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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from Yanfly.moe, Ækashics.moe,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.



This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MV.

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Atelier Irina


This is a plugin created by Atelier Irina.

You can also follow Atelier Irina on itch.io.

RPG Maker Version

This plugin is made for and tested on RPG Maker MV with version 1.6.2. I cannot guarantee if it works on lower versions. Some of the plugin parameters require the later updates of RPG Maker MV for you to be able to use their entries so please update RPG Maker MV to the latest version if you want the best experience in using this plugin.

Terms of Use

You are only allowed to use the plugins made by Atelier Irina if you agree to all of the following:

  1. These plugins may be used in free or commercial games.
  2. 'RPG Maker Irina' must be given credit in your games.
  3. You are allowed to edit the code.
  4. Do NOT change the filename, parameters, and information of the plugin.
  5. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these Plugins.
  6. You may NOT take code for your own released Plugins.


If two characters happen to pick the right combination of skills during battle, they can perform a Unison Attack! Unison Attacks are predetermined in the database and require specific combinations of skills to work. This can come in the form of dual techs, triple techs, quadra techs, etc.

Note: This plugin requires Yanfly's Battle Engine Core and can only be used with DTB or other battle systems that queue up skills, such as the Default Battle System. The reason this cannot be used with other battle systems like ATB, CTB, STB, or OTB is because those battle systems are unable to queue up skills, which are required for Unison Attacks.

Sample Project Includes

The sample project download for this will include the following:

The main plugin itself along with some supporting plugins like Yanfly's Battle Engine Core and its Action Sequence Packs.

Premade Unison Attack skills in the database. This is for you to learn by example on how to construct them. They will include damage formula examples and Action Sequence examples, too.



RPG Maker MV's editor is unable to allow for custom traits/properties that a game dev may wish to associate with a database object, event, map, etc. Notetags are used to work around such limitations by allowing the game dev to tag certain traits/properties using specific Notetags declared by the related plugin.

Here is a list of Notetag(s) that you may use.


Skill Notetags

  <Unison Skill: x, x>
  <Unison Skill: x, x, x>
  <Unison Skill: x, x, x, x>
  - Replace 'x' with the skill ID's required for this Unison Attack to work.
  - Insert as many skill ID's as needed.
  - Once all the skills are found queued in the party, a Unison Attack will
  occur. Only the actor party can perform Unison Attacks.
  - Skills that become Unison Attacks cannot be directly used from the menu
  in order to avoid script crashes.
  <Unison Skill Priority: x>
  - 'x' determines the priority value of the Unison Attack.
  - If multiple recipes for a Unison Attack are found, then the Unison Skill
  with the highest priority value will occur. If they're tied, then a random
  possible Unison Skill combination of the highest priority is chosen.