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This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MZ.

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ItemCraftingSys Preview1.png

ItemCraftingSys Preview2.png

ItemCraftingSys Animation.gif

Required Plugins

The following plugins are required in order to use this plugin.

Place the following plugins above this plugin located in the Plugin Manager.

VisuStella MZ

This plugin is a part of the VisuStella MZ Plugin Library.

Support VisuStella

Click here if you want to help support VisuStella on Patreon.


Item crafting has become a common feature in many RPG's. However, it is not a feature included by default with RPG Maker MZ. This plugin adds in a scene that supports item crafting, either through the main menu, or through an event initiated command.

Craftable items are normally all available by default, but they can be barred away through switch requirements. Upon crafting items, switches can also be turned on/off to make a progression system if desired.

Item ingredients can be items, weapons, armors, and cost gold as well. Multiple ingredients can be required at a time or just one. Some items can also be set to only be craftable at custom crafting areas.

Features include all (but not limited to) the following:

  • Adds an item crafting scene to the game.
  • Item crafting scene can be accessible from the Main Menu or through event-based Plugin Commands.
  • Crafting ingredients can consist of items, weapons, armors, and gold.
  • Crafting specific items can require switches to be turned on in order to be listed in the crafting list.
  • Upon crafting specific items, they can also turn on/off other switches, making a progression system to be possible.
  • Custom item crafting effects can occur for those who understand JavaScript to implement.
  • This plugin can mask the names of uncrafted items, too.


This plugin is made for RPG Maker MZ. This will not work in other iterations of RPG Maker.

Required Plugin List

This plugin requires the above listed plugins to be installed inside your game's Plugin Manager list in order to work. You cannot start your game with this plugin enabled without the listed plugins.

Tier 2

This plugin is a Tier 2 plugin. Place it under other plugins of lower tier value on your Plugin Manager list (ie: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

This is to ensure that your plugins will have the best compatibility with the rest of the VisuStella MZ Plugin library.


RPG Maker MZ's editor is unable to allow for custom traits/properties that a game dev may wish to associate with a database object, event, map, etc. Notetags are used to work around such limitations by allowing the game dev to tag certain traits/properties using specific Notetags declared by the related plugin.

Here is a list of Notetag(s) that you may use.

The following are notetags that have been added through this plugin. These notetags will not work with your game if this plugin is OFF or not present.

General Notetags

ItemCraftingSys Preview1.png

These notetags are used to mark the item as a craftable item or as items that can only be crafted through a custom crafting list.


<Crafting Ingredients>
 Item id: x
 Item name: x
 Weapon id: x
 Weapon name: x
 Armor id: x
 Armor name: x
 Gold: x
 Category name: x
</Crafting Ingredients>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Turns this item/weapon/armor into a craftable item by using the listed
  ingredients to craft with.
- If the 'Category name' variant is used, it will draw from all items,
  weapons, and armors that have matching <Category: x> notetag data.
- Insert/delete any number of copies of the ingredients as needed.
- Replace 'id' with the item/weapon/armor ID of the ingredient to be used.
- Replace 'name' with the name of the item/weapon/armor/category to be used.
- Replace 'x' with the number of ingredients needed to be used for crafting.

Category Rules:

- If the 'Category name' variant is used, it will draw from all items,
  weapons, and armors that have matching <Category: x> notetag data.
- Multiples of the same category name can be used. However, the player must
  select different items each time.
- If the selected category item already exists as a static ingredient, that
  item cannot be selected either.


<Crafting Ingredients>
 Item 5: 1
 Item 6: 3
 Gold: 100
</Crafting Ingredients>

<Crafting Ingredients>
 Item Potion: 1
 Item Magic Water: 3
 Gold: 100
</Crafting Ingredients>

<Crafting Ingredients>
 Weapon 1: 4
 Armor 2: 2
</Crafting Ingredients>

<Crafting Ingredients>
 Weapon Sword: 4
 Armor Hat: 2
</Crafting Ingredients>

<Crafting Ingredients>
 Category Fruit: 2
 Category Meat: 3
</Crafting Ingredients>


<Custom Crafting Only>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- This item can only be crafted with custom crafting lists selected through
  the Plugin Command.


Switch-Related Notetags

ItemCraftingSys Preview1.png

These notetags can make item crafting require certain switches to be on, or turn switches on/off upon crafting items.


<Crafting Show Switch: x>

<Crafting Show All Switches: x,x,x>
<Crafting Show Any Switches: x,x,x>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Determines the visibility of the craftable item in the crafting scene.
- Replace 'x' with the switch ID to determine the item's visibility.
- If 'All' notetag variant is used, item will be hidden until all switches
  are ON. Then, it would be shown.
- If 'Any' notetag variant is used, item will be shown if any of the
  switches are ON. Otherwise, it would be hidden.
- Insert as many switch ID's as needed.
- This can be bypassed with the custom Item Crafting list plugin command
  option if enabled.


<Crafting Turn On Switch: x>
<Crafting Turn On Switches: x,x,x>

<Crafting Turn Off Switch: x>
<Crafting Turn Off Switches: x,x,x>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Upon crafting this item, turn on/off the marked switch(es).
- Replace 'x' with the switch ID to turn on/off.


Masking-Related Notetags

ItemCraftingSys Preview1.png

These notetags can are used to determine name-masking properties for uncrafted items.


<Crafting Mask: text>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Displays the specific 'text' when the item has not yet been crafted.
- Replace 'text' with the text you wish to display if the item has not yet
  been crafted by the player.
- This can be bypassed with the custom Item Crafting list plugin command
  option if enabled.


<Crafting No Mask>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Bypasses name masking even if the item has not yet been crafted.


JavaScript Notetag: Effect-Related

The following are notetags made for users with JavaScript knowledge to make custom effects that occur upon crafting the item.


<JS Crafting Effect>
</JS Crafting Effect>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Replace 'code' with JavaScript code to determine what kinds of effects you
  want to occur upon crafting this item.
- The 'item' variable represents the item being crafted.
- The 'number' variable represents the number of items being crafted.


Crafting Animation-Related Notetags

ItemCraftingSys Animation.gif

These notetags let you set custom crafting animations when a specific item, weapon, or armor is crafted so that way, they don't all have to use the default crafting animation from the plugin parameters.


<Crafting Animation: id>
<Crafting Animation: id, id, id>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Plays the animation(s) when this item, weapon, or armor is crafted.
- This will override the default animation settings found in the plugin
  parameters and use the unique one set through notetags instead.
- Replace 'id' with the ID of the animation you wish to play.
- If multiple ID's are found, then each animation will play one by one in
  the order they are listed.


<Crafting Fade Speed: x>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- This determines the speed at which the item's icon fades in during the
  crafting animation.
- Replace 'x' with a number value to determine how fast the icon fades in.
- Use lower numbers for slower fade speeds and higher numbers for faster
  fade speeds.


<Crafting Picture: filename>
<Picture: filename>

- Used for: Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
- Uses a picture from your project's /img/pictures/ folder instead of the
  item, weapon, or armor's icon during crafting instead.
- Replace 'filename' with the filename of the image.
  - Do not include the file extension.
- Scaling will not apply to the picture.
- Use the <Picture: filename> version for any other plugins that may be
  using this as an image outside of crafting, too.
- The size used for the image will vary based on your game's resolution.


Plugin Commands

Plugin Commands are event commands that are used to call upon functions added by a plugin that aren't inherently a part of RPG Maker MZ.

Here is a list of Plugin Command(s) that you may use:


The following are Plugin Commands that come with this plugin. They can be accessed through the Plugin Command event command.

ItemCraftingSys Preview1.png




ItemCraftingSys Command1.png

Scene: Item Crafting (All)
- Go to the Item Crafting scene.
- All enabled recipes will be available.


ItemCraftingSys Command2.png

Scene: Item Crafting (Custom)
- Go to the Item Crafting scene.
- Select specific items to craft here.
- Some items can only appear through custom lists like this by using the
  <Custom Crafting Only> notetag.

  - Select which Item ID(s) to become craftable.

  - Select which Weapon ID(s) to become craftable.

  - Select which armor ID(s) to become craftable.

  Bypass Switches?:
  - Bypass any of the requirement switches?

  Bypass Masks?:
  - Bypass name masking for uncrafted items?




ItemCraftingSys Command3.png

System: Enable Crafting in Menu?
- Enables/disables Crafting menu inside the main menu.

  - Enables/disables Crafting menu inside the main menu.


ItemCraftingSys Command4.png

System: Show Crafting in Menu?
- Shows/hides Crafting menu inside the main menu.

  - Shows/hides Crafting menu inside the main menu.


Plugin Parameters

General Settings

ItemCraftingSys Preview1.png

ItemCraftingSys Param1.png

General settings pertaining to Item Crafting.



 Assist Button:
 - Text used to for the Button Assist Window's OK button when about ready
   to craft an item.
 Crafted Icon:
 - Icon used to depict of an item has already been crafted.
 Ingredient Bridge:
 - Text used to bridge ingredients in the item crafting scene.



 Category Title:
 - Text format used for display categories.
 - %1 - Category Name, %2 - Needed Quantity
 Selected Color:
 - Use #rrggbb for custom colors or regular numbers for text colors from
   the Window Skin.
 Selected Text:
 - This is the add on text that is displayed after an item's name that's
   already an ingredient.


Global JS Effects

 JS: Listing:
 - Code that is run globally across all items when checking if an item
   should be listed or not.
 JS: Craft Effect:
 - Code that is run globally across all items when crafted.


Masking Settings

ItemCraftingSys Preview1.png

ItemCraftingSys Param2.png

Masking settings related to uncrafted items.



 Enable Masking:
 - Enable masking for uncrafted items?
 Italics For Masking:
 - Use Italics when masking?
 Mask Character:
 - Text used for masking per individual character.


Main Menu Settings

ItemCraftingSys MainMenu.png

ItemCraftingSys Param3.png

Main Menu settings for Item Crafting.


Main Menu

 Command Name:
 - Name of the 'Crafting' option in the Main Menu.
 Show in Main Menu?:
 - Add the 'Crafting' option to the Main Menu by default?
 Enable in Main Menu?:
 - Enable the 'Crafting' option to the Main Menu by default?


Animation Settings

ItemCraftingSys Animation.gif

ItemCraftingSys Param4.png

Default settings for playing animations after crafting.



 Show Animations?:
 - Show animations when crafting an item?
 Show Windows?:
 - Show windows during an item crafting animation?
 Default Animations:
 - Default animation(s) do you want to play when crafting.



 - How big do you want the item sprite to be on screen?
 Fade Speed:
 - How fast do you want the item to fade in?


Crafting Sound Settings

ItemCraftingSys Animation.gif

ItemCraftingSys Param5.png

Default settings for the sound effect played when crafting an item.



 - Filename of the sound effect played.
 - Volume of the sound effect played.
 - Pitch of the sound effect played.
 - Pan of the sound effect played.


Background Settings

ItemCraftingSys Preview2.png

ItemCraftingSys Param6.png

Background settings for Scene_ItemCrafting.


Background Settings

 Snapshop Opacity:
 - Snapshot opacity for the scene.
 Background 1:
 Background 2:
 - Filename used for the bottom background image.
 - Leave empty if you don't wish to use one.


Window Settings

ItemCraftingSys Preview2.png

ItemCraftingSys Param7.png

Window settings pertaining to Item Crafting.



 Requirement Font Size:
 - Font size used for requirement quantity.
 Show Tooltips:
 - Show tooltips when the mouse hovers over an ingredient?
 Custom Window Skin:
 - Select a custom window skin if you want the tooltip window to have one.


Background Types

 Help Window:
 Category Window:
 Gold Window:
 List Window:
 Status Window:
 Ingredient Title:
 Ingredient List:
 Number Window:
 Button Assist Window:
 - Select background type for the specific window.


Terms of Use

1. These plugins may be used in free or commercial games provided that they have been acquired through legitimate means at and/or any other official approved VisuStella sources. Exceptions and special circumstances that may prohibit usage will be listed on

2. All of the listed coders found in the Credits section of this plugin must be given credit in your games or credited as a collective under the name: "VisuStella".

3. You may edit the source code to suit your needs, so long as you do not claim the source code belongs to you. VisuStella also does not take responsibility for the plugin if any changes have been made to the plugin's code, nor does VisuStella take responsibility for user-provided custom code used for custom control effects including advanced JavaScript notetags and/or plugin parameters that allow custom JavaScript code.

4. You may NOT redistribute these plugins nor take code from this plugin to use as your own. These plugins and their code are only to be downloaded from and other official/approved VisuStella sources. A list of official/approved sources can also be found on

5. VisuStella is not responsible for problems found in your game due to unintended usage, incompatibility problems with plugins outside of the VisuStella MZ library, plugin versions that aren't up to date, nor responsible for the proper working of compatibility patches made by any third parties. VisuStella is not responsible for errors caused by any user-provided custom code used for custom control effects including advanced JavaScript notetags and/or plugin parameters that allow JavaScript code.

6. If a compatibility patch needs to be made through a third party that is unaffiliated with VisuStella that involves using code from the VisuStella MZ library, contact must be made with a member from VisuStella and have it approved. The patch would be placed on as a free download to the public. Such patches cannot be sold for monetary gain, including commissions, crowdfunding, and/or donations.

7. If this VisuStella MZ plugin is a paid product, all project team members must purchase their own individual copies of the paid product if they are to use it. Usage includes working on related game mechanics, managing related code, and/or using related Plugin Commands and features. Redistribution of the plugin and/or its code to other members of the team is NOT allowed unless they own the plugin itself as that conflicts with Article 4.

8. Any extensions and/or addendums made to this plugin's Terms of Use can be found on and must be followed.

Terms of Use: Japanese

『VisuStella MZ』利用規約

1. これらのプラグインは、VisuStella.comおよび/または公式に承認されたVisuStellaのソースから合法的な手段で入手したものである限り、フリーゲームや商用ゲームに使用することができます。例外的に使用が禁止される場合については、VisuStella.comの記載をご確認ください。

2. 本プラグインの「クレジット」部分に記載されているすべてのコーダーの名前は、ゲーム内にクレジット表記を行うか、もしくは「VisuStella」という名前の下にまとめて表記する必要があります。

3. ソースコードを自分のものだと主張しない限りは、必要に応じて編集することが可能です。ただしプラグインのコードに変更が加えられた場合、VisuStellaはそのプラグインに対して一切の責任を負いません。高度なJavaScriptのノートタグやJavaScriptコードを許可するプラグインのパラメータを含む、カスタムコントロールエフェクトに使用される、ユーザー提供のカスタムコードについても、VisuStellaは一切の責任を負いません。

4. これらのプラグインやプラグイン内のコードを、「自分のもの」として再配布したり使用したりすることはできません。これらのプラグインとそのコードは、VisuStella.comおよび、その他の公式/承認済みVisuStellaソースからのみダウンロードすることができます。公式/承認済みのソースのリストは、VisuStella.comでご確認いただけます。

5. VisuStellaは、意図しない使用方法による問題、VisuStella MZライブラリ以外のプラグインとの非互換性の問題、プラグインのバージョンが最新でないことによる問題、第三者による互換性パッチが適切に動作していないことなどが原因でゲーム内で発生した問題については、一切の責任を負いません。VisuStellaは、高度なJavaScriptのノートタグやJavaScriptコードを許可するプラグインのパラメータを含む、カスタムコントロールエフェクトに使用される、ユーザー提供のカスタムコードに起因するエラーについても、一切の責任を負いません。

6. VisuStella MZライブラリのコードを使用した互換性パッチをVisuStellaとは関係のない第三者を通じて作成する必要がある場合は、まずVisuStellaのメンバーと連絡を取り、承認を得る必要があります。パッチはVisuStella.comに公開され、誰でも無料でダウンロードすることができるようになります。このようなパッチを、制作発注やクラウドファンディングの対象にしたり、寄付などの金銭的な利益を得るために販売することはできません。

7. このVisuStella MZプラグインが商用製品である場合、プロジェクトチームのすべてのメンバーは、それを使用するため、それぞれ製品を購入しなければなりません。使用方法には、関連するゲームメカニクスの作業、関連するコードの管理、および/または関連するプラグインコマンドや機能の使用、が含まれます。プラグインそのものやそのコードをチームの他のメンバーに再配布することは第4項に抵触するため、そのメンバーがプラグインそのものを所有していない限りは許可されません。

8. このプラグインの利用規約の追加項目や補足については、VisuStella.comに掲載されていますので、それを参照し従ってください。


If you are using this plugin, credit the following people in your game:

Team VisuStella


Version 1.01: October 18, 2020

  • Feature Update!
    • Bounce SFX pitch plugin parameter is now uncapped.
  • Bug Fixes!
    • Color matches no longer crash the game if the matching amount is set to zero. Bug fixed by Yanfly.
    • Selecting a category without modern controls will now activate the list window. Bug fixed by Yanfly.
    • The Category Window no longer disappears when there's only one category. Bug fixed by Yanfly.
  • Compatibility Update!
    • Plugins should be more compatible with one another.

Version 1.00: November 2, 2020

  • Finished Plugin!

End of File