure games? Do you like high res pixel art? With this pack, you can create a dating game or even survival horror! With a flexible palette that can be easily desaturated for a more serious feel or a bright cheery game, this pack is for you!

RPG Maker Only Assets

VisuStella Plugins for RPG Maker MZ

VisuStella MZ is a plugin library created from converted the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

Tier 0

These plugins have to go to the top of the Plugin Manager list if used.

These plugins provide engines for the plugin library to work from.

VisuMZ.001.jpg Core Engine VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Core Engine plugin is designed to fix any bugs that may have slipped past RPG Maker MZ's source code and to give game devs more control over RPG Maker MZ's various features, ranging from mechanics to aesthetics to quality of life improvements.

Tier 1

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0 plugins.

These plugins are create strong core foundations for other plugins to work from.

Tier 2

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0 and 1 plugins.

These plugins are systems which have their own mechanical systems and structures.

Tier 3

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, and 2 plugins.

These are extension plugins which may have dependencies on Tier 0 through 2 plugins.

Tier 4

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, 2, and 3 plugins.

These are standalone plugins, which are best placed towards the bottom of the Plugin Manager list.

Tier 5

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 plugins.

These are patches, used to create compatibility between VisuStella MZ plugins and those outside of the VisuStella MZ plugin library.

VisuStella Plugins for RPG Maker MV

Luna Engine MV Series: Luna Engine MV

Released: 2019.08.29

Luna Engine MV is a tool created for RPG Maker MV (RPGツクールMV) to give you the freedom to manipulate RPG Maker MV's default GUIs and modify them according to your own vision! Luna Engine can also be useful for seasoned programmers, providing a solid core base you can build up on.

Tiled Plugin

Released: 2015.11.17

Tiled is a general map editor made by Thorbjørn Lindeijer. It offers many features such as multiple layers, grid-free object layers and more! We recommend reading the documentation on the Tiled website for the full list. We implemented it in RPG Maker MV for our personal projects and we hope that it will help your project in the future!

Steamworks MV

Released: 2019.12.14

The plugin is meant to be easily usable for non-developers via plugin commands.

Some things however require a "Callback" function, as they have to connect to steams servers to get information, or do things (e.g: unlocking achievements) these things may take some time, and therefore when using plugin commands that require a callback, you should apply a wait before executing more logic.

The plugin is a wrapper for Greenworks module, meaning that the functions used by the plugin commands are usable by developers in their own plugins. If you need a specific Steam SDK version, 1.42 is recommended. Steamworks is generally backwards compatible so any new versions should work. Make sure to get the proper greenworks version!

This plugin is licensed to you, the user under the terms that you credit Visustella, Liquidize and Archeia in your game (commercial or free). The terms also include you leaving all copyrights intact, you are however free to modify this file to add additional functionality or fix bugs.

Input Combo Skills

Released: 2020.05.25

This plug-and-play feature lets you drop the plugin right into your project, and set up custom skills and combos with notetags.

Intuitively set up Key Inputs using the Plugin Manager.

Make endless combinations of skills and combos, to bring your battle system to life!

Active Chain Skills

Released: 2020.05.30

This plug-and-play feature lets you drop the plugin right into your project, and set up custom skill chains with notetags.

Intuitively set up Key Inputs using the Plugin Manager.

Make endless combinations of skill chains, to bring your battle system to life!

Fantasy Facegen

Fantasy Facegen Series: Fantasy Facegen Vol.1

Released: 2019.03.15

This Assets Pack features some new additions to RPG Maker MV's robust Face Generator. The first of its series with future additions planned, in this you will find both Adult and Kid Male.


Crime City Tiles

Released: 2020.07.02

Crime City Tiles have been designed to match the RPG Maker MV RTP, so they will fit seamlessly into your game alongside other default 48x48 graphics!

Polished to look great and crisp in a retro flavor! Let your player embark on a grungy adventure in modern American-inspired cities.

It comes with vehicle tiles facing all four directions, cozy roadside restaurants and fast food, buildings for hotels, offices, and department stores.

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