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Chain Lightning is a skill seen across many games that utilize RPG elements. They typically fall under the rule of each hit dealing less damage and no enemy can be struck more than once within the same cast. This Tips & Tricks video will show you how to recreate this skill effect in RPG Maker MV!

Required Plugins

The following plugin(s) is required to create this Tips & Tricks effect:

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This is a Tips & Tricks effect created for RPG Maker MV. Tips & Tricks are not to be confused with plugins. Instead, they are usually customized code created for the sake of producing unique features/effects that do not require an entire plugin to do.

Yanfly Engine Plugins

This Tips & Tricks effect is made possible due to the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

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Follow video instructions.

Copy and paste this into your skill’s notebox:

<Damage Formula>
// Set the chain multiplier to a value if it doesn't exist.
this._chainmultiplier = this._chainmultiplier || 1.0;
// This is the damage formula.
value = user.mat + 1000;
// Apply the chain multiplier to the damage formula.
value *= this._chainmultiplier;
// Reduce the chain multiplier per target.
this._chainmultiplier -= 0.2;
</Damage Formula>

<Custom Target Eval>
// Adds the selected target to the target list.
// Grab the group of alive foes as candidates.
var members = foes.aliveMembers();
// Remove the target from the group of candidates.
members.splice(members.indexOf(target), 1);
// This is the number of extra targets to select with Chain Lightning.
var extraTargets = 3;
// Loop the extra targets.
while (extraTargets--) {
  // Grab a random foe from the alive foes.
  var member = members[Math.floor(Math.random() * members.length)];
  // Check to see if the member exists.
  if (member) {
    // Add the member to the group of targets.
    // Remove the member as a viable candidate.
    members.splice(members.indexOf(member), 1);
</Custom Target Eval>

<Enemy or Actor Select>

Happy lightning chaining!