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This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MV.

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Masterarbeit Writer

Yanfly Engine Plugins

This plugin is a part of the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.


This plugin adds a 'Credits' command to the title screen that will bring up
a window of a credits page made the way you want. Text codes can be used
for the credits page to allow for more customization options. Furthermore,
specific entries can be tied to URL's so you can link back to those you've
provided credit for!


In the plugin's parameters, where it says Line x Text, this is how the text
will appear. Using text codes here will cause the credits page to write it
out with text code properties.

If you provide a URL with the Line x URL entry, then this specific entry
will open up a new window that will link the player to the specified URL.
This is optional. If nothing is used, no linking will occur.

If an entry is left blank, it will be skipped. If you wish to leave an
empty line, provide at least one space ' ' in the text entry.

Plugin Commands


Plugin Commands are event commands that are used to call upon functions added by a plugin that aren't inherently a part of RPG Maker MV.

Here is a list of Plugin Command(s) that you may use:

For those who wish to display the credits window from the map scene during
the middle of your game, you can now do so with a plugin command!

Plugin Command:

  - Opens the credit window from in-game during the map scene. This will
  cause the player and events to be unable to move.


Version 1.02:
- Added new plugin command 'OpenCreditsWindow'.

Version 1.01:
- Updated for RPG Maker MV version 1.5.0.

Version 1.00:
- Finished Plugin!