How to Update Plugins RPG Maker MZ

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Step 1: Determine Which Plugins Need an Update


First things first, how do you know if a plugin needs an update?

VisuStella MZ plugins will list their current version in the plugin's description. If the version does not match the version currently uploaded on the site, then the plugin is in need of an update.

Step 2: Download the Plugin Updates



When you download the updated plugin file, place the updated plugin into your game project's /js/plugins/ folder.

Step 3: Updating the Plugin


Now, it's time to go back to the Plugin Manager list.

The plugin parameter settings for this are still cached so it's time to update it. There are two ways to do this.

Step 3A: Method 1


The first method is to right click the plugin in the Plugin Manager list, and select refresh.

This will update the plugin's version and add any new surface layer Plugin Parameters.

You can update multiple plugins at once this way by pressing Control + A, right clicking the Plugin Manager list, and then selecting refresh.

Step 3B: Method 2


The second method is to open up the plugin's parameters itself.

This will update the plugin's version and add any new surface layer Plugin Parameters.

Step 4: Check for Updated Version


Check to make sure the version has updated.

Step 5: Save Your Game Project


Save your game project before anything else.

If you go directly into Play Test without saving, sometimes the changes have not committed and you would get a message like this:


So always save first!