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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from, Æ,
VisuStella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.



Wassup! I'm a former Ren'Py user who's moving to RPG Maker MV to make visual novels in that instead! Be sure to follow me! I'm currently collaborating with Fallen Angel Olivia in making plugins for RPG Maker MV!

Terms of Use

You are only allowed to use the plugins made by Atelier Irina if you agree to all of the following:

  1. These plugins may be used in free or commercial games.
  2. 'RPG Maker Irina' must be given credit in your games.
  3. You are allowed to edit the code.
  4. Do NOT change the filename, parameters, and information of the plugin.
  5. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these Plugins.
  6. You may NOT take code for your own released Plugins.

Free Plugins

The following is a list of plugins that are free to download.

Auto Message Colors

This plugin automatically causes the messages that can use text codes to automatically color keywords to depict importance so you don't have to manually type in \c[3]Important\c[0] every time you want to draw attention to something. This helps those who want to make their keywords consistent throughout their game as well as makes it easier to simply offload text into RPG Maker MV without having to go through and highlight everything manually.

Warning: This will not work in text that does not make use of text codes simply because that kind of drawn text does not support color changes through the \c[x] text code to begin with.

Performance Upgrade

This is a "plugin" of mostly performance upgrades shifts away from the usage of bitmap functions to WebGL and PIXI for better performance. Results may vary from computer to computer as PIXI alternatives depend highly on the PC's GPU. For those that this does affect, expect less lag spikes from many things like hue changes for enemies and animations, entering the main menu, or constant pixel grabs from the window skin.

Anti-Audio Delay

When playing audio in RPG Maker MV events, there's a small delay when the audio loads to when it's actually played. This can make some scenes lose impact where an emotional piece of music is supposed to be played, but it gets delayed instead and ruins the moment.

What this plugin does is go through the currently running event's command list by a certain amount and loads ahead of time the audio files it finds. This way, the audio files are ready by the time the event runs, making it transition smoothly.

This plugin does not preload and store audio files forever because that's a very quick way to get your game client to crash when it consumes more memory than the player's computer can handle. Instead, it will save a designated amount of audio files in its cache to keep them ready in case they're reused but will flush them out of memory when the limit has been reached. This is to ensure that memory doesn't overflow and crash the game.

The following is a list of plugins that cost money to download and use.

Action Cutin

This RPG Maker MV plugin lets you add action cutins display actor and enemy faces in a cutout box with speedlines going through the back. It can be used inside and outside of battle provided that you use the right notetags and/or script calls with them. It can be used to put emphasis on which actor or enemy is currently performing an action or it can be solely used for very strong attacks. The choice is yours.

You will be able to customize how action cutins look for each facet of a skill or item or even make templates when used with multiple battlers at a time. You can also choose what graphic to use for each actor/enemy when a cutin appears, as well as the scaling, the offsets, and anti-aliasing.

Those who lack the time and/or ability to make their own graphics for cutins, don't worry. This plugin will automatically convert face graphics and enemy graphics* into a usable form for cutin effects as it will work right out of the box as long as you download the Speedlines graphic that comes with this plugin.

  • Note: The automatic conversion will not be applied to animated Dragonbones battlers because that's a whole different animal to tackle and you're better off using still graphics for that.
Action Sequence Fast Forward/Skip

Battle Action Sequences are lots of fun to watch. But for all players alike, seeing the same long-drawn out Battle Action Sequences for the hundredth time will get old. This plugin gives players the ability to fast forward or skip entire Battle Action Sequeneces altogether and show that you, as a game developer, respects the player's time and decision on how they wish to play your game.

You could change the buttons to perform these actions, but from the plugin's default settings, you could fast forward by holding down the designated OK button (Z or Space on keyboard or holding the left mouse button down). To toggle Auto-Fast Forward, pressing Page Up or Q can do that or by pressing the Fast Forward button on the screen.

If you haven't changed the button setup, skipping animations can be done by holding down the designated Cancel Button (X or Escape on keyboard by the right mouse button). To toggle Auto-Skip Forward, pressing Page Down or W will toggle the Auto-Skip Forward feature or by pressing the Skip Forward button on the screen.

Action Sequence Impact

This plugin adds new Action Sequences to Yanfly's Battle Engine Core (so make sure you have that plugin and the Action Sequence Packs installed) to add a couple of new effects such as balloons, move adjustments, easings, projectiles, and if you have Olivia's Battle Impact plugin, the special impact effects, too!

This plugin is made compatible with Olivia's Battle Impact plugin.

Animated Loading Image

The loading image for RPG Maker MV is static, meaning when a game freezes, it's hard to tell if it's still going or not. Having an animated loading image not only tells the player if the game is frozen, it also looks better, and can distract the player from the actual wait time. This plugin lets you make a spritesheet animation to use as your loading image.

Collectible Card Game

This product is a series of plugins and a sample project. It offers you the ability to create a collectible card game in your RPG Maker MV projects as either a mini-game or as its primary focus, whichever one suits you better.

The first plugin provides the core of the collectible card system and booster pack openings. The plugin generates these cards in template form in-game, which means that you do not have to create the card entirely each time, providing only the image of card art at bare minimum. The plugin's template structure will do the rest of the work, including animating them, putting stats where they have to go, and adding in the card text. Booster packs allow your players to open up packs of cards in an entirely new scene with rarity structure control, to let you, the game dev, determine what are the contents of your booster packs. If you don't wish to have a card game and just want collectible cards, this is the only plugin you need out of this set.

The second plugin provides a deck builder, to be used with the third plugin, the game mechanics. The deck builder has been custom made to provide players an efficient way to manage and edit their decks, as well as provide ways for them to customize them outside of card content, such as deck sleeves and boxes. Players are able to name their decks, order them however they want, and even favorite them. What's more is that the deck builder also supports multiple rulesets, if your game happens to allow for that in-game. The scene is also fully customize-able through the plugin parameters, allowing you to change up how it looks to suit your own tastes.

The third plugin provides the functions needed to make a card game playable and nothing more. It will not provide the structure for the card game itself. Why not? That's because the sample project will provide that. The card game's battle structure is evented inside a series of common events, allowing you, the game dev, to modify it however you want, ranging from making your own custom rules for it, or changing up how damage calculations are done. The plugin will provide a plethora of functions to let you shape up how the mechanics can work in the game, along with tons of customization as far as visuals go.

The sample project will provide you assets for your card templates, 126 cards made and ready, each with their own custom card effects, a fully evented card game battle system free for you to modify, and a group of opponents to test your mettle against to let you, the game dev, get a feel for the card game itself.

Dragonbones Event Pictures

This plugin enables the ability to attach Dragonbones armatures to evented picture commands and play animations with them. The Dragonbones armatures can then be moved, scaled, have their properties changed through the Move Picture, Rotate Picture, Tint Picture, Erase Picture event commands.

Dragonbones Map Sprites

The plugin enables the ability to attach Dragonbones armatures to characters on the map to use as map sprites and animate them through plugin commands or movement Script Calls. Dragonbones map sprites can (optional) have unique animations for standing idle, walking, dashing, jumping, and/or climbing as well as (also optional) unique animations for each direction.

Real Time System

This plugin adds a real time system to your game. Assigned variables will automatically update based on values detected from the game client's NodeJS Date function. This effectively gives you the ability to create events that trigger off real time changes as long as you set up the variables and switches to do so.

Recruiting Board

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that lets you create a recruiting board for actors. Actors can be hired to enter your team at a cost and can be retired for some of the deposit back. The recruiting board will be made into an in-game scene which displays a list of the actors you can recruit, their current stats, and a list of available skills.

Tool Ring System

This plugin adds in a Tool Ring System into your game, which your players can access to switch their active tool. Tools, when used, will launch a designated Common Event to allow your players to perform various tasks.

The Tool Ring System can be accessed by players using the "A" button on the keyboard (or anything you wish to designate it to). There are a total of 8 slots that can be equipped and each can be easily accessed by pressing a direction upon opening the Tool Ring System.

The active tool can be used via the "SPACE" bar (or whatever you wish).

Unison Attack

If two characters happen to pick the right combination of skills during battle, they can perform a Unison Attack! Unison Attacks are predetermined in the database and require specific combinations of skills to work. This can come in the form of dual techs, triple techs, quadra techs, etc.

Note: This plugin requires Yanfly's Battle Engine Core and can only be used with DTB or other battle systems that queue up skills, such as the Default Battle System. The reason this cannot be used with other battle systems like ATB, CTB, STB, or OTB is because those battle systems are unable to queue up skills, which are required for Unison Attacks.

Visual Novel Busts

This plugin adds bust support to RPG Maker MV's message system. You can control all bust functions from either the Show Text event command itself or through Script Calls. This plugin supports one bust on the Message Window and ten other busts on the screen behind it.

Busts can move, fade in and out, change opacity, slide in and out, mirror themselves, change scale, and have tones applied to them. While some of these options can be done through Show Picture event commands, having too many pictures on the screen can cause performance dips. By making busts separate sprites from pictures, there are less issues, too.