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2020 April 12

Chocolate Egg Day Sale
Get 51% off beautiful graphics!

2020 April 5

RPG Maker New Horizons Bundle Sale
Get 50% off a huge bundle of graphics and plugins!

2020 March 11

Retro Nostalgia Bundle Sale
Oceans Dream 20% to 30% off!

2020 March 2

Spring Sale
Fallen Angel Olivia's Plugin Library is 20% off!
Atelier Irina's Plugin Library is 20% off!

2020 February 22

Wiki - Dark Mode
The wiki theme is now dark mode.
This is purely experimental and we are unsure if we'll keep it.


2019 Nov 20

Black Friday 2019!
It's that time of the year again! Time to empower your game making potential with these royalty free assets and plugins for your project! You won't see massive discounts like this for a long, long time!
Silver Bundle
A bundle with content from Archeia, Arisu, Caz, Oceans Dream, Olivia!
Buy 5 items for $40 Regularly $66.96 Save 40%!

Gold Bundle
A bundle with content from Aekashics, Archeia, Arisu, Caz, Irina, Oceans Dream, Olivia
Buy 10 items for $60 Regularly $143.91 Save 58%!

Diamond Bundle
A bundle with content from Aekashics, Archeia, Arisu, Caz, Irina, Oceans Dream, Olivia
Buy 15 items for $90 Regularly $252.86 Save 64%!

2019 Oct 31

Yanfly's Retirement Announcement and plans for the future

2019 Oct 28

Regarding why the links to YEP Library Plugins are down, please click here to read.

2019 Oct 26

Beware of Shady Plugin Seller/Thief
Avoid a "plugin dev" named Isabella Ava (aka master2015hp) who is highly suspected to be a code thief.

2019 Oct 9

Humble Bundle Sale - RPG Maker Returns
Degica returns to Humble with a bundle of software, music packs, tilesets, and resource packs you can use you bring your game idea to life! Boot up RPG Maker MV or Visual Novel Maker + Live2D and let your imagination run wild.
Check it out here!

2019 Oct 8

A Stranger's Tips: The Game Designer's Manifesto article added to the Wiki

2019 Oct 1

Fallen Angel Olivia's End of Summer Plugin Sale is up! 10% off every item!
Atelier Irina's End of Summer Plugin Sale is up! 10% off every item!

2019 Aug 29

Luna Engine MV Full Release by Visustella
View it here.
Purchase it here.
This plugin is a part of the Visustella library.
Battle Enhancers Plugin Bundle


Buy 6 items for $49.99 Regularly $66.94 Save 25%!

2019 July 26

Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons Bundle
Buy everything for $59.99! Regularly $77.95 Save 23%!

2019 Aug 1

Luna Engine MV (Early Access)

Learn more about Luna Engine MV!

2019 July 15

Story Writing Basics article added.

2019 July 10

Yanfly.moe has changed from WordPress to MediaWiki!
Hey, all!
Yanfly.moe is now changing away from WordPress to MediaWiki!
There's a number of reasons behind this change.
Click here to read more.

2019 July 1.2

Fallen Angel Olivia Summer Sale
Fallen Angel Olivia is having a plugin sale for her OctoPack Battler plugin bundle as well as her other plugins.
Check them out here!

2019 July 1.1

Atelier Irina Summer Sale
Atelier Irina is having a plugin sale for her plugin collection.
Check them out here!

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