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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from, Æ,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.

2023 January 21

Early Access for the Visual Novel Series Volume 3 has begun!
Includes the following Plugins:
These plugins are NOT a part of the 8 Waves Bundle Collection.

2023 January 20

Plugin Updates! Update #121
VisuStella Sample Game Project
Total Updated: 23 Plugins

2023 January 6

Unique Tile Effects VisuStella MZ

2023 January 4

Event Chain Reactions VisuStella MZ

2023 January 2

Tutorial Panel System VisuStella MZ

2022 December 21

Patch Notes VisuStella MZ

2022 December 19

Credits Page VisuStella MZ

2022 December 15

Plugin Updates! Update #120
VisuStella Sample Game Project
Total Updated: 25 Plugins
Credits Page VisuStella MZ added to Wave 4 as Early Access
Patch Notes VisuStella MZ added to Wave 8 as Early Access

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2022 December 9

RPG Maker MZ Updated to V1.6.1!
RMMZ Update 160.png
Read the base code changelog here.
The problem with the version 1.6.0 update has now been fixed. The NodeJS version has been reverted to a previous version.
However, in the event that an infinite loading screen occurs, follow the instructions on the Steam page.
Our recommended course of action is to wait until our next plugin batch update before seeing if updating to v1.6.1 is a wise move yet.

2022 December 7

Do NOT Update to RMMZ 1.6.0 Yet!
I repeat, do NOT Update to RMMZ 1.6.0 Yet!
At the moment, there's a lot of mentions where games simply don't load anymore until they reverted back to a previous version.
Source 1 Source 2 Source 3
Update: Upon further inspection, these errors aren't plugin related either. Playtest doesn't work even in vanilla projects for some devices. Once again, don't update to version 1.6.0 until they have everything fixed and squared away.

2022 November 24

Updates Changing to Monthly
We'll be changing our update schedule from weekly updates to monthly.

2022 October 18

RPG Developer Bakin Editor Early Access Review by Yanfly
These are Yanfly's thoughts on the Early Access for RPG Developer Bakin, the new game engine on the block.

2022 June 2

Hello Again everyone!
1590+ Character and Monster designs, 288 of them Animated, and counting, Thanks for your support during a tough period!
Read about the road ahead for Librarium and get ready for to update regularly again!

2022 June 2

RPG Maker MZ Updated to V1.5.0!
RMMZ Update 150.png
Read the base code changelog here.
From what we can tell at first glance, it should be safe to update to 1.5.0 and not jeopardize plugin compatibility.
We have not fully tested out the capabilities of different tile sizes yet, so experiment with those at your own risk.

2022 April 30

Making a Game in RPG Maker: How to Get Started

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Official Statement from Yanfly Regarding Porting of Plugins

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