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Welcome, fellow RPG-lovers! This page is a list of various games made using RPG Maker by the talented members of the RPG Maker community! Check them out, have some fun, give some feedback, learn about how they’ve made their games, and above all else, smile as you have fun!

Banner Name, Author, Description Language
Adventures of Yi

by Rail Martin

Yi is an up & coming archer from the Cisian Empire on her way to becoming the High Archer of the Sapphire Bridge. That all change when she finds out that the king of the Cisian Empire is planning on controlling all of the cities of Lolaura by waging war. It is up to Yi and her friends to stop the Empire before it is too late.

The Amber Throne

by Joshua Missile

After awakening from her coffin, Arra recalls little but the last words spoken by her father, “Destroy the Amber Throne.” Looking into the sky, she finds what was once his magnificent castle is now floating in the sky, far above the world below. Arra must find a way to reach the castle before others catch wind of it, lest the powerful Amber Throne fall into the wrong hands.

Amber Throne is a traditional JRPG-styled game that focuses on turn-based battling and some light exploration. The game features a large cast of unique monsters that change stances depending on actions taken during combat, and a party with mostly mixed hybrid roles to deal with them. Learning monster behavior and how your skills affect them is essential to reaching victory.

- Fully painted world with diverse settings and unique characters. - Many monsters with multiple stances and behaviors to master. - Five party members each with their own skills and advantages. - Crafting for the game's best equipment and items. - 12-15 hour-long story with optional content and exploration.

The game is a bit more atmospheric and ambient than most JRPG-styled games, with emphasis on theme and mood, hopefully making it feel a bit different to experience!


by Hands-On RPG Dev

Originally made as a challenge to see if I can create a game in less than 24 hours of total game development time. The game took 19 hours, 47 minutes, and 39 seconds from start to finish. Seems like I passed the challenge. But due to the rushed nature of it, game balance, fun, grammar, and a cohesive story is all but guaranteed. It was something I wanted to submit for Ludum Dare 42, but I decided against it for a variety of reasons.

Join Daniel, Amber, Nicole, and Kyle, a group of rookies looking to become adventurers, as they start a strange new tale of misfortune, meeting strange people in strange lands, and encountering strange situations. How will their "Anti-Adventure" unfold? Go find out!

It's a short game. You can probably get an hour out of it. It's a classic turn-based RPG.

Have fun!

Ashes of Kanaka

by Dogwood Gaming

Ashes of Kanaka is Dogwood Gaming’s first major project. A JRPG designed to push the limits of the engine it is built in, and to provide a long engaging experience that will encourage players to play it again and again.

You are only one who can save humanity’s new home, and your choices will define your experience in this genre breaking game that strives to include the same freedoms you would expect from a large open world RPG.

While a JRPG at heart and in mechanics, the amount of freedom and openness of the story and world will often make you think you are truly on a different planet.

Asylum: Secret of Caledria

by NeoSoulGamer

Enter the life of Oswyn as he sets out to investigate a deep conspiracy. Meanwhile, his homeland is falling into political turmoil, and he must find his way out of compromising dilemmas that will shape the future of an entire civilization.

Bleeding Sun

by Jaime Paz Lopes

Yori Takenaka had a happy childhood with his father Akio and the other members of the Takenaka House. However, everything changed the day that Ichiro showed up to settle old disputes accompanied by a powerful witch named Chiyo. Quickly, Akio and his best friend Kenzou were defeated. When Ichiro was about to kill Yori, the ninja Tsuru showed up and managed to escape with Yori and Kenzou. Unfortunately, it was already too late to save Akio. Knowing that Ichiro would not stop coming after Yori, Tsuru decided to take him far away, where he would be safe.

After 15 years have gone by, your adventure starts. Yori has finally come home to fulfill his duty of facing his father's killer. In order to be able to defeat him, Yori will need to improve his fighting skills and to rebuild the Takenaka House, allying himself to the people who once supported his father.

Chibi Dungeon

by Chaos17

Junta has been summoned by his grandfather, Runelgold, an old tree. One of the last of his kind, Runelgold asked Junta to retrieve the Mana sword.

Along the way, Junta will meet some old friends...

Colossal Conquest

by Swift Illusion

Battle against a boss and their minions in a dynamic and evolving challenge that still rewards careful observation and planning.

  • A tutorial boss that gives you an interactive introduction to the core knowledge you will need to succeed in future possible conquests.
  • An overarching Boss 'mindset' that you can observe to help plan current and future actions you should take.
  • A twist on the common rock>paper>scissors that creates an additional layer to guide who might want to target, while doubling as a way to plan what monster could give you the most trouble in the future.
  • A shared method across all your characters to recover health during battle that creates a balance of risk, reward and thoughtful timing.
  • Characters that grow inside the battle, with a focused pair of techniques you can learn at the most opportune time, or when you aren't busy surviving.

This is a submission to the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017, too!

De'Vine: World of Shadows (Complete)

by Stapleton

The Ancients were beings of enormous power each created on their own accord. Negative energy that lies dormant for too long within varying dimensions finds a host and thereby creating an ancient.

These Ancients threatened both Heaven and Hell. For the first and only time in all existance, Angels and Demons came together to create a trinket so strong that they only allowed those with human blood to possess it.

That is when Amos, being obsessed with the Ancients, created a blood ritual and had 2 sons of his own. Both half-demon and half-human. They were able to wield this powerful amulet and do his bidding to seal the Ancients.

But alas, Amos' plan to sacrifice Kuan was revealed and instead Chung gave his own life to save him. Nevertheless a portal was opened to the mortal realm and an invasion of demons scourged the land.

1000 years later, Kuan awoke from his sealed prison after Master Sage Tenoch's seal shattered. Priestess Audie and Master Sage Oat quickly but with great caution take him in and hope that he can be the new "Hero" of this age.

For just as it does every 1000 years, Lucifer sends an invasion of demons to try and reclaim the mortal realm as a stepping stone to Heaven.

From here on, it is up to Kuan to stop the invasion and put an end to malevolence once and for all!

See more on Steam!

Demon Hunter

by Fernyfer775

Genre: Adventure RPG

Demon Hunter is an old-school Turn-Based styled RPG game mixed with "monster capture" elements similar to games like Pokemon and Persona. The game features a simple, yet effective alchemy/crafting system with 50 different recipes to learn and master. The game also features a weapon/armor randomizer, where each drop can roll randomized stats, ranging from very common items to super rare legendary items with boosted stats. The game features 65 capturable demons.

Demon Hunter's story revolves around a young boy by the name of Alex, who is chosen by the Holy Order, the Demon Hunters to partake in the Demon Hunter Trials, where youth from around the world are sent on a journey to defeat the evil entities known as "Legion". Alex soon finds out that there is much more to his mission than just destroying demons and saving towns...will he succeed in liberating the world of the Legion, or will he fall like so many before him...?


by n3xPRODiGY

Genre: RPG/Fantasy

Darreth is an ordinary young boy who lives with his sister - his only family - he wishes to be part of the guild of his village. When he meets the required age to join, an event suddenly takes away his dream, his family, and the world as he knew; The light from the sun is gone and the sky is crimson red, dragons now rule from above as everything on his feet turn to dust... There should be no dragons and no magic on this world, but it's no bad dream, it's a real nightmare and it's really happening. Somehow, he wakes up a hundred years later and it's no act of mercy to wake up alone, but Darreth takes the chance to understand what happened and avenge the death of his sister. Can he adapt in this new world and fulfill the prophecy?

Dream Chasers

by SquallStorm

Genre: RPG

Dream Chasers had come to be a sour word in the mouths of many. They were freelancer mercenaries to many, living only for the money, but there were exceptions to most things. One such exception was the Dream Chaser Kylia Arbornath. A highborn woman who ran away from home at sixteen, she took her best friend Tobias with her and cast away her true name, her homeland and everything she was born with to live the life of a Dream Chaser.

Five years into her respectable career, Kylia was summoned to the local monastery to receive what would be a routine job. However, in her homeland, a bloody coup d'etat claimed the lives of the royal family and her own. Fate decreed that the woman who had given up everything would be forced to return one day.

What Kylia would do would shape the fate of her Kingdom, and the world itself.

Dragon's Rock

Created by: David Hatch

In the colloquially named Southern territories a terrible unease spreads like wildfire. A plague is destroying one territory, another's ruling family simply disappeared, one is under the rule of a warmongering madman. All the while the mighty north builds its great armies and looks towards the South's fertile lands.

When a marquis is murdered during a meet meant to end the distrust amongst the southern territories a number of truths must be brought to light before suspicions destroy the entire south.

Unfortunately the truths buried in the south are wont to stay that way.

And perhaps it is best they do so forever.

Combine different specializations and skills together to create powerful characters to combat complex, unique encounters. Take on the role of a decorated soldier of Anatole, the easternmost of the southern territories, as you journey across the south to uncover the indentity of a murderer and conspiracies threatening to swallow up the entire south. Your choices will shape the future of the south, and the people around you. Provided you can keep any of them alive to see it.

Dragon's Souls

by Artorius300

Indie Game in Development- Turn-based RPG based in a pixel art Steampunk world with demons, angels, and so many monsters.

Date of the demo: Early 2017 Platform: PC (Windows)

Spanish, English

Lead by Archeia

Genre: RPG

efflorescence /ˌɛflɔːˈrɛsəns/ 
a bursting forth or flowering 

When a group of adventurers found themselves venturing into uncharted territory, they found themselves lost deep within the mountains. Finding traces of previous civilization, what could have caused the disappearance of its former residents?

Will you choose to be ignorant and survive or will you explore to search for answers?

Eternal Conquest - The Great War

by Eternal Conquest LLC

Eternal Conquest the Great War has several “killer app” style features designed to immerse the player into a new and unique experience while remaining true to the expectations of the “classic RPG style”.

  • Revolutionary Season, date, and time specific content
  • Revolutionary Geographic specific content (similar to Pokémon Go)
  • 180 Hours of Play • Three Different Worlds
  • 10 to 20 playable characters
  • Classic Theme More information can be seen at the official website.
Eternal Twilight

by Fernyfer775

Genre: Adventure RPG

For centuries untold, the humans and the Magi co-existed in peace with one another. The humans, at large, left the Magi alone,and in return the Magi left the humans alone. A few Magi disguised themselves and lived among the humans, pretending to be like one of them. For the most part, there was no conflict between the humans and the Magi. But…that wasn't the case with all humans. Some humans feared the great powers that the Magi could harness. They believed that the Magi made pacts with the devil himself to obtain their powers. If left unchecked, the Magi could one day use this blasphemous power to take over the world and enslave the humans. This story is the beginning…of their end.

For the Treasure

by Two Dudes Studio For the Treasure is a webcomic series that takes place in fantasy world of swords and sorcery. It follows the adventures of two treasure hunters, Auggie and Low, as they embark on quests to hone their skills and fill their pockets.


by: Thunder176

Forsaken Puts the Player alone in a ancient temple, said to be holy grounds where mortals may have an audience with the Higher Beings. But first, one must be judged worthy by the mysterious Judge Azarel. One can only be judged worthy if one overcomes all trials inside the temple, will you overcome them all and can you unravel the true meaning of the trials and Azarel?

Glassy Skies

by Noriko

Glassy skies is a game where you play as a young female who has the weight of the world on her shoulders. A group that calls themselves Ivalance threatens the safety of the world once again. Seven years before the young women and her friends stopped them once. With the group back together she must gather a team together to once again rid the world of and evil foe? But are they really the true evil this time? Find out in this epic tale of is a tale of, war, inner turmoil, love, and more. Coming in 2017~

Harmonia RPG

by Andy Lin

Rebuilding from a world torn apart by the wrath of the betrayed deities, humanity finds itself drifting to different ideals now that the common enemy has been defeated.

Now, 2,000 years after the Archon War, when the world is on the brink of war between people that are unwilling to accept the existence of others who do not share their beliefs, a mysterious young man awakens with no recollection of his past. Could he be the key to finally end the conflict and hatred between men?

Harmony of the Bravest

by LSGaming

Launched in a... Fantasy world?!

There's a prophecy saying that every one thousand years, a fearsome demon whose name is Berezhar tries to destroy Armonia, a parallel dimension to the one with our dear Earth. Is from there that our heroes are carried to save Armonia once more!

A classic game...

Harmony of the bravest is a videogame developed by RPG Maker MV. It uses all the standards of JRPG games, strongly influenced by the first three chapters of Final Fantasy, such as a turn battle system, limits, equipments, puzzles and pixilated explorations...

...with modern features!

...but seasoned with a useful class and equipment system! You will have to choose between five classes for each character, switching them everytime you will need to and handling the equipment to make it do its best!

This is Harmony of the bravest!

Italian, English Option

by Ækashics

Once upon a time…

A righteous knight hunted down evil, but was blind to the darkness behind her.

A valiant soldier lived with honor, but was betrayed by his own code.

And a young prince sought vengeance, but was destroyed by his own hatred.

Three puppets of fate meet at destiny’s crossroads And with the actors gathered, the play begins…

Killer Gin

by Frederick Miranda

Killer Gin is where classic 2D Role playing games meets in depth characters, mystery, and engaging plot twists. Your decisions actually impact gameplay. A playable high fantasy adventure that combines eastern and western elements with shiny swords, moody young adults, and a complex world where everything wants to destroy you or idolize you, no inbetween. Can balance be achieved? What kind of hero will you choose to be? Will you rule or be ruled?

Please support Killer Gin today.

Kickstarter Link

Facebook Link

Official Website (Download demo for PC, Mac, Linux)

The Legend of Driftwood

by Driftwood Gaming

Join Driftwood on an epic adventure to defend the Coral Kingdom against the would-be tyrannic Crimson Empire and attempt to discover the motivations they have for trying to abduct your companion Tiana.

Here are some features this game has:

  • CTB battle system with hundreds of items armor weapons and skills.
  • Detailed but not overly long storyline that provides just enough to keep you wanting more.
  • Fully functional Farming system
  • Unique Mining System
  • Monster Capture System
  • Battle Arena System
  • Hireable Mercenary System
  • (Most of these will be unlocked after beating the main storyline.)
Legends of Illarion II: Sins of the Gods

by Dyluck

Legends Of Illarion 2 is the long awaited prequel to the 2009 RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion. The prequel takes place in ancient Illarion at the dawn of time, many centuries before the events of the first game. I consider it mostly to be an old school type of JRPG reminiscent of FF4, Lufia 2, etc.

You don't need to play LOI before playing LOI2. You can play either game before the other and there won't be too much spoilers involved. The first LOI contains a larger more diverse world with more interrelated story elements and characters, while LOI2 is a little easier, smaller, and more straight forward than the first game.


  • modified battle/menu systems based on 3rd party scripts
  • numerous voice clips for character skills!
  • animated busts and battle sprites holding equipped weapons!
  • touch encounter battle system
  • skill points system and many custom battle skills
  • characters with multiple skill sets depending on weapons equipped
  • many interesting puzzles (all of which are skippable)
  • simple gathering/crafting system (blacksmithing, potion making, etc)
  • streamlined damage numbers in battle (no need for reading text!)
  • approximately 15 hours of gameplay
Legend of Worlds (Demo)

by DarkKrow13

The cycle of good and evil will always be there but what would happen if the Good stops the cycle and keeps everything for themselves. And the only way to save our world is by unleashing evil. This time our heroes are now not our last hope but Evil is. In order to save our world from the clutches of the Golden Eyes cult of the Church Evil must defeat them and conquer their lands and save us from The golden Eye leader.

Life Without Friends

Another RPG game where you don't have to kill anyone.

by Kanallanman Studios

Life Without Friends, an RPG game where the choice is yours!

Mason Lee,

A sixteen year old high school student who has no friends.

Sad and depressed of the life he lives, Mason decides it's time for something new, and sets out on an adventure across the vast world of MangiKai! Along his way, Mason will hunt Monsters and Animals, Talk to people that may/may not need his help and encounter many others. Some not so nicer than others. Will he spare these people, or murder them in cold blood? That's up to YOU to decide!

Light Elf

by Cassio Anime

Alexis is one of a kind, an Elf in a world of mages and vampires. While they live in peace, mages always wanted the magic from humans, likewise mages wanted vampires longevity. For almost 10.000 years peace has been secures by the all powerful king, decedent of the heroes of the past. But war started moving again, Alexis tribe, found hiding in the woods for god knows how long, was killed by a mysterious power, held by the mage Morganstein, and as a trial is held against him, the last survivor of the elvish clan is close to get his revenge against he who murdered his race. The engines of the world start to turn again, a girl of red hair, an elf, the cities in the sky and a mysterious fairy are bound to uncover the truth behind a concave empty world, a world with no stars and no sun.

Llama Wars

by LazrElectric

A game in which you become a llama, living on the Llama Farm. The farm has two pens, the East, and the West. You rule the East. All is well, until the West Pen decides to declare war against you! Find out why they’re doing this, defeat them, and ultimately, after everything goes wrong, rebuild your lost kingdom.

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic: The Bonds of Friendship

by Krystal Burns

Twilight Sparkle, Friend to Princess Celestia, Princess of Friendship, and as of today... Nopony!? Somehow, nopony knows who Twilight is and the more the unicorn(former Alicorn) looks for answers, the more she realizes something more sinister is at work behind the scenes... \end description

Ominous Deception

created by DeMarco Gaming

A game in the making by a team of talented developers featuring a lot of original content! Go check out the page to see what to expect!

Pale Echoes

by Wyrmling Productions

An RPG of exploration, collection, and critical thinking. The end of the world has come and gone, leaving only phantoms where once there was life. Now Schorl, the last surviving human, and Spinel, the last of the magical saerii, search through the memories of a bygone era, hoping to find a future.

Porcupine Princess

Lead by Archeia

Genre: RPG

In a world plagued by drought, an exiled prince dreams of making a change for the better. Following ancient legends, he searches the deepest depths of the ocean for the Tower of Creation. Believed by many to be the home of the Goddess, the Tower lies dormant but perhaps, with the aid of allies both new and old, rain will fall from the heavens once more.

Pyroflo's World (demo)

by Pyroflo Scarlet

Genre: Open World RPG

In einem Land mit einem scheinbar gerechten König herrscht Frieden zwischen den Menschen. Er hat es geschafft sie alle zu vereinigen, indem er ihnen alle einen gleichen Feind gab; Alles was nicht menschlich ist: Anderlinge.

Erstelle deinen eigenen Helden und verändere die Welt mit deinen Entscheidungen. Erforsche ein fiktives Land in einer Open-World Landschaft, finde Schätze & Ruinen, oder Gegner. Schließe dich mit anderen Abenteurern zusammen um Dungeons zu meistern. Wirst du dich auf die Seite der Menschen oder Anderlinge schlagen?

Red vs Blue: Revolution

WARNING: Mature language, immature humor, bad aim and c-bites.

Based on the popular web series, Revolution explores the ring-world of Sirca and its chupathingys, a society of creatures perpetually at war: Red Army verses Blue Army. When not killing each other, two teams in a remote box canyon just try to kill time (and maybe score some beer.)

Res Judicata: Vale of Myth

by Blue Booth Studios

Res Judicata, or RJ for short, is a 2D comical JRPG, set in an alternate-history Earth in 1315 AD, shortly after the Pope dissolves the Templar Order. Blending the best aspects of western and eastern RPGs and boasting an average playtime of 20 - 30 hours; RJ showcases mythologies, locations and cultures around the globe! Those tired of playing pest-control will be thrilled to hear there are no rats, bats, or orcs here; Vale of Myth's bestiary is a collection of hand-picked mythological creatures from many cultures. New to JRPGs? No problem! RJ encourages new players with a number of accessibility, difficulty, help, and save options. Take on the role of Garbhan, Scottish Highlander, as he battles (and drinks) his way across the old world. During his journey, Garbhan will join forces with three dysfunctional companions, including Francis, a bard notorious for his utter lack of singing talent, and Daron, a chivalrous ex-knight notorious for his skirt-chasing. Find a trove of hidden treasures and secrets and unravel the mystery of powers interested in these odd heroes, why spirit travel with them, and why ancient evils stir once more!

Rescuing Ralph

by Team Yanfly

Ralph, the hero of RPG Maker VX, somehow managed to get himself kidnapped and locked away. It is now up to FlyingDream to find Ralph and release him! Here is the story of FlyingDream's struggle to traverse a dungeon full of puzzles to rescue Ralph.

Spoilers: Diary Entries in order

Reverse Fantasy Legend 逆袭幻想传

by 废材炼金术士

The ordinary farmer's son Kells, because of the contract with the unknown creature Fat dragon and embarked on a fantasy journey, the future dream is to collect all kinds of girls' pants, build a great harem mercenary group! Countless vulgarly happy adventure story in It keeps happening during the journey, joyful and funny, passionate, love and justice...

English, Chinese
Rinet's Quest (Age 18+ Only)

by StalkerRoguen

With the focus to protect the innocent and stop threats from other worlds, the Rinehart order was created, training people to become Rinets (skilled warriors and monks who used magic).

Our story begins in the final test of two siblings to finally become Rinets and embark on a journey.

RPG Fighter League

by Val

In a world where everything is settled in a good fight. Every warrior wants to have a chance to enter the Fighter League. You follow Henry Forge, member of the great family Forge who is descendant from the legendary fighter who fought in the Leagues. He decide that this is the time to finish what his family have started decade ago and win all the leagues to have the chance to meet the Architect, creator of the Colosseum.

Fight, train and meet comrades on your way to the top leagues. An adventure where choosing and developing the right members of your team really matter to be victorious in battle!

Learn about the creation of the Fighter League and the Colosseum. Unfold the story about Henry and the member of the Forge family with encounter of great characters in a world where everything can be solved by fighting to death!

Sacred Earth - Promise

by Sacred Star Team

A warrior stands alone. A promise is forgotten. Today, that will change ...

A mischievous mercenary from wintry Garenia and her long-suffering sister set aside their differences to compete in a tournament of arms. But when an old friend appears in the company of mysterious relic hunters, the past can no longer be denied. Sacred Earth - Promise is a four- to six-hour visual novel/RPG experience set within a fantasy world of floating continents and ancient ruins, with a dynamic custom battle system and a compelling cast of characters.


  • Three playable characters with their own animated sprites and special attacks.
  • Tactical, fast-paced combat: Utilize multiple-hit Chain attacks to build up your EX Gauge and expend it to unleash powerful Burst attacks or heal with EX Recover.
  • Two ways to explore: transition between traditional tile maps and the original boardgame-style Symbol Map system for dungeon navigation. Manage your Travel Points to evade traps and gain the initiative in battles, and enjoy party interactions in the field.
  • 10 side quests, including clever puzzles and challenging optional battles.
  • 21 full-color CGs.
  • An engaging presentation with moving portraits that displays conversations between up to four characters at once, with anytime-save and backlog features.
  • Fully explore the game's world and quests and unlock the true ending.

by Shinma

Soulstice takes place within the multiverse of Nada. After some dangerous new creatures appear in their world, four friends travel together to unravel the mystery of where they came from and why they are here. As they progress through their journey they slowly begin to regain memories that had somehow mysteriously vanished from their minds. The further they progress and the more they explore their surroundings, the quicker these memories seem to flood their minds.

While the questions of these memories rage on, the friends focus on the task at hand; ridding the world of these new threats so life can return to normal, if that is even possible.

Skyward Fantasy

by Ahmad Baidoun

Skyward Fantasy is a hybrid role-playing game where choices you make affect the world around you. Set out for distant horizons as you discover the secrets behind the war of origins and battle fearsome monsters in turn based combat. Customize your characters beyond level 100 and rebuild a shattered world. Loot thousands of items and learn hundreds of abilities as you travel Ethiryon. Uncover the Tower of Truth in the post-game for hours of additional content.



by Zortik


This title attempts to portray depression literally. It's not intended to be a fun game but focuses instead on highlighting the challenges of someone who is struggling with depression and anxiety. While playing this title you will witness a molded scenario of someone who is living their lives as best they can, and how everyday situations become a trial that may (or may not) be compounded by their choices (or lack thereof).

Teleeli Fate (demo)

by Pyroflo Scarlet

Genre: Rhythm RPG

"Teleeli? Oh, that's just a name."

In the middle of the night, the youngest member of the Teleeli Family disappeared, and her brother decides to ask his friends for help. So Pyroflo, Choro and Marco go on an adventure to help Seth retrieve his little sister. On their way, more and more of a certain fate is unraveled to them, and with RHYTHM they fight against it.

Will they manage to find Giselle Teleeli in time or has fate the upper hand? Let rhythm decide your fate in 6 different stages of the story mode, or try the extra stages if your rhythm is up for a challenge.

The Adventures of Yi

by Rail

Note: This game is only 15% complete, it is not in any shape or form a finish game.

There's a lot of features that needs to be changed.

(I don't have a full description...yet)

Adventures of Yi is a story driven RPG about a young girl Yi. She travels all cross Lolaura to reach the Cisian Empire.

Therese Saves the World

Lead by Archeia

Genre: RPG

The destined day has come. Harold, Therese, Marsha and Lucius must save the world from the clutches of the Evil Overlord. But wait, what's that? The sealing magic failed! As the world collapses around them, they must venture back to the surface and restore order. Will they prevail or fall prey to the underground denizens?

Trabel, ​The Earth of Souls

by Rainbow's Games

Trabel sacrificed her soul to let finally everyone reach the planet. Not everyone would have had the courage to do what she did, that's why the planet was renamed Trabel, to never forget the amazing woman who gave a second chance to the sad wandering souls. But what she did unfortunately had consequences. Erkia, big friend of Trabel was sad for her and wanted to pass the night at a lake near the main city where the two had happy days together.. but a dark cloud surrounded the girl making her disappear.. another guy named Tekly passing at the right time, saw everything.. This was the beginning of death and destruction on Trabel.

Valiant Souls

by Team Valiant Souls

Valiant Souls follows the story of Vine, an aspiring knight in a world at a breaking point. New arts like alchemy and mechanics cause a rift in society while an ancient group once sworn to protect the world from harm makes a fatal decision...

We are aspiring to create a game built completely with originally made or purchased assets, a challenging battle system in which the characters morale affects battle in several ways and a character development system directly linked to the events and story of the game.

Valiant Souls is no revolution of the RPG genre, but a game made out of love for well-crafted characters and storytelling with lots of dialogue and a (hopefully) lively and interesting world.

Watermark RPG

We make fun 16-bit RPG and action games. Our team loves games of the 8 to 16 bit era, especially RPGs, and our passion is to make games similar to what we used to play as kids, with our own improvements. Drop by and take a look!

Well, Yu Will Be A Prince

by Meike Kima

Yu will be getting married to Princess Hime, but Yu will need to get some things done before he reaches the castle. Battling his way through the kingdom, Yu will gather everything needed for the wedding and perhaps listen to some superstitious people talk about ghouls.


  • Short ~1 hour 'tiny' game; Multiple endings for replay value;
  • 3 different endings; 2 winnable, 1 instant loss;
  • Equipped Armors add special skills;
  • Turn-Based Battle System requires strategy; no spamming attack;
  • pixel love; old school 16 - 32 colors look;
  • Use item (Repel Root) to escape battle; Save them for when you need them;