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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from, Æ,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.


Here are some plugins made for RPG Maker MV, a piece of software that lets you create your own role playing games for the PC, Mac, and various mobile devices! Keep in mind that these plugins are made for RPG Maker MV only! They do not work on other RPG Makers.

Terms of Use

Any original material made by Yanfly is free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games unless specified otherwise. I do not demand royalties or special liberties if you choose to use Yanfly original content in your commercial games. (Although a free copy of your game would be nice!) I only ask that you provide “Yanfly” or “Yanfly Engine” a spot in your game’s credits.

Redistribution of the plugins and its code, outside the scope of game projects, is strictly forbidden outside of the host website,, and by the following sites/members: However, special permission has been granted to these individuals/entities for redistribution of the plugins as long as the plugins remain in their updated form: Archeia, Visustella (porting allowed), Ækashics Librarium, Caz Wolf, Raim, DreamX, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, Aries of Sheratan, Arisu's Dollhouse, Munokura of FunGameMake. This list may be updated in the future.

For context on what is considered "the scope of game projects", this means anything that is made with the intention of it being played by players for all sorts. If it is a "game template" made only for RPG Maker users to learn from, that does NOT qualify as a game project, and the plugins from the Yanfly Engine Plugins library cannot be redistributed as a result of that.

Any non-Original content posted, linked, or shared on my website and channel will still require you to contact the respective parties for permission of use.

I think this is simple. I’d like to keep it simple. I ask of you, as users, to please do not do things that will make me complicate it for everyone.

Happy RPG Making!

Also read this official statement for more clarity regarding the ports for RPG Maker MZ

Full Collection

You can download the entire Yanfly Engine Plugins library here:

Plugin List

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

Core Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.001.jpg Core Engine

Released: 2015.10.09

The Core Engine plugin is a plugin that’s made to address the core aspects of your game project, from raising the limits of stats to changing the colors of your window objects. Also to be included with this plugin will be any bug fixes made for RPG Maker MV. This plugin will be periodically updated whenever there is a new bug that is fixed. Yanfly Engine Plugins’ Core Engine is not a requirement for the plugin library to work.

YEP.164.jpg Core Engine Extension: Core Updates and Desktop Optimization

Released: 2018.03.2018

Does your game project have at least base code (rpg_x.js) 1.4.0 or above? And has RPG Maker MV updated past that, but you don’t feel like updating the base code manually, probably because you’ve made some edits to the code itself? Yet, you still want to take advantage of the changes from the version ups? This plugin will take care of that for you while keeping your base code intact, while ‘patching’ the changes made from higher version ups.

This plugin also adds in the updates and new functions from the versions leading up to 1.5.2 to ensure that your project has the most up to date functions even if it is running 1.4.0. This way, you do not have to tamper with the game project’s base code files yourself.

YEP.162.jpg Advanced Switches & Variables

Released: 2018.01.19

For the advanced users out there with JavaScript experience, you can set certain switches and variables to return data about the game through pieces of code on the get go. This can be used for event page conditions, enemy AI conditions, troop page conditions, and more!

YEP.086.jpg Base Parameter Control

Released: 2016.03.25

The base parameters, MaxHP, MaxMP, ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, and LUK all play a very important part of battle, yet, so very little control is given to the developer in regards to these important stats. This plugin will give more control over how the stats are handled and more.

YEP.095.jpg Base Parameter Control Extension: Class Base Parameters

Released: 2016.04.24

For those who don’t like the way base parameters are determined by the editor, you can use your own formulas to determine the parameter growth for each class using this plugin. This plugin also allows you to adjust the exp needed for each level per class.

YEP.032.jpg Class Change Core

Released: 2015.11.27

This plugin adds the ability for your player to freely change the classes of actors outside of battle from a menu. When changing classes, this script gives the option for the developer to choose whether or not classes have their own levels (causing the actor’s level to reset back to the class’s level) or to maintain the current level.

YEP.034.jpg Class Change Core Extension: Subclass

Released: 2015.11.29

Requires the Class Change Core plugin. This plugin enables your actors to be able to have a secondary class as a subclass! Subclasses can carry over skills, skill types, traits, and stats! How they carry it over is entirely up to you!

YEP.069.jpg Extra Parameter Formula

Released: 2016.02.12

The values for the Extra Parameters: HIT, EVA, CRI, CEV, MEV, MRF, CNT, HRG, MRG, and TRG, in RPG Maker MV are only able to be ever modified by traits by the various database objects. While it is flexible, RPG Maker MV does not enable you to utilize custom formulas to make things such as ATK and AGI influence HIT rate or LUK influence CRItical hits. With this plugin, now you can along with a few more goodies!

YEP.112.jpg Load Custom Fonts

Released: 2016.07.23

For those using custom fonts, you may have noticed that not all fonts from the /fonts/ directory are loaded at the time the game is loaded. This plugin let's you place the fonts into the /fonts/ directory and then load them as the game starts.

YEP.014.jpg Main Menu Manager

Released: 2015.10.17

Have more control over your main menu straight from the Plugin Manager. Add, remove, hide, show, enable, disable commands from your main menu altogether!

YEP.195.jpg Main Menu Manager Extension: Main Menu Actor Events

Released: 2019.10.04

This plugin lets you create Main Menu commands that play different common events depending on which actor is selected. A variety of combinations can be ran depending on which keyword and actor is picked by the player before running the common event.

YEP.002.jpg Message Core

Released: 2015.10.10

The Message Core plugin adds more functionality to the default RPG Maker MV message system, enabling more text codes, a name box, and adjustable message window sizes!

YEP.065.jpg Message Core Extension: Extended Message Pack 1

Released: 2016.01.30

This plugin extends the amount of things the Message system can do in RPG Maker MV. These features range from text sounds, more name window options, face index control, hex colors, extended choice controls, and more precise window positioning control. New text codes are also added to further ease the usage of the message window.

YEP.154.jpg Message Core Extension: Extended Message Pack 2

Released: 2017.10.27

This plugin makes use of text codes to deliver vital information to the player. It can deliver the amount of items, weapons, and armors in the player’s possession to the various parameters, extra parameters, and special parameters for actors and enemies. The new text codes also allow you to change the text color based on two number comparisons for conditional ways to color your text. In addition to conditional colors, text can also be displayed based on switch values or custom conditions.

YEP.167.jpg Message Core Extension: Message Backlog

Released: 2018.06.08

It’s not uncommon for RPG’s to have a message backlog, an in-game tool for the player to review any and all dialogue he/she has encountered previously. This tool can be helpful in case a player would accidentally skip some dialogue and/or would like to revisit what kind of messages were made before making a decision during an important moment.

This plugin creates a message backlog system for your game’s message system. Upon pressing ‘Shift’ (or any other button you desire) during a message, the player can open up a Backlog window to review over the last 20 encountered messages (number of stored messages can be modified within the parameters). These saved messages can also include any choices from the choice lists they have selected, any numbers they may have inputted, or items they selected from special events.

Now, your players can go forward, knowing full well they have little to worry about in case they’ve missed any messages.

YEP.181.jpg Message Core Extension: Message Eval Text

Released: 2019.03.08

This is a small plugin that adds in a new text code for messages so that people can run JavaScript code and display it as text. This can be used to make calculations on the fly without needing to use Change Variable events prior to displaying the amount or to determine what kind of string would be displayed without making a plethora of Conditional Branch events.

YEP.073.jpg Message Core Extension: Message Macros

Released: 2016.02.21

Ever get tired of having to do \c[6]\n[1]\c[0]? With this plugin you can create a macro where you can type \m[1] and it will do just that. This is a utility plugin for RPG Maker MV developers. Using this plugin, you can now develop macros for the message system or anywhere that uses text codes in general. This plugin will allow you to define what macro ID’s will change into what text in-game!

YEP.166.jpg Message Core Extension: Message Speed Option

Released: 2018.05.11

The option to control the message speed is quite common in RPG's nowadays. Players can put in whatever option they feel like for the text to go at, or if they wish, to have the text display instantly! This plugin will add in the 'Message Speed' option into your Options Menu for players to adjust! It comes with speeds from 0 (slowest) to 10 (fastest) and even an "11th" speed of being instant!

YEP.179.jpg Plugin Commands - Switches & Variables Access

Released: 2019.02.08

Plugin Commands are one of the more useful additions to RPG Maker MV from its previous iterations. They offer the ability to launch custom plugin functions without the structural complexity of script calls. However, the Plugin Commands themselves aren’t too flexible as the values inserted into the command strings tend to be fixed. This plugin allows you to use variables and switches to make the Plugin Commands values more flexible.

YEP.100.jpg Save Core

Released: 2016.05.13

This plugin provides a new save interface for the player. Along with a new interface, the player can also load and delete saves straight from the menu itself. This will in turn make the save command from the Main Menu always available, but the save option within the new save menu will be enabled depending on whether or not it is allowed or disallowed. From the interface, the player is given more information regarding the save file including the the location the player saved at, the amount of gold available, and any variables that you want to show the player as well.

YEP.180.jpg Save Core Extension: Autosave

Released: 2019.02.22

Autosave is a common feature found in standard RPG’s nowadays. Games would save at certain triggers or upon changing maps so that the player won’t lose any progress in case they forget to manually save. This plugin adds in an Autosave function to your game(s) and lets you control when to Autosave or set it to do it automatically under certain conditions.

YEP.104.jpg Save Core Extension: New Game+

Released: 2016.05.27

New Game+ is a great way to provide replay value for your game. It lets the player re-experience the game in a different way with either carried over items, to carried over party members, to carried over skills, switches, and variables even. There exists many options to change how New Game+ will work for your game.

YEP.113.jpg Self Switches & Variables

Released: 2016.08.06

RPG Maker MV comes with Self Switch functionality. However, the number of Self Switches provided is a mere 4 in total, not enough for some of the more complex events. This plugin will let you extend the number of Self Switches. Self Variables, on the other hand, do not exist in RPG Maker MV, so this plugin will provide functionality for that as well.

YEP.078.jpg Special Parameter Formula

Released: 2016.03.04

The values for Special Parameters: TGR, GRD, REC, PHA, MCR, TCR, PDR, MDR, FDR, and EXR are lesser used and lesser known, but are only modified by database object traits. This plugin enables you to utilize custom formulas for these Special Parameters to alter them in such a way where MAT can alter the MP Cost of skills and whatnot.

Battle Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.003.jpg Battle Engine Core

Released: 2015.10.10

The default battle system for RPG Maker MV now allows for the ever so popular side-view! However, we can beef it up a little bit more using the Battle Engine Core to add more features and capabilities to the battle system!

YEP.004.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Action Sequence Pack 1

Released: 2015.10.11

The first of three action sequence packs to be made for YEP’s Battle Engine Core! This pack includes action sequences that are mechanics-related for your actions.

YEP.005.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Action Sequence Pack 2

Released: 2015.10.12

The second of three action sequence packs for the Battle Engine Core focus on visual aspects of an action such as moving, jumping, changing the screen tint, and more!

YEP.006.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Action Sequence Pack 3

Released: 2015.10.12

The third action sequence pack for this set includes the ability to control the camera and zooming! Use these action sequences provided by this plugin to make your actions look nice and flashy! This plugin requires Battle Engine Core.

YEP.044.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Animated Sideview Enemies

Released: 2015.12.13

This plugin requires Battle Engine Core. This extension plugin allows you to animate enemies in a number of ways, from giving static enemies breathing, floating, and scaled attributes to utilizing animated sideview actors as potential battlers for your enemies instead of static graphics to help make your enemies appear more lively!

YEP.024.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Battle System - ATB

Released: 2015.11.06

The ever so popularly requested battle system: ATB! Made similarly to match the Final Fantasy series, the ATB system starts off with your characters filling up their gauges before they can input an action. Once an action is inputted, they start to quickly charge it up before going to perform their attack. This plugin requires Battle Engine Core.

WARNING: Support for ATB has bee discontinued by Yanfly. You can read here to learn why. You can continue using it, but do not expect everything to work with it.

YEP.031.jpg Battle Engine Core and Battle System - ATB Extension: Visual ATB Gauge

Released: 2015.11.22

For Battle System - ATB users, you can now display ATB gauges for your enemies! This plugin is plug and play but it does require the YEP_BattleSysATB plugin. The gauges can be shown either below or above the enemies.

YEP.038.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Battle System - CTB

Released: 2015.12.05

This plugin requires Battle Engine Core. The fabled Battle System – CTB! Battle participants are placed in a visible turn order based on their agility and speed. When it becomes their turn, they input an action and execute it immediately, then proceed back in line. The CTB system focuses heavily on turn manipulation to change the strategic flow of battle.

WARNING: Support for CTB has bee discontinued by Yanfly. You can read here to learn why. You can continue using it, but do not expect everything to work with it.

YEP.130.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Battle System - STB

Released: 2017.03.24

The Standard Turn Battle system functions off of the Default Turn Battle system’s structure. Action orders are determined by the battlers’ AGI values and they go from highest to lowest. However, actions are not selected at the start of the turn. Instead, the turn progresses and the actions are picked as each battler’s turn appears, then proceeds to be executed immediately.

Each battler is only allowed one action per battle turn, meaning a single battler cannot have twice the number of turns as another battler even if the battler’s AGI value is double that of the other. This is to prevent any balancing issues that come from tick-based battle systems as they tend to be far more difficult to balance compared to turn-based battle systems.

WARNING: Support for STB has bee discontinued by Yanfly. You can read here to learn why. You can continue using it, but do not expect everything to work with it.

YEP.082.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Counter Control

Released: 2016.03.11

The default counterattack trait in RPG Maker MV doesn’t give many options for the developer. It’s a skill that flatout cancels out the physical skill of the attacker by evading it and then producing a normal attack from the counterattacker. This plugin will give you more control over how counters work in the sense that you can choose to have the counter connect first before allowing the counter skill to proc.

YEP.115.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: In-Battle Status

Released: 2016.09.03

In battle by default, there’s no way to check your party’s status. This plugin will add a new ‘Status’ command to the Party Command Window (with Fight and Escape) to allow players to check party members. Here, the player can view each party member’s current parameters, get a list of all states, buffs, and debuffs. The player can scroll through the list and view newly added help descriptions of the states, buffs, and debuffs in a help window.

YEP.129.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Turn Order Display

Released: 2017.03.17

For Turn-Based Battle Systems like DTB (Default Turn Battle), letting the player see the turn order visually can add a whole lot more depth to the battle system. This plugin will add a display of icons showing the turn order of the player’s party and the enemy party within a corner of the screen (modifiable).

NOTE! This plugin does NOT work with tick-based Battle Systems like ATB or CTB! It is specifically made to work only with turn-based battle systems.

YEP.030.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Visual HP Gauges

Released: 2015.11.21

Want to display HP gauges visibly on enemies? And possibly even your allies? Want to give certain enemies different color HP gauges or make it longer than usual? Or make it required that enemies must be defeated first before showing their HP gauge? Well, now you can!

YEP.119.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Weak Enemy Poses

Released: 2016.11.05

Non-animated enemies often appear lifeless. They maintain one appearance throughout the whole battle and do not change it under any circumstances. This plugin allows you to set different images for enemies when they are under certain health percentages as well as other conditions.

YEP.159.jpg Battle Engine Core Extension: Lunatic Pack - Action Beginning and End Effects

Released: 2017.12.01

Sometimes, we’d like to add additional effects to our actions in battle. These effects can range from adding more HP, applying a new state to the user after everything else has happened, removing debuffs, playing an animation, or even absorbing a fraction of all the total damage directly dealt by the action this turn. This Lunatic Pack provides a new batch of effects that you can use to empower your items and skills, or to even globalize them as a result of states.

YEP.070.jpg Absorption Barrier

Released: 2016.02.13

The Absorption Barrier is a new mechanic added for battle. Barrier Points, a new type of stat, provide a layer of protection for battlers. Any direct damage that would normally be done to HP would be dealt to the battler's Barrier Points first, mitigating any real damage dealt to the battler. Any remaining damage is then dealt to the battler.

YEP.016.jpg Battle A.I. Core

Released: 2015.10.19

Tired of dumb enemies that turn your otherwise challenging game into an easy-peasy walk in the park? The Battle A.I. Core plugin allows you to manually adjust the settings and patterns of your enemies so that they can deliver MANLY poundings onto your players.

YEP.175.jpg Battle A.I. Core Extension: Actor Auto Battle A.I.

Released: 2018.12.07

By default, if an actor has the auto battle trait, it will cycle through each one of its learned skills (whether or not it has access to the skill type doesn’t matter) and selects the hardest hitting skill of them all. This setup may work for some auto-battlers but not all of them. What this plugin does is it incorporates the A.I. Priority system from the YEP Library’s Battle A.I. Core for actor auto-battlers.

YEP.132.jpg Battle BGM Control

Released: 2017.04.14

This plugin lets you assign certain BGM's to certain troops so that they will play from the map transition into the battle. Furthermore, when a major enemy's HP is reduced to certain values, the battle BGM can change as well. This will help add extra feeling to the battle and make battle BGM's less monotonous for longer battles.

YEP.101.jpg Battle Select Cursor

Released: 2016.05.15

This plugin allows you to set custom cursors when selecting allies and/or enemies for targeting while in battle. This is to help with better visual cues when picking a target if the flashing battler isn't enough.

YEP.042.jpg Battle Status Window

Released: 2015.12.11

This plugin replaces the default battle status window, which was shown in a row format, to a column-based format that also displays the party's faces.

YEP.050.jpg Buffs & States Core

Released: 2015.12.25

Alter the basic mechanics behind buffs and states that aren't adjustable within the RPG Maker editor. Such mechanics include altering the maximum number of times buffs can stack, changing the turns remaining on buffs and states, and the rules involved when reapplying states.

YEP.131.jpg Buffs & States Core Extension: Extended Damage Over Time

Released: 2017.04.07

RPG Maker MV does not provide the ability to utilize custom formulas for any damage or healing over time state effects. This plugin, through aid of Yanfly’s Buffs & States Core, will allow usage for formulas to create custom damage or healing over time values, animations to go with them, variance control, and elemental rate aspects.

This is a collaboration plugin by Tigress and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.089.jpg Buffs & States Core Extension: State Categories

Released: 2016.04.03

This plugin allows you to set categories for your states. They can be one category, multiple categories, or no categories. With this in mind, there's a few new features this plugin provides that pertains to this category system such as removal of states under a certain category and the ability to have them bypass certain key removal aspects such as on Death removal or Recover All removal.

YEP.076.jpg Buffs & States Core Extension: Tick-Based Regen

Released: 2016.02.28

For those running a Tick-Based Battle System with the Battle Engine Core (ie. Active Turn Battle or Charge Turn Battle), this will automatically set your states for Turn End timings to use a Time Based system, but in turn, causes regeneration effects to occur individually.

YEP.114.jpg Buffs & States Core Extension: Visual State Effects

Released: 2016.08.20

States are amongst one of the most important aspects of the battle system. Therefore, relaying proper information to the player is extremely important. RPG Maker MV does relay information to the player about the various states and effects, but it is far from perfect. This plugin allows you to add more detail and visual effects regarding states to relay proper data.

YEP.157.jpg Buffs & States Core Extension: Lunatic Pack - State Protection

Released: 2017.11.17

This plugin allows you to add a variety of protection effects to your states to allow them to reduce HP or MP damage in more unique ways, from cutting off a percentage of the original damage, blocking off damage entirely once certain break points are met, capping damage in certain ways, and surviving fatal damage. And should any of those effects trigger, you can set the state to perform special effects, too!

YEP.025.jpg Damage Core

Released: 2015.11.07

The Damage Core plugin enables you to have full control over the damage calculation process of your game ranging from individual damage formulas to damage caps to damage calculation steps.

YEP.033.jpg Damage Core Extension: Armor Scaling

Released: 2015.11.28

Scale defensive stats relative to a universal scale and gives your players a way to increase and decrease damage without having to provide pure stats. Adds new gameplay mechanics such as Armor Penetration and Armor Reduction into your game!

YEP.026.jpg Damage Core Extension: Critical Control

Released: 2015.11.08

This plugin allows you to modify the critical hit rate formula across a global scale and for an individual skill/item scale. This plugin requires Damage Core.

YEP.158.jpg Damage Core Extension: Lunatic Pack - Critical Sway

Released: 2017.11.24

Ever wanted to have a bit more variety in how critical hits are determined in your game? This plugin gives you the ability to sway the critical hit rate of skills, items, and states in your game! Users affected by it can have their actions result in criticals based off their own HP values or the enemy’s! Or perhaps the idea of linking the critical hit rate to the element rate of the action, too? You can also alter the critical hit rate based off the number of states, buffs, or debuffs on either the user or the target!

YEP.107.jpg Element Core

Released: 2016.06.10

Elemental control in RPG Maker MV is pretty lacking. The calculation of how multiple elements are handled aren't very clear nor are they too intuitive when it comes to certain aspects. This plugin also gives way to skills and items having more than one element, battlers being able to absorb, reflect, amplify elemental damage, and more!

YEP.047.jpg Extra Enemy Drops

Released: 2015.12.19

By default, RPG Maker MV limits enemies to only drop up to 3 items max and at very limited drop rates. This plugin allows you to add more than 3 items at drop. In addition to having more than 3 drops, this plugin also allows you to expand the enemy drops to have conditional drops, drops that will only appear before the player if certain conditions are met.

YEP.093.jpg Force Advantage

Released: 2016.04.17

This plugin enables you to force a battle advantage on the next upcoming battle, whether it is forced or a random encounter. These advantages can be either pre-emptive strikes, surprise attacks, or even forcing a completely normal battle with no advantage. This plugin also enables specific common events to play upon different battle types.

YEP.085.jpg Hit Accuracy

Released: 2016.03.20

By default, RPG Maker MV’s action accuracy formula is unintuitive. For what it matters, the accuracy of the skill is determined first, then the evasion of the target is determined second regardless of the accuracy of the first check. This means that even if an attacker has 1000% HIT accuracy, the skill can still be evaded by the enemy’s 5% EVA stat. So instead, this plugin will provide control over an action’s accuracy formula and evasion formula. By this plugin’s default settings, accuracy will now be calculated where the attacker’s HIT and the enemy’s EVA are set against one another for a more intuitive accuracy formula.

YEP.128.jpg Hit Damage Sounds

Released: 2017.03.10

Different types of armors make different sounds when they’re hit. When an actor is struck by an attack and takes damage, they will play a sound effect based off the armor they are wearing (ie. cloth versus metal). Enemies can also play different sound effects when they get hit, too (ie. slimes versus robots). Use this plugin to make your armors and enemies more lively when they react to damage.

This is a collaboration plugin by Chickie and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.125.jpg Improved Battlebacks

Released: 2016.02.11

This plugin remakes how RPG Maker MV handles battlebacks. By default, all battlebacks are handled in a hard-structured fashion making them hard to modify and alter to behave dynamically. This plugin reworks the way RPG Maker MV’s battlebacks behave using a more automatic and flexible means of handling them, allowing battlebacks to added, removed, change its image, fade in/out, adjust opacity settings, and scroll in various directions!

YEP.197.jpg Level Up Growth Effects

Released: 2019.10.30

This plugin lets you create items that allow actor growth upon leveling up due to the actor, the equipment worn, class, learned skills, or any states applied to the actor upon leveling up. Growth options include increasing basic parameters, learning new skills, turning switches on/off, full recovery, and for those experienced with JavaScript, any kind of custom effect that can be done using code.

YEP.071.jpg Life Steal

Released 2016.02.19

Life Steal is a mechanic in RPG Maker MV that only exists in the form of specific skills or items. There is no way to passively gain Life Steal from physical, magical, or certain hit attacks. This plugin will allow you to set passive Life Steal traits for physical, magical, and certain hit attacks for both HP and MP values.

YEP.127.jpg Overkill Bonus

Released: 2017.03.03

Overkill occurs when an actor defeats an enemy with excessive damage. All enemies have an Overkill damage requirement and if a battler lands a killing blow dealing damage equal to or greater than this number, an animation is played on the enemy before the enemy collapses. When an enemy is overkilled, that enemy will reward the player with more EXP, more gold, a higher drop rate, and if YEP_ExtraEnemyDrops is installed, more possibilities for extra items under the condition of being Overkilled.

This is a collaboration plugin by Tigress and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.074.jpg Target Core

Released 2016.02.26

The Target Core plugin is made to expand upon the existing target scopes provided by RPG Maker MV. This plugin enables you to use more target scopes, with a larger variety of ways to target actors and enemies with bonus ways to choose targets combined with the Row Formation plugin.

YEP.084.jpg Target Core Extension: Area of Effect

Released: 2016.03.18

Sometimes, targeting one foe isn’t enough and targeting all foes is too many. The right mix in between would be area of effects to target only a certain area of foes. This plugins enables area of effect targeting to come in the forms of circular areas, column areas, row areas, and even the whole screen.

YEP.094.jpg Target Core Extension: Selection Control

Released: 2016.04.22

When selecting targets, RPG Maker MV has it set by default that the list of valid targets is always either alive enemies, alive allies, or only dead allies. Actions would not be able to target either actors or enemies or change from single target to multiple targets. This extension plugin for the Target Core will allow you to break free of that restriction for better selection control of targets as well as insert customized conditions.

YEP.023.jpg Taunt

Released: 2015.10.31

Taunts have become a mainstream game mechanic for many games. It’s only natural to port something like that over to RPG Maker MV! Included in this plugin are taunt effects and taunt nullification effects!

YEP.007.jpg Victory Aftermath

Released: 2015.10.13

Replace the default RPG Maker victory messages with this plugin’s Victory Aftermath windows to provide more accurate and visual data to your players!

YEP.059.jpg Victory Aftermath Extension: Aftermath Level Up

Released: 2015.01.16

This adds a level up section to the Victory Aftermath sequence to show the individual parameter changes the actor has acquired in addition to skills that the actor may have learned. This segment will be omitted if there are no actors to level up or if the game has the segment disabled. When there are multiple actors leveling up, the Victory Aftermath will cycle through each of the actors.

YEP.186.jpg Weather In Battle

Released: 2019.05.17

Weather does not appear in battles in RPG Maker MV by default. This causes a disconnect from entering a battle on a map with weather effects rolling in the background to a battle scene where the skies are suddenly devoid of such weather behavior. This plugin adds in the simple effect of making whatever weather that’s being played on the map also affect the weather played in battle. There’s also new functions to save weather settings and recall them for later in addition to a new action sequence for those using the Battle Engine Core plugin.

Item Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.011.jpg Item Core

Released: 2015.10.16

The Item Core plugin changes a lot of things about your project, from the item menu to independent items. But more importantly, this plugin builds a bridge for those who wish to do more with their items.

YEP.092.jpg Item Core Extension: Attachable Augments

Released 2016.04.15

Attachable Augments is an extension plugin made for the Item Core plugin. It allows equipment to be able to attach augment components to various slots, that you can define individually per item. These slots can be of a certain category unique to that item or global across all items. The effects used with the augment can involve parameter changes, adding skills, adjust state resistances, place attack elements, and more!

YEP.096.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Disassemble

Released: 2016.04.29

Sometimes, there are items that are simply not useful to the player anymore. In that case, why not give players the option to break down the item into something a little bit more useful? Using this plugin, players can break down and disassemble items, weapons, and armors into something else. Using different types of disassemblers, the player can get different types of items back, too.

YEP.143.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Discard

Released: 2017.06.23

Discarding items in RPG Maker MV isn’t possible default. In order to get rid of items, players must either use them or sell them but cannot directly discard them. This plugin uses the extra menu commands provided by the Item Core plugin by Yanfly to add a Discard option, allowing players to select however many items they wish to discard and do so. The player can set the quantity values by highlighting the Discard option and pressing left/right to adjust the discard quantity.

This is a collaboration plugin by Sylvester and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.072.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Durability

Released: 2016.02.20

Independent Weapons and Armors will now have a Durability value. Over the course of battle, equipment durability will drop based on actions performed, damage taken, and the like. When a piece of equipment’s durability value reaches 0, the piece of equipment will break. Durability can be repaired by items and increased by skills, too.

YEP.137.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Menu Categories

Released: 2017.05.21

In RPG Maker MV, there exists only four categories seen in the item menu: Items, Weapons, Armors, and Key Items. Adding extra categories wouldn’t be possible without plugins. This plugin, through the help of Item Core, will allow you to add in many more categories in addition to many premade ones that are automatically added based on weapon types, armor types, equipment types, item usage, and more!

YEP.123.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Picture Images

Released: 2017.01.14

For those using the YEP_ItemCore and enabled the ‘Updated Scene Item’ plugin parameter, you may have noticed the large icon towards the center of the screen. Ever wondered how it’d be if it were using an image instead? This plugin will add the functionality to use images from your game’s ‘Pictures’ folder to represent the item instead of just the icon. Now, you can add more ways to breathe life into your games!

YEP.146.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Rename

Released: 2017.07.14

In games with a lot of items, weapons, and/or pieces of armors being used all the time, simply remembering which one is which can prove to be a hard task for some players. By giving the player the ability to rename the said item, weapon, and/or armor, the player is able to develop his/her own way to commit the object to memory and personalize the object even more.

This is a collaboration plugin by Sylvester and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.136.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Requirements

Released: 2017.05.12

In RPG Maker MV, items only have a few restrictions on them by default, whether or not they can be used in or out of battle or never. There aren’t any other conditions that you can set that would otherwise determine if an item can or cannot be used. This plugin gives more ways to restrict item usage based on switches, variables, the actors using them, classes, state requirements, and more.

YEP.012.jpg Item Core Extension: Item Upgrade Slots

Released: 2015.10.16

This plugin requires the Item Core plugin as this plugin is an extension plugin for it. This plugin enables your players to be able to uprade their weapons and armors through a dedicated slot system.

YEP.058.jpg Item Synthesis

Released: 2016.01.15

Item synthesis is now a pretty common aspect of most RPG's where the player can craft their own items after acquiring recipes. This plugin enables your players to be able to do that after acquiring the said recipes. Recipes can come in the form of items, weapons, and/or armors and transcribed in them are what items, weapons, and/or armors they can make. These items can be made from the main menu and/or synthesis locations!

YEP.053.jpg Shop Menu Core

Released: 2016.01.01

The shop menu in RPG Maker MV is the same as it was in RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX Ace. It's relatively basic and provides adequate information, but not really enough to let the player know what they're actually buying or even selling. This plugin enables shops to show more than just the basic information displayed in RPG Maker MV and even allows for custom commands to be inserted into the command window.

YEP.189.jpg Shop Menu Core Extension: Conditional Shop Prices

Released: 2019.07.05

Ever wanted to have shop prices for certain items fluctuate as your game progresses? Or maybe even set market values for certain items that change over time. This plugin lets you bind base prices, percentages, increases, exact values, and more! And the best part is, this can be done through variables so you can have extremely dynamic control over your game's market.

YEP.190.jpg Shop Menu Core Extension: Hide/Show Shop Items

Released: 2019.07.19

Making nested Conditional Branches of entire shop events to determine if an item will appear or not appear in a shop can be messy in RPG Maker MV. This plugin will let you determine if shop items will appear or not through the usage of switches in a variety of ways, from a single switching being either on or off to a plethora of switches needing to be on or off. Advanced users can also use JavaScript to control whether or not certain items appear, too.

YEP.060.jpg Shop Menu Core Extension: More Currencies

Released: 2016.01.22

As an extension of the Shop Menu Core, this plugin enables you to have items cost multiple currencies or different currencies using variables and/or other items themselves.

Skill Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.008.jpg Skill Core

Released: 2015.10.13

The Skill Core plugin enables you to modify the core aspects of skills such as the cost and effects. With this plugin, HP costs are also implemented, too.

YEP.056.jpg Skill Core Extension: Limited Skill Uses

Released: 2016.01.09

This is an extension plugin for the Skill Core plugin. This plugin enables you to set a limited amount of times certain skills (or all skills) can be used per battle or ever. This adds a different type of skill currency and balance mechanic in limiting the amount of times a skill can be used without directly having to alter MP, TP, or the like.

YEP.135.jpg Skill Core Extension: Multi-Type Skills

Released: 2017.05.05

In RPG Maker MV, you can only assign one skill type per skill. This means that each skill can only appear under one skill type library when scrolling through a skill list. Yet, in traditional RPG’s, we sometimes see skills that can exist in multiple skill types. A “Cure” spell might appear in both “White Magic” and “Red Magic” at the same time. This plugin enables the possibility to give skills multiple skill types.

This is a collaboration plugin by Tigress and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.067.jpg Skill Core Extension: Party Limit Gauge

Released: 2016.02.06

This plugin requires the Skill Core plugin and enables a Party Limit Gauge for both the player party and the enemy party. These gauges will fill up or decrease depending on what actions take place. The amounts they raise can be adjusted within the plugin's parameters to your liking. Once a party has enough of the Party Limit Gauge, members from that party can use it as a skill resource to unleash powerful actions in battle!

YEP.009.jpg Skill Core Extension: Skill Cooldowns

Released: 2015.10.14

Skill Cooldowns is an extension plugin for the Skill Core. This plugin enables you to give your skills cooldowns, a game mechanic which prevents skills from being repeatedly used requiring the player to wait a few turns in order for the skill to become available for use again.

YEP.043.jpg Skill Core Extension: Skill Cost Items

Released: 2015.12.12

This plugin requires Skill Core. Now you can set costs for skills using items. The item costs will appear next to the other skill costs displaying the icons of the items needed and the amount of the items to be used. Item costs using this plugin can be altered by set and percentile amounts in addition to being replaced altogether by a substitute item.

YEP.155.jpg Skill Core Extension: Lunatic Pack - Skill Rewards

Released: 2017.11.03

This plugin allows you to add a variety of effects to your items and skills to reward the player for good (or bad) gameplay. Certain effects can only trigger under specific conditions, such as defeating the target, landing a critical hit, or striking the target’s weakness. After these conditions have been met, the effects can range from refunding skill costs, adding buffs, removing debuffs, or even applying states.

YEP.022.jpg Instant Cast

Released: 2015.10.30

Instant Cast allows for skills and items to be instantly used after being selected without using up the user’s turn!

YEP.028.jpg Skill Learn System

Released: 2015.11.14

This plugin enables your game’s actors to learn skills from the skill menu. This can be done via either gold, items, or Job Points. It provides the player an alternate way of acquiring skills aside from leveling up.

YEP.178.jpg Skill Mastery Levels

Released: 2019.01.25

In some RPG’s, using skills over and over will result in some form of skill mastery, effectively increasing the damage output, decreasing the cost of said skills, and/or lowering the cooldown duration of the skills, too. This plugin lets you accomplish such by adding in a Skill Mastery Level mechanic.

The Skill Mastery Level mechanic works like such: when an actor or enemy uses a skill in battle, they gain mastery EXP. Once the mastery EXP reaches a certain threshhold, that skill’s mastery level will increase, giving it the desired mastery effects, of which can be increased damage, decreased skill costs, or decreased cooldown duration. Each of these aspects can be adjusted globally or individually from the formula used for the EXP required per level up to the damage increase, cost alteration, or cooldown durations.

Equip Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.010.jpg Equip Core

Released: 2015.10.15

The Equip Core plugins makes quite a few changes for your projects. It affects the equip menu, equipment type handling, equipment rulings, and parameter control.

YEP.083.jpg Equip Core Extension: Change Battle Equip

Released: 2016.03.13

This plugin enables your player to be able to switch out an actor’s equips mid-battle. This will take the player to the Equip menu rather than leave the player inside the battle scene.

YEP.097.jpg Equip Core Extension: Equip Customize Command

Released: 2016.05.01

Games that use the YEP_X_ItemUpgradeSlots, YEP_X_ItemDurability, and YEP_X_AttachAugment plugins may notice that it's not too intuitive to modify items from the item menu when they're equipped to the actors in the equip menu. This plugin will add a "Customize" option to the Equip menu that will function as a shortcut to the Item menu for quick customization access.

YEP.075.jpg Equip Core Extension: Equip Requirements

Released: 2016.02.27

Place restrictions on when an actor can equip a weapon or piece of armor. Set level requirements, stat requirements, switch requirements, and more. This plugin will also provide a separate equipment requirement window to show the player what is needed in order for gear to be equipped.

YEP.063.jpg Weapon Animation

Released: 2016.01.28

Ever wanted to give your swords different images despite being the same sword type? Or how about your axes? Or any weapon? Now you can! On top of that, you can even use custom images to accomplish this.

YEP.051.jpg Weapon Unleash

Released: 2015.12.26

This plugin allows your game to be able to replace the Attack and Guard commands or give them the option of having a skill randomly occur when using them in reference to Golden Sun's Weapon Unleash system!

Status Menu Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.037.jpg Status Menu Core

Released: 2015.12.04

This plugin replaces the Status menu with a whole new layout. Including the function to display more information regarding the actor.

YEP.041.jpg Status Menu Core Extension: Actor Variables

Released: 2015.12.10

This plugin requires the Status Menu Core. Ever wanted to display unique Game Variables into the status menu to portray your actors? Now you can! These variables can come from a global or individual source per actor. Variables listed in the Global Columns found in the parameters will be listed for all actors. Variables defined in the actor noteboxes will be listed for that actor when displayed.

YEP.039.jpg Status Menu Core Extension: Battle Statistics

Released: 2015.12.06

Ever wanted to log the battle statistics of your actors over the course of the entire gameplay? Well, now you can! This bonus plugin requires the Status Menu Core plugin.

YEP.140.jpg Status Menu Core Extension: More Status Menu Pages

Released: 2017.06.02

Sometimes, you’ll want to be able to place more information in each party member’s status menu page. This extension menu allows you to create as many custom pages as you want and insert whatever text inside of them! Use this to create custom backstories, additional information regarding the actors, and more!

This is a collaboration plugin by Tigress and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.048.jpg Status Menu Core Extension: Profile Status Page

Released: 2015.15.20

This plugin requires the Status Menu Core. This plugin adds a new 'Profile' command to the Status Menu where the player can read up on the actor's biography. Pictures can be added in. Text can be updated mid-game, too!

Gameplay Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.013.jpg Auto Passive States

Released: 2015.10.17

Add passive states to your game! They can be innate to actors, classes, appear when a piece of equipment is worn, or after an actor learns a skill! Having a passive state increase gameplay depth by a lot!

YEP.117.jpg Auto Passive States Extension: Passive Aura Effects

Released: 2016.10.08

Passive Aura Effects are commonly found in many online multiplayer games with RPG elements. When a battler can give out an aura, it will affect other nearby battlers, too, either ally and/or foe. This plugin will allow states to generate aura effects for other party members, opponents, or specifically for actor and/or enemy parties.

YEP.161.jpg Auto Passive States Extension: Lunatic Pack - Passive Condition Cases

Released: 2017.12.15

Passive States can be a powerful addition to a game, but if they are always active throughout a battle, they can be a little too powerful. Sometimes, you will want to limit the extent at which your passive states will be active by imposing conditional cases upon them. If all of the passive’s conditional cases have been met, then the passive will become active. This plugin adds a multitude of conditional cases for you to be able to use in your game and limit certain passive states from having their effects active at all times.

YEP.064.jpg Enemy Levels

Released 2016.01.29

This plugin allows enemies to function off of a leveling system. An enemy's level will be increased relative to the player under specific rulings and will increase its stats based on its level.

YEP.147.jpg Enemy Levels Extension: Difficulty Slider

Released: 2017.07.19

Sometimes, players would like to be able to increase or decrease the difficulty of your game at their own accord. The Difficulty Slider becomes a feature accessible from the game’s option menu with this plugin installed. There, the player is able to alter the level of the enemies that appear in battle within a certain range (set by you, the developer).

YEP.139.jpg Enemy Levels Extension: Enemy Base Parameters

Released: 2017.05.31

For those who would like a more formulaic approach to the way to calculate enemy parameters similar to how Class Base Parameters does it, this plugin will allow you a similar way to determine enemy parameters. This can be used to base enemies off of player class stats or even to fine tune each enemy’s own individual stats.

YEP.191.jpg Enemy Levels Extension: Map Enemy Levels

Released: 2019.08.09

For those using the Enemy Levels plugin, you may have noticed that it only allows you to adjust levels based off the party's levels. Wouldn't it be nice if you can set levels based on maps instead? This plugin allows you to do just that. You can set a base level for all the enemies encountered while on this map or a base level range.

YEP.055.jpg Enhanced TP

Released: 2016.01.08

The TP system in RPG Maker MV is rather limiting. A lot of the TP system is hardcoded in giving RPG Maker MV users very little control over how much TP gain a battler can receive from particular actions and situations. This plugin gives you the ability to adjust how much TP battlers will acquire from various actions, different TP modes, and letting players select and pick what TP mode they want for each actor.

YEP.057.jpg Enhanced TP Extension: More TP Modes

Released: 2016.01.10

This is an extension plugin for Enhanced TP. For those who think that 20 TP Modes isn't enough, this will expand the amount of TP Modes for your game by another 20 for each up to a total of 100 TP Modes!

YEP.090.jpg Equip Battle Skills

Released: 2016.04.08

This plugin creates a new gameplay mechanic where players have to choose which skills to bring into battle. They can select what skills to bring from the skill menu. In addition to being able to do that, equipped skills can also add bonuses such as stats and/or passive states.

YEP.106.jpg Equip Battle Skills Extension: Allowed Types

Released: 2016.06.05

For those who are using the Equip Battle Skills plugin, you may have noticed that the 'Skills' command replaces all skill types in the battle command window. For those who'd like to have certain skill types continue working, you can use this plugin to create an exception for it. The skill types found listed in the plugin parameters will be given an exception and will be shown in battle. Any skill that contains the skill type also cannot be equipped in a battle skill slot.

YEP.091.jpg Equip Battle Skills Extension: Equip Skill Tiers

Released: 2016.04.10

This plugin imposes a limit upon actors to limit what skills can be equipped based on tiers. The player must abide by the limits before being able to exit the menu allowing for better control over gameplay balance.

YEP.027.jpg Job Points

Released: 2015.11.13

This plugin by itself will not change any major game functions, but instead, it works in combination with other plugins that make use of this plugin’s functions should you decide to incorporate Job Points into your game.

YEP.029.jpg Party System

Released: 2015.11.20

This plugin replaces the “Formation” command found in the in-game menu with a new scene where the player can adjust the party he or she wants in a more comfortable way.

YEP.108.jpg Party System Extension: Actor Party Switch

Released: 2016.06.17

For games that benefit more from individual party switching, this plugin grants players the ability to switch party members on an individual basis rather than entire parties at a time mid-battle. However, actors that have just switched in and are on cooldown, required for battle, or locked in the party position cannot switch out.

YEP.120.jpg Repel & Lure Encounters


In RPG Maker MV, you can either choose to enable encounters or disable them completely. However, making a system that repels encounters for a certain amount of steps or increase the encounter rate for a certain amount of steps is a whole different matter. This plugin allows you to create ways to repel encounters, generate lures, and the rate at which lures are done.

YEP.054.jpg Row Formation

Released: 2016.01.02

This plugin places party members into row formations to give them distinct advantages based on row location in the form of states for maximum control. Skills and items are capable of moving targets to different row locations.

YEP.173.jpg Stat Allocation

Released: 2018.11.09

Lots of players love to customization in games. It lets them put a bit of a personal touch in the games they like to play, and what a better way to do that than through Stat Allocation? With the Stat Allocation, players can alter the amount of MaxHP, MaxMP, ATK, DEF, etc. through a new resource, AP, which stands for Allocation Points. AP is usually gained through leveling up and is then used to boost stats!

YEP.066.jpg Steal & Snatch

Released: 2016.02.05

Stealing is a commonly used mechanic found in many traditional RPG's. This plugin enables you to replicate that mechanic and add more depth upon it.

Movement Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.124.jpg Move Route Core

Released: 2017.01.21

RPG Maker MV gives us a lot of various commands to use for our Move Routes. However, it still imposes a lot of limitations on the system for what else could still be potentially useful for move route commands. This plugin will provide additional methods to construct move routes for your events and allow you to streamline the move route creation process.

YEP.126.jpg Move Route Core Extension: Extended Move Pack 1

Released: 2017.02.25

This plugin adds extra simplified move routes for your events with the main intention of creating specific behaviors in movement patterns. The patterns include the option to hug a side of the wall and move along that, moving a single direction until coming to a stop, relative opacity adjusting, and index shifting.

YEP.144.jpg Floor Damage

Released: 2017.06.30

For those who would like to make different tiles deal different amount of damage, this plugin will allow you to accomplish such a thing. This way, some tiles can deal more damage than others instead of dealing a static 10 damage each character. In addition to that, you are also able to change the color of the damage flash, too!

Quest Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.152.jpg Quest Journal System

Released: 2017.10.13

A quest journal is a very important tool provided by game developers for the players. It lists various quests, missions, and objectives that the player can pursue in order to progress further into the game. This can be helpful in reminding the player what needs to be done in the event the player can forget what things there are to do in a vast and large RPG world.

WARNING: This plugin is to be used with RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 or above! This is because the MV 1.5.0 editor allows for this plugin to be made in an orderly and efficient manner. Please make sure your RPG Maker MV software is up to date before using this plugin.

YEP.156.jpg Quest Journal System Extension: Map Quest Window

Released: 2017.11.10

This plugin adds a new window to the map scene: a Quest Window to display whatever quest is currently active and its unfinished objectives. This way, the player can conveniently look at the needed quest objectives that are needed to be completed. The player can also set or clear the currently active quest from the Quest Journal System menu.

YEP.153.jpg Quest Journal System Extension: More Quests

Released: 2017.10.20

By default, the YEP_QuestJournal plugin comes with 100 quest entries that you can make and insert into your game. And depending on the RPG being made, 100 quest entries just might not be enough. This plugin is a part of a series of extension plugins made for the Yanfly Engine Plugins Quest Journal System to allow for a higher quest quantity than just 100.

Options Menu Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.165.jpg Options Core

Released: 2018.04.13

The Options Menu can be the one thing that can change how comfortable a player is with your game. Within the Options Menu, the player can alter any given settings to their liking adjusting to their playstyle. By default, settings like 'Always Dash' and 'Command Remember' are included in RPG Maker MV and other plugins made for RPG Maker MV may also add in newer options to the list. However, the menus themselves were always a bit iffy to look at and/or adjust. This plugin gives the Options Menu a visual makeover and full control over what options can be added to the menu to befit your players!

YEP.103.jpg Animated Tile Option

Released: 2016.05.22

Some players may experience lag when walking near animated tiles. This is due to the fact that animated tiles constantly draw, delete, and redraw the tiles every few frames. Unfortunately, due to Pixi2's drawing method, there exists some memory leaks when this kind of drawing occurs. On mobile devices or weak computers with little memory to spare, this can potentially cause some games to crash. The option to enable/disable animated tiles is now in the options menu for players to toggle.

YEP.163.jpg Battle Animation Speed Options

Released: 2018.02.09

Player comfort is a major thing to pay attention to when it comes to designing video games nowadays. RPG’s are no exception either. And inside of RPG’s, the player is usually within a battle a large portion of the time. And for this large portion of the time, players are often waiting for battle animations to finish playing.

This plugin adds in the ability for players to choose how fast they want battle animations to play from inside the options menu. From the default speed, which plays one animation frame per four real frames, to the fastest setting, which plays one animation frame per one real frame, the player now has the option to choose how quickly things progress in battle.

YEP.081.jpg FPS Synch Option

Released: 2016.03.10

RPG Maker MV is constructed in a way where each update to its engine is done once per frame update. While this is normally fine, as many players view the game through 60 fps, some players experience the game differently as their hardware may run at higher than 60 fps. This plugin adds the option in the Options menu for players to choose the setting they want.

Eventing Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.020.jpg Event Chase Player

Released: 2015.10.21

Events have a typically bland movement behavior. They either stand in one place, always chase you, always run from you, move randomly, or always just move in specified patterns. This plugin lets your events suddenly switch from their norm to chasing or fleeing from the player.

YEP.079.jpg Event Chase Player Extension: Event Chase Stealth

Released: 2016.03.05

Grants your player the ability to go Stealth Mode for either a limited set amount of time or an unlimited amount of time. While in Stealth Mode, the player will not alert any events set by the Event Chase Player plugin. This plugin also includes region areas that are considered stealth regions.

YEP.184.jpg Event Click Trigger

Released: 2019.04.19

Ever wanted to be able to click an event and just trigger it immediately without having to have your player character walk all the way up to it to examine it first before triggering it? With this plugin, you can. By setting certain notetags and/or comment tags on specific events, the player can now trigger an event from afar by just clicking on it.

YEP.168.jpg Event Copier

Released: 2018.07.06

Have you ever made an event template to copy and paste from? Good. That’s an efficient way to go about reproducing events that are repeatedly found in your game. But have you ever decided that you suddenly want to make a change to that event… after you’ve copied and pasted it a bunch of times already? Now you’ve gotta go hunt down every single one you’ve copied and replace it. What a pain, right?

Well, the Event Copier will allow you to streamline that process. You make a template event, and any events that will use this plugin’s notetag will copy everything from that event in the most up to date version in-game. This will include the sprite graphics, the self switches (and self variables if you are using those), the conditions, the pages, the event commands, and even the new Notetags. The only things that won’t be copied over will be the ID, X position, and Y position for obvious reasons.

This way, you can streamline your eventing process without having the need to finalize an event before mass producing it.

YEP.105.jpg Event Encounter Aid

Released: 2016.06.03

For those who have on-screen encounters, you may have discovered that making touch encounters in RPG Maker MV to be rather difficult when it comes to performing a sneak attack upon an event or such. This plugin makes the event encounter checking process easier by providing six conditional script calls for you to utilize when checking event vs player positions.

YEP.183.jpg Event Hitbox Resize

Released: 2019.04.05

Events usually have a 1×1 tile-large hitbox. However, in some cases, you’d eventually like to have a bigger object to interact with or would like to expand the reach of an event’s trigger area by a certain amount. This plugin allows you to adjust the sizes of any event’s hitbox through notetags and/or comment tags.

YEP.040.jpg Event Mini Label

Released: 2015.12.08

This plugin lets you place text above the heads of various events using a miniature label through a comment tag. The text used can also use text codes so text, icons, colors, etc. whatever it is, you can use it as a label!

YEP.169.jpg Event Morpher

Released: 2018.08.03

Those familiar with RPG Maker will know that you can change the way events operate through different pages. However, what if you wanted one event to completely change into another, aka morph? By morphing an event into another event, the morphed event will completely replace all of its properties from pages, conditions, event commands, etc. with the event it morphed into.

This can allow for more progressive systems as the player goes through your game. From things like plants to mineral veins to new NPC’s hired to keep a store running afloat, by morphing an event, you give it a new purpose and ongoing functionality.

Furthermore, this plugin allows you to preserve any morphs you want, so that the next time the player loads your game, revisits the map with the morphed event, or simply comes back from battle, the morph changes remain.

YEP.176.jpg Event Proximity Activate

Released: 2018.12.21

In RPG Maker MV, events can only activate when you are either standing next to them or on top of them. There is no activation proximity range that can be used to activate some events from afar. This plugin gives you multiple ways to activate certain events from a distance, through means of a square area around an event, a radius, row-centric, or column-centric. These new activation proximity ranges can be coupled with an event’s triggers: through the Action Button, Player Touch, Event Touch, Autorun, and Parallels giving multitudes of ways to activate events. And these can all be done by simply adding Comment Tags into an event page.

YEP.177.jpg Event Region Trigger

Released: 2019.01.11

In RPG Maker MV, events can only trigger when you are either standing next to them or on top of them. This plugin lets you bind their activation to different events onto regions, making them trigger if the player is standing on the designated region first before talking to them through the Action Button, Player Touch, Event Touch, Autorun, and/or Parallels giving them multitudes of ways to trigger events. All of these can be done by simply adding Comment Tags into an event’s page.

This is different from Region Events, which causes a Common Event to autorun once the player has stepped onto one of those regions. This plugin binds actual map events to regions instead.

YEP.170.jpg Event Spawner

Released: 2018.09.14

While in RPG Maker MV, there’s the ability to make events hidden and reveal themselves to make it look like they’ve spawned out of nothing. However, there isn’t an innate function to actually spawn an event from nothing. This plugin will provide users the ability to actually spawn an event that is premade and ready from another map(s).

A spawned event will contain all the data from its original source, from the event’s page conditions to the event commands to the graphical settings. And should the original source be updated in the future, the spawned event will update as well. Spawned events can also be preserved and remain on the map if the player reenters the map or reloads a save.

YEP.174.jpg Event Sprite Offset

Released: 2018.11.23

Events are bound to their tiles and their sprites are bound to their events. Naturally, this would mean that the sprites would be bound to the tiles, too, but sometimes, we’d like to offset the appearance of sprites so that they don’t look super uniform all of the time. This plugin gives you the ability to offset sprites visually using notetags comment tags.

YEP.196.jpg Event Step Animation Options

Released: 2019.10.18

When setting events to have a stepping animation, RPG Maker MV would animate them with a "ping-pong" format where it will go from frame 0 to 1 to 2 to 1 back to 0. In some cases, devs would like to animate their sprites in a different format, perhaps 0-1-2-0-1-2 or in reverse: 2-1-0-2-1-0. This plugin will also give events the option to spin in place while stepping.

YEP.160.jpg Event Timer Control

Released: 2017.12.08

The event timer is often used for countdown purposes. However, sometimes you would like to have a bit more control over it, such as being able to pause and resume the timer, increase or decrease the seconds, minutes, or even hours on the timer. Don’t want a countdown timer? Why not have it count upwards instead? Experienced Lunatic Mode coders will be able to add in their own plugin commands, too!

YEP.182.jpg Icons on Events

Released: 2019.03.22

Ever wanted to put icons on events and/or the player? With this plugin, you can easily do it through a notetag, comment tag, movement script, or script calls. The icons can be attached to either the target’s head or moved around with buffer values! Placing icons on events can be used for a variety of things, such as puzzles involving holding items or using icons to mark certain objects on the map. The possibilities are endless!

Utility Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.102.jpg Auto Switches

Released: 2016.05.20

This plugin allows you to set switches that are either always enabled or always disabled based on a various conditions. These conditions are here to help enable easier access to determining the lesser frequently seen flags set by the game such as determining if the game is running via debug mode or on a certain type of browser.

YEP.015.jpg Base Troop Events

Released: 2015.10.18

Wanted to place an event in every single battle but copy/pasting it is too inefficient? Now, you can do it using Base Troop Events, where every single battle takes a template of events from the selected troop you want it to!

YEP.061.jpg Button Common Events

Released: 2016.01.23

This plugin enables you to bind common events to the individual buttons on your keyboard. Instead of having the standard Z for OK and X for cancel, you can make other keys work differently. With the exception of important keys that shouldn't be altered, nearly full access is given across the span of the keyboard.

YEP.110.jpg Call Event

Released: 2016.06.24

This is a reproduced method from RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003. It allows the game to call a page’s events as if it were a common event. These events can be drawn from any event on any map within the game.

YEP.098.jpg Common Event Menu

Released: 2016.05.06

The Common Event Menu allows you to create your own custom menu setups. When using it, you can list whatever common events you so wish and generate a menu that when selecting the menu command, it will run the common event. This common event menu setup allows you to utilize a help window, a picture window, and a subtext window to allow for your own personal touch when using the common event window.

YEP.099.jpg Common Event Menu Extension: Common Event Menu Setup Pack 1

Released: 2016.05.08

For those using the Common Event Menu and are rearranging windows around, you may have realized that it can take quite a bit of work to do. This extension plugin contains various setups that come easy for you to make quick menu setups for.

YEP.109.jpg Common Event Menu Extension: Common Event Menu Setup Pack 2

Released: 2016.06.19

For those using the Common Event Menu and are rearranging windows around, you may have realized that it can take quite a bit of work to do. This extension plugin contains various setups that come easy for you to make quick menu setups for. This is the second Common Event Menu Setup Pack, with more options for you to pick from and give your Common Event Menus a nice fresh look fit for each type of menu.

YEP.049.jpg Credits Page

Released: 2015.12.24

This plugin adds a 'Credits' command to the title screen that will bring up a window of a credits page made the way you want. Text codes can be used for the credits page to allow for more customization options. Furthermore, specific entries can be tied to URL's so you can link back to those you've provided credit for!

YEP.077.jpg Dash Toggle

Released: 2016.03.03

RPG Maker MV lacks the ability to toggle dashing on and off. This plugin will enable you to toggle dashing on and off as well as provide certain traits that will inhibit the party leader from being able to dash (such as an extra heavy weapon).

YEP.187.jpg Disable Auto Shadow Extended

Released: 2019.06.07

RPG Maker MV automatically has shadows coming from certain wall tiles. There is no way to turn them off by default. A plugin did come with the DLC pack but it also turned off all shadows regardless. This plugin lets you decide whether or not you want shadows to be on or off by default as well as give you control over whether or not you want to enable/disable shadows for very specific maps and/or tilesets.

YEP.171.jpg Dynamic Title Images

Released: 2018.10.05

Title images can do a lot to give your game a decent first impression. However, when they’re the same thing seen over and over during multiple loads, playthroughs, etc., they can get old pretty fast. This plugin gives you, the game developer, the ability to change the title screen image(s) to whatever you want during any point of the game you want, so that the next time your players return to the title screen, they’ll be treated with something new and refreshing!

YEP.021.jpg External Links

Released: 2015.10.25

Add a way to access your website (or any) from within your game using this plugin! This plugin will also notify the player if the access attempt was also blocked.

YEP.138.jpg Footstep Sounds

Released: 2017.05.26

This plugin gives your player and/or events footsteps when they walk onto tiles. These footsteps made by players and/or events can have different sounds based on regions, tilesets, and/or terrain tags. If footsteps are enabled for events, they can have distance based volumes and pitches to immerse the player further.

This is a collaboration plugin by Chickie and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.046.jpg Gab Window

Released: 2015.12.18

Sometimes there’s random jibber jabber that does not warrant a message box. The Gab Window fulfills that jibber jabber by placing such text outside of the message window box and at the corner of the screen. The gab text will appear briefly and then disappear, not showing up again until the gab text is updated with something else.

YEP.116.jpg Grid-Free Doodads

Released: 2016.09.17

In RPG Maker MV, tilesets are used for mapping purposes. Tileset A is used for drawing land while Tilesets B through E are used to add doodads. But in RPG Maker MV, doodads added by Tilesets B through E are locked to the grid and add a rather unnatural feel to it. This plugin will allow you to break free of the grid and add doodads unbound by the grid. Doodads can come in all forms, from large to small, static and animated, you name it!

YEP.122.jpg Grid-Free Doodads Extension: Extended Doodad Pack 1

Released: 2016.12.17

This plugin allows you to add more options to the settings menu in the doodads editor. This allows you to set the tone for doodads to change them into colors that hues will not allow, the option for doodads to appear under certain switch conditions, whether or not party members have joined.

YEP.134.jpg Help File Access

Released: 2017.04.28

It’s not surprising for streamlined games nowadays to have their own help manuals included with the game or accessible within the game. RPG Maker MV doesn’t provide anything like that by default, unfortunately. However, using this plugin, you can create ways to access the helpfile from within your game through either the F1 key or an in-game menu.

YEP.111.jpg Icon Balloons

Released: 2016.07.09

RPG Maker MV provides us with 15 Balloon Animations to use to allow our events to show emotions with. Sometimes, this just isn't enough. However, this plugin allows you to use icons from your IconSet to extend the number of balloon types you can use.

YEP.185.jpg Key Name Entry

Released: 2019.05.03

Pressing characters one by one for Name Input can be slow and tedious. This plugin allows you to use the keyboard to perform name entry on the Name Input Processing Event. There, players will have full range of their keyboard to enter in character names. If they prefer the manual input, they can click the mouse or press arrow keys on the keyboard to immediately switch the name entry to manual letter entry as well.

YEP.192.jpg Key Number Input

Released: 2019.08.23

The Input Number event in RPG Maker requires players to scroll through each digit in order to pick the number(s) they desire. This is a slow and tedious process that could be sped up by using the keyboard to directly insert the wanted numbers instead. If players use keyboard numbers to insert numbers, they will appear instantly in the Input Number window. Players can also opt for the traditional/default scrolling method using arrow keys as well.

YEP.080.jpg Keyboard Config

Released: 2016.03.06

This plugin allows players to change their keyboard configuration from the in-game Options menu provided that they're using a computer to play the game and not from a mobile device. The "Keyboard Config" option will send the player to a different screen where they can assign actions to each of the allowed keys on the keyboard.

YEP.145.jpg Main Menu Variable Window

Released: 2017.07.07

In RPG Maker MV, the main menu only shows the party's gold as the only currency in the game. However, some games would prefer to display more than just gold in the main menu, of which, may be possibly found in the form of variables. You can do so using this plugin!

This is a collaboration plugin by Tigress and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.036.jpg Map Gold Window

Released: 2015.12.03

Ever wanted to display the gold window and leave it on the map screen for a bit? This plugin will allow you to do that with just a few plugin commands.

YEP.121.jpg Map Select Equip

Released: 2016.12.03

The Select Item event in RPG Maker MV does what it's supposed to: selects an item and then binds the value to a variable. However, it lacks the ability to allow the player to select weapons, armors, or both. This plugin gives you the functionality of selecting an equip and binding the ID of the equip to a variable.

YEP.087.jpg Map Select Skill

Released: 2016.03.27

This plugin produces a window similar to that of the Select Item Window, but instead, it displays a list of skills from a designated actor and the skill type selected. When a skill is selected, it set the chosen variable's value to become that of the picked skill's ID.

YEP.149.jpg Map Status Window

Released: 2017.08.09

This plugin gives you (as the developer) access through plugin commands to opening the party’s status menu on the main map screen, as it is usually seen from the battle system. It will display everything the normal battle status menu usually has and it can also be moved.

YEP.193.jpg Merge Common Events

Released: 2019.09.06

For those using complex eventing systems utilizing Labels and Common Events, you may have noticed that labels in one Common event won't jump to any labels located in the parent Common Event. This plugin makes it so that Common Events with the <Merge> tag in their database name will import all child Common Events ran from it and merge it into the current list as if the Common Events have consolidated into one. By doing such a thing, Labels become connected through the parent Common Event and can interact with each other instead of just of just the Common Event instance itself before.

YEP.142.jpg Music Menu

Released: 2017.06.16

This plugin adds a new menu that you can send the player into. In it, the player will be able to play any songs previously encountered within the game that you allow them to be able to play. You can set the filename, display name of the song, the volume, pitch, pan, and even the help description for when the song will be replayed.

This is a collaboration plugin by Chickie and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.194.jpg Optimize Script Calls

Released: 2019.09.20

Script Calls, whether they're for setting variables, conditional branches, or actual script calls themselves, can run into performance issues when a lot of them are ran in succession. This plugin will optimize script call usage found inside common events and make them dedicated functions instead for better performance.

This is only done for Common Events, as with Map Events and Troop Events, the event list would be generated on the spot and not something that will continue to be stored in cache the moment the player leaves the map or ends the battle. This also doesn't apply to Move Route script calls to maintain compatibility with Move Route Core.

YEP.200.jpg Patch Notes

Released: 2019.10.30

This plugin grants your players the ability to access Patch Notes from the game itself. Being able to tell your players what you've changed from inside the game can make all the difference in the player experience. This plugin lets players access Patch Notes from the title screen, the main menu, or from a Plugin Command ran inside the game.

YEP.088.jpg Picture Common Events

Released: 2016.04.01

Pictures can function as something other than just a visual for your game. They can sometimes serve as UI elements or more! However, what they don’t have the ability to inherently do is to call upon common events when clicked on by the mouse. With this plugin, the pictures bound to a common event will become usable when clicked or touched!

YEP.198.jpg Picture Spritesheets

Released: 2019.10.30

In RPG Maker 2003, pictures had the ability to load spritesheets and display certain frames from them at the issue of a command. Ever since then, later iterations of RPG Maker lacked the feature. This plugin will bring back that old feature and give you access to use spritesheets as pictures once more with complete frame control.

YEP.052.jpg Region Battlebacks

Released: 2015.12.27

This plugin will allow you to alter the battlebacks used by default for the overworld in addition to bind specific battlebacks to specific tiles on the map through usage of regions.

YEP.017.jpg Region Events

Released: 2015.10.19

Apply common events to specified regions! Simply by stepping on a tile marked by that region will trigger a specific common event!

YEP.018.jpg Region Restrictions

Released: 2015.10.20

Don’t like having NPC’s wandering into places they don’t belong? Feel like the player shouldn’t have access to certain parts of the map? The Region Restrictions plugin lets you do just that by simply planting regions onto the map to prevent those nosy events from going to places they shouldn’t.

YEP.118.jpg Region Restrictions Extension: Vehicle Restrictions

Released: 2016.10.22

This plugin expands region restrictions (and allowed regions) to vehicles. On top of that, you can designate specific regions for vehicles to land in. This way, you can make it so that small boats cannot traverse certain bodies of water, land in only certain spots, etc. that ships can or vice versa! Add a bit more variety to the way vehicles are handled for your game!

YEP.019.jpg Save Event Locations

Released: 2015.10.21

NPC’s often reset their map locations when a player reenters a map. However, you can change that using this plugin by having the game save their event locations!

YEP.141.jpg Scale Sprites

Released: 2017.06.09

Sometimes we want to use sprites from different sizes other than 48×48 for our standard sprites. But sometimes, we’d also like to scale them from the actual size they’re at, too. For example, if your sprite would be 128×128 tall and you want it to appear 48×48 in-game, this plugin will let that effect happen.

YEP.199.jpg Script Call Plugin Commands

Released: 2019.10.30

Have you ever came across the odd situation where you wanted to use a Plugin Command during a script call or Lunatic Mode code? This plugin will help facilitate the process in doing so by creating a new function for you to use in JavaScript that will transcribe the Plugin Command string and run it during a script call.

YEP.148.jpg Sectioned Gauges

Released: 2017.07.21

Sections are divided up into percentile parts of the gauge allowing for the player to easily read the percentile value of an HP, MP, or TP gauge.

Plain old gauges can be kind of hard to read when they're a bit too long. Make them more visually friendly by sectioning them up so the player has a better idea of how much of a battler's HP, MP, or TP is left. You can set how many sections you want for the gauges, too.

This is a collaboration plugin by Tigress and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

YEP.151.jpg Segmented Gauges

Released: 2017.08.11

Segments are divided up depending on a specific flat value amount, allowing for the player to guess the exact value of an HP, MP, or TP gauge. This is because normally, gauges can be kind of hard to read when they're a bit too long. Make them more visually friendly by segmenting them up so the player has a better idea of how much of a battler's HP, MP, or TP is left. You can set much value will be used per segment, too.

This is a collaboration plugin by Tigress and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library and with special thanks to Fragrarch for an idea on how to approach this.

YEP.062.jpg Slippery Tiles

Released: 2016.01.24

This plugin enables you to set which tiles are slippery tiles through either regions or notetags. To use regions, change the parameter setting to which region ID you would like to associate with a slippery tile.

YEP.068.jpg Smart Jump

Released: 2016.02.07

For those that may have made their own Jump system before with events, you may have come across the problem of being able to jump off the map, into places you're not supposed to go, or even on top of events that shouldn't be allowed to go on top of. This plugin helps faciliate eventing a Jump system for your RPG Maker game by introducing Smart Jumps.

YEP.035.jpg Stop Map Movement

Released: 2015.12.01

A feature that was removed from RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003 was the Stop Event Movement event. This event prevented events from automatically moving by themselves, so they don’t intrude on cutscenes, catch up to the player during messages, etc.

YEP.045.jpg Swap Enemies

Released: 2015.12.17

This plugin allows you to have an enemy be a basic randomizing swap dummy for other enemies. Insert enemy ID’s of other enemies inside of the swap notetag and those enemies will take place of the swap monster at the start of a battle.

YEP.188.jpg Test Play Assist

Released: 2019.06.21

Test playing your game can be quite time consuming. Each second you spend on the title screen, each time you accidentally picked Continue instead of New Game, the time it takes to turn on the FPS counter, and more. While each of these take little time on their own, the amount of extra time wasted adds up fast. This plugin will give you access to various features that will aim to help you save more time when it comes to test playing your game. These features will only occur during test play and will not run in finalized versions of the game.

YEP.172.jpg Touch Input Disabler

Released: 2018.10.19

Sometimes, we just want to disable the mouse and touch controls for our games. This small plugin lets you control just which parts of the mouse and touch controls you want to disable out of everything available.

Everything related to the mouse/touch input is disabled by the default plugin parameters. Change the settings to fit your game. If a setting is on/true, then the mouse/touch input for that setting will be enabled.

YEP.133.jpg Utility Common Events

Released: 2017.04.21

Sometimes, we’d like a little bit more control over the kinds of things that occur during certain aspects of our RPG Maker projects. What could have been easily done through common events is made more difficult because there are no proper triggers to activate those common events. This plugin enables certain triggers to occur from loading a game, winning a battle, escaping a battle, and more.

Misc Plugins

It is highly recommended that you place these plugins inside your Plugin Manager in the order shown on this page.

YEP.150.jpg Dragonbones Integration

Released: 2017.08.04

DragonBones allows your games to use skeletal animation, a type of computer animation in which a character (or object) is represented by skins/textures and a digital set of interconnected bones (called the skeleton). Using a set of instructions, the game will create animations based off these skins, skeletons, and instructions to create beautifully smooth and light-weight movements.

This plugin, made by TheGreenKel, and collaborated with Yanfly, will allow you to use skeletal animations made by DragonBones for your battle system! This means that with skeletal animation, you can make your battles look extremely fluid, more flexible animations outside of only 3 frames per motion, more than 18 possible motions, get rid of sprite based resources for faster loading times, and smaller file sizes for your games! In other words, there's practically no drawback to using it provided you have the resources.

This is a collaboration plugin by TheGreenKel and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

Click here for downloading plugins from a directory tree.

The Wall of Thanks

Special Thanks

There’s some pretty special people out there I would like to thank:

Archeia – Thank you for letting me into beta for RPG Maker MV. Always keeping me updated and figuring things out together to make this the best RPG Maker yet. Let’s walk together towards success.

FlyingDream – Thank you for all you’ve done to me. You have a very special place in my heart and I’ll never be able to get as far as I did without you supporting me from behind like always. When it comes to support, you’re second to none. We had a lot of wonderful moments together that I’ll never ever forget for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Rukaroa – Thank you for always staying a wonderful friend and giving me so many ideas to work with. It’s always a blast to work together with you.

Ækashics – Working together with you is such a fun experience especially with all your zany ideas and wonderful concepts! Looking forward to doing more with you!

I would love to give a special THANK YOU for the following supporters:

8BitBartabas, 99potions, A Sloth, A. 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