Official Statement from Yanfly Regarding Porting of Plugins

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People outside of the VisuStella team are forbidden from porting over plugins from the Yanfly Engine Plugins library for RPG Maker MV to RPG Maker MZ.

This is a direct violation of the Terms of Service found here.

If you cannot abide by these terms, please delete the Yanfly Engine Plugins library from your computer and all of your game projects.

The Yanfly Engine Plugins library is NOT under MIT License. You cannot redistribute it outside of the scope of your game.

This includes porting. Porting and the act of sharing the ports is a form of redistribution when outside of the scope of your game.

That form of redistribution is against the Terms of Use that you've agreed to upon downloading and using my plugins.

This is not hard to understand.

Regarding obfuscation:

Yes, it's obfuscated. Why? To prevent theft.

Not only that, many of the VisuStella MZ plugins contain code that are also used and borrowed from the programmers contracted to work on them. The code is also shared by their commercial products. The obfuscation is also there to protect their code as well. I have no plans to jeopardize the livelihoods of my team members. Releasing the unobfuscated code is directly betraying their trust and I, as their team leader, have no intentions of violating this trust.

If you plan on using the VisuStella library to learn how to code, then I recommend a better source: Codecademy

  • It's free.
  • It has game development courses.
  • It's free.
  • It teaches actual JavaScript.
  • It's free.
  • It's how some of the programmers on my team learned JavaScript in the first place.
  • Did I mention it's free?

And since people are spinning on what I've promised in my retirement video, here is a link to it again.

Here are the promised conditions:

The plugins that those coders, hired by Archeia, produces must adhere to the following: there MUST be free versions of the plugins available to the public containing core essential RPG mechanics. Luxuries and fluff (decided by them) are allowed to be placed behind a monetization option if so wish, BUT only if that profit gained by those created plugins will be reused in some way, shape, or form back into the betterment of RPG Maker itself. This does not necessarily have to be in the form of plugins as it will be their call.

I have kept my promise of keeping the core essential RPG mechanics free for RPG Maker MZ.

I have NEVER made a promise to keep the plugin library open source. Anyone who claims I have, please review the video again. YouTube does not allow its content creators to go back and reupload videos with the same address. This video is raw proof that no promises have made to keep it open source.

Furthermore, RPG Maker MZ comes with 61 plugins in its DLC folder. All created by prolific plugin developers from Japan. These are famous names, too. Almost every single Japanese RPG Maker game uses their work and it's definitely worth looking into. If you absolutely NEED to look at someone else's plugins in order to learn how to develop games, you can use theirs as reference. They are doing as good of a job as VisuStella MZ is in creating plugins. The resources are already available to you. Ignoring them is simply disrespectful to the other plugin developers who have spent their time to develop these plugins for you for free to use upon MZ's launch.

If you want to make edits to the Yanfly Engine Plugins so that they can be compatible for RPG Maker MZ, you can do it while still following the Terms of Use:

If you use the plugins in their current form, with all the credits and such attached, you can use them with edits. They will not be considered ports, but they will still be considered the original plugins. Redistribution of the edits outside of the scope of your game is forbidden as that conflicts with the Terms of Use.

But otherwise, edit away!

Good luck!