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[[VisuStella MZ Changelog]]
[[VisuStella MZ Changelog]]
Combat Crusaders
* [[Active Chain Skills VisuStella MZ]]
* [[Input Combo Skills VisuStella MZ]]
* [[Evo Matrix Skills VisuStella MZ]]

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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from Yanfly.moe, Ækashics.moe,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.


MZ Plugin Page Template

How to Update Plugins RPG Maker MZ

Plugin Page Template

Tips & Tricks Page Template

Temp Plugin Page

YEP Library Plugin Support Conditions and Instructions

Steamworks MV

VisuStella MZ Terms of Use Article 6

RMMZ Changelog

A Change in Bunny Team

Temp Main Page

VisuStella MZ

Main Changelog Link

VisuStella MZ Changelog

Combat Crusaders


Merchant Manager

Custom Construct Volume 2

Visual Novel Volume 2

Battle Technician Volume 2

Merchant Manager Volume 1

Battle Technician Volume 1

Visual Novel Volume 1

Custom Construct Volume 1

Wave 8

Wave 7

Wave 6

Wave 5

Wave 4

Wave 3

Wave 2

Wave 1.5

Wave 1


Visustella Page Template


Librarium Bundle Ultrapack

Battler Page Template

Caz Wolf

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons (Caz Wolf)

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - Pack 2 (Caz Wolf)

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - Pack 3 (Caz Wolf)

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - Pack 4 (Caz Wolf)

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - Pack 5 (Caz Wolf)

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - Pack 6 (Caz Wolf)

RPG Maker MV RTP Full Portraits (Caz Wolf)

RPG Maker DS+: Caz's ReStaff Compilation (Caz Wolf)

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - MV RTP Equipment (Caz Wolf)


Stop Putting Mechanics in Damage Formulas

Battle System Differences VisuStella MZ

Design for Delivery and Focus

Layout Comfort vs Layout Flash (Menu Design)

A Stranger's Tips: The Game Designer's Manifesto

Beware of Shady Plugin Seller/Thief

Why Certain Plugins Won't Be Ported

Why Extension Plugins Are Not Standalone

VisuStella MZ One Year Retrospective

Fossil and Friends Start Drama

An Argument Against IIFEs


Notification Window (Arisu)

Game Design Documents

Game Design Document Template

Fast Food Fantasy

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