VisuStella MZ One Year Retrospective

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At the time this article is written, VisuStella has been running for a year already. As the team director for the majority of the year, I'd like to take some time to reflect and review what went on during the year as far as developing and maintaining the library goes. There are negatives, there are challenges, but there are also a lot of positives. I'd like to take that time to talk about them so that the VisuStella MZ team can have a clearer understanding going forward. This article can also serve as insight to any potential plugin devs who plan on developing their own libraries.

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Super Cores

One of the bigger topics that have been discussed in the community in regards to the VisuStella MZ is how big the cores are. Let's call them Super Cores due to their size. Each one of these plugins are made up of several smaller plugins of related (or semi-related) features. Some of the Super Cores are made up of 20+ plugins while some are made up of only 5-ish. Either way, they're bigger than what people are used to.

And before I get started, let me just put out one thing for the VisuStella MZ team to never forget about. I know that other plugin developers are emulating the Yanfly Engine style with Cores, Core Engines, and stuff. However, they made the dependencies on them way too high. For what it's worth, in Yanfly Engine Plugins, there was only ever one plugin that was dependent on the Core Engine and that was the separated desktop-only Core Updates. Adding a dependency should only be necessary when there are features added by the Cores/Core Engine that need to be relied upon. We don't want the library to be needlessly tied to the Core Engine even if it's a good idea to have regardless.

So what do I think about them?


One of the biggest negatives I hear about from the community is how difficult it is to make plugins compatible with the Super Cores. However, this is one of those statements where I have to disagree with. All of the Super Cores are designed to reuse the base RPG Maker MZ functions as much as possible. When approached by plugin devs looking to create compatibility with the VisuStella MZ Super Cores, we often discovered that the non-VisuStella plugin devs just didn't know a better way to approach the compatibility. This can come in the form of which functions to alias/monkey patch or which Plugin Parameters to turn off in order to bridge the two plugins. When there are actual compatibility bridging problems, we revisit the respective Super Core and fix it as you can see in our Changelogs. With that in mind, this isn't an actual negative but a perceived one.


One of the biggest challenges encountered with the Super Cores is how high maintenance they are. However, this is to be expected given how large they are. When a plugin has 20+ plugins shoved inside it, there's a high likelihood that it'll be updated often. However, it is worth it for all the positives that maintaining a Super Core provides.


One of the best things about making the Super Cores is how in-library compatibility is easily maintained. A common problem throughout the past RPG Maker iterations for scripts and plugins alike is the concept of putting everything in the right order. Plugins that were installed in the Plugin Manager in the incorrect order were bound to have problems and conflicts. With the Super Cores, that is mitigated for the majority of the plugin features added. Combined with the Tier system, errors of incorrect plugin order are practically non-existent.

Another major bonus of a large Super Core is the systemic synergy it creates with other features within the plugin. Certain features only became plausible by combining the features together. They allowed for better integration across the VisuStella MZ library as a whole.

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