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Want to know how to set a Switch condition to ON/OFF based off what setting an option command is using?

This will be a TL;DR article without all the fluff text.

ArisuAvatar2.png This is an article written by Arisu.

What You Need

RPG Maker MV Users


If you are using RPG Maker MV, install the Advanced Switches & Variables plugin.

RPG Maker MZ Users


If you are using RPG Maker MZ, install the Events & Movement Core plugin.

What You Need To Do

Step 1


First, identify the options command you want to bind to a switch.

Let's use the example Always Dash because it's available to both RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ users.

You can do this by looking in the rpg_managers.js/rmmz_managers.js file in your /js/ folder.

Do a CTRL+F for "ConfigManager" and look at the parameters available.

Step 2


Next, create a new Switch using the plugin you've installed.

Name it as such:

  • RPG Maker MV Users: Eval: ConfigManager.alwaysDash
  • RPG Maker MZ Users: <JS> ConfigManager.alwaysDash </JS>

Step 3


Finally, use it as a switch condition in either a conditional branch switch or event page condition switch.

If the option is OFF, the switch will be OFF/false. If the option is ON, the switch will be ON/true.

That's it!

How to Find Options from Options Core


If you are using the Options Core, for either RPG Maker MV or RPG Maker MZ, and you are wondering what to use for that instead of ConfigManager.alwaysDash, here's how you can find out.


  1. Look at the option you want to get the replacement text for
  2. Look at the Symbol parameter
  3. Take the text used for that and replace alwaysDash in ConfigManager.alwaysDash with it
  4. Case sensitive, if you capitalize someone or lowercase something, it won't work
  5. Something like showCompass will be inputted as ConfigManager.showCompass in the switch name

Minor Notes

Some things like volume and encounter rates may not use ON/OFF cases, but instead, use numbers. In that case, instead of a switch, use a variable.


That's it. Nothing terribly special or verbose but a helpful technique for those who may be doing things that may be directly tied to options configurations.

End of Article

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