Why Extension Plugins Are Not Standalone

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The following is a suggestion that the VisuStella team has acquired through the Suggestion Box.

VisuMZ Suggestion Standalone.jpg

I figured we should talk about it. Not the berate the suggestion maker, but to answer some commonly asked questions for educational purposes and to explain why we do things the way we do. Namely, why we create cores, why we create extension plugins, and why those extension plugins aren't standalone plugins. We'll answer some other questions, too.

Yanfly.png This is an article written by Yanfly.

First Things First =

A slight bit unrelated to the topic at hand and more towards the suggestion, we want to clarify that the Battle Core does not change the game drastically. The majority of the changes invoked by the Battle Core are mechanically driven and not visible in a default scale. The only things that are visible however, are HP Gauges, Automatic Action Sequences, and the Extra Options with the Party Command Window. Each of these features can be disabled within the Battle Core's Plugin Parameters. Take a little bit of time to search them and you'll find them easily.