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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from, Ækashics,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.

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Inspiration Behind Dungeon Divers Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2023 September 2

The Dungeon Divers Volume 2 plugins, like with volume 1, are centered around dungeon diving. This time, we focus more on the more mechanical aspects alongside replayability. Replayability here means either subsequent playthroughs or even revisiting already completed content. Also, these focus on providing a different experience for each player, so that whether you're playing or watching someone else stream these games, the experience will be unique.


Suggestion Box (Graphics)

Suggestion Box (Plugins)

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📣Latest Updates

2024 June 13

Plugin Updates! Update #138
Total Updated: 18 Plugins
Lots of bug fixes and new features!
Extended Tactics Menu
BattleGridSystem ExtendedTactics.png
Tile expansion!
EventsMoveCore TileExpand.png
Extinction Effect
LifeStateEffects Extinct.gif
Cascading Message Tooltips
MessageKeywords Cascades.png

2024 May 18

Hot Fix made for multiple plugins!
A hot fix has been made for the following plugins:
Battle Core: Fixed an error that would cause a crash with Show Animation on the map scene.
Please download them again.
Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

2024 May 16

Plugin Updates! Update #137
Total Updated: 28 Plugins
Lots of bug fixes and new features!
A damage combo window added to Battle Core!

2024 May 8

Hot Fix made for multiple plugins!
A hot fix has been made for the following plugins:
Skills & States Core: Fixed an error with conditional switches not working for passive states.
Character Creation System: Fixed an error with BGM fading out after scene.
Skill Learn System: Fixed incompatibility problem with Equip Passive System and ID clashing.
Item Amplify Skills: Fixed incompatibility problem with Sideview Battle UI.
Please download them again.
Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

2024 April 22

Hot Fix made for multiple plugins!
A hot fix has been made for the following plugins:
Battle Grid System: Fixed Area of Effect notetags should now work with regular targeting again.
Equip Medal System: Fixed odd error when medals have MaxHP/MaxMP traits.
Unique Tile Effects: Can Swim notetag can now work from inventory.
Please download them again.
Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

2024 June 14

Librarium Statics - Ultimate Desert Creatures I
Download on!

2024 June 6

Librarium Statics - Nature Creatures I
Download on!

2024 June 3

Librarium Animated - Giant Skeleton Gashadokuro
Download on!

2024 June 1

Librarium Animated - Bone Lich Wyvern
Download on!

2024 May 19

Early Access Update! - Goblin Riders !
Download on!

2024 April 26

Early Access Update! -Marcha 2024 Designs!
Download on!

2024 April 11

Early Access Update! -Feb 2024 Designs!
Download on!

Sacred Earth - Reverie Demo!

Sacred Earth - Reverie Demo Link
Sacred Earth - Reverie's demo is up!
Remember to also wishlist Sacred Earth - Reverie on Steam!

Wishlist on Steam!

Sacred Earth - Reverie
Sacred Earth - Reverie's Steam page is finally up! Be sure to add it to your wishlists! Made by our very own MirageV, one of the few VisuStella artists who have been making the thumbnails for the MZ library! His lovely art is all over the game! It'll be out in November 2024!

2024 April 25

Yanfly's Life Hacks for RPG Maker Devs
Yanfly gives some life hacks that can improve your RPG Maker experience.

2024 April 2

Yanfly's Advice for RPG Maker Plugin Developers
Yanfly gives some advice for future aspiring plugin developers.

2024 March 15

Virus Detected on Plugins
Windows' recent update has started picking up VisuStella MZ and other RPG Maker MZ plugins as viruses due to its new machine learning algorithm. Read this article to see how you can resolve it and how to check if the files are actually filled with viruses or not.

2024 February 24

Inspiration Behind Grande
by Yanfly
This series, the Grande plugins, is the grand finale for VisuStella MZ. Its main focus is to provide the extra customization options for actors and battles while being compatible with everything else in the library. In a way, it's not far off to say that it's more of a "wrap up" series than a cohesively themed one, but nonetheless, that's what Grande is.

2024 January 29

Inspiration Behind Wanderlust Volume 2
by Team VisuStella MZ
We did not expect to make another Wanderlust volume, but here we are. We decided there's more ways to add wonder and emotion to the game through these plugins.

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