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Jump, a skill used by Dragoons from the Final Fantasy series, is a skill that launches the user up into the sky for a few turns. After those turns are up, the user lands on the target dealing significant damage. While the user is up in the air, the user becomes unselectable, making the user immune to damage and status effects.

Required Plugins

The following plugin(s) is required to create this Tips & Tricks effect:

For help on how to install plugins, click here.

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This is a Tips & Tricks effect created for RPG Maker MV. Tips & Tricks are not to be confused with plugins. Instead, they are usually customized code created for the sake of producing unique features/effects that do not require an entire plugin to do.

Yanfly Engine Plugins

This Tips & Tricks effect is made possible due to the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

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Warning for RPG Maker MZ Users


If you are using RPG Maker MZ and VisuStella MZ, the following code may or MAY NOT work as this Tips & Tricks is made for RPG Maker MV. VisuStella MZ is NOT responsible if this Tips & Trick does not work because the code base for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ are different and the code base between Yanfly Engine Plugins and VisuStella MZ is even more drastically different.


Follow video instructions.

NOTE! If you are using ATB or CTB, make sure under Battle Engine Core, you have Timed States and Timed Buffs set to true. This effect should work fine with DTB or any other turn based system.

You can grab the copy/paste code here:

Place this into the Jump skill’s notebox. Replace the settings with settings to match your game.
// Action Sequences
// Setup: Jump animation.
<Setup Action>
display action
camera focus: user
zoom: 150%
perform start
wait: 60
se: Wind1, 80, 150
float user: 495%, 20
opacity user: 0%, 20
wait for float
</Setup Action>

// Whole: Ensure nothing happens.
<Whole Action>
</Whole Action>

// Target: Flag the target.
<Target Action>
action effect
</Target Action>

// Follow: Apply Jump state to user.
<Follow Action>
add state 159: user
</Follow Action>

// Finish: Without landing.
<Finish Action>
clear battle log
reset camera
reset zoom
wait for camera
wait for zoom
</Finish Action>
Place this into the Land skill’s notebox. Replace the settings with settings to match your game.
// Action Sequence
// Setup: Setup landing spot.
<Setup Action>
clear battle log
display action
immortal: targets, true
move user: target, base, 1
</Setup Action>

// Whole: Land and deal damage to all targets.
<Whole Action>
camera focus: target
zoom: 150%
wait: 60
motion attack: user
opacity user: 100%, 1
float user: 0, 20
wait: 10
animation 2: targets
action effect
shake screen: 5, 5, 5
wait for animation
</Whole Action>

// Target: Ensure nothing happens.
<Target Action>
</Target Action>

// Follow: Reset everything.
<Follow Action>
reset camera
reset zoom
jump user: 200%, 30
move user: return, 30
wait for movement
</Follow Action>
Place this into the Jump state’s notebox. Replace the settings with settings to match your game.
// Selection Control
<Cannot Select: All>

// Buffs & States Core
<Custom Leave Effect>
// Get the landing skill.
var skill = 200;
// Get the last targeted index.
var target = -2;
// Queue the forced action.
BattleManager.queueForceAction(user, skill, target);
</Custom Leave Effect>

Happy jumping!