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This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MV.

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Masterarbeit Writer

Yanfly Engine Plugins

This plugin is a part of the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.


Normally in RPG Maker MV, leaving a map and returning to it will reset the
map positions of all the events. For certain types of maps, such as puzzles,
you would want the map to retain their locations.



RPG Maker MV's editor is unable to allow for custom traits/properties that a game dev may wish to associate with a database object, event, map, etc. Notetags are used to work around such limitations by allowing the game dev to tag certain traits/properties using specific Notetags declared by the related plugin.

Here is a list of Notetag(s) that you may use.


Map Notetag:
  <Save Event Locations>
  This will cause the map to save every event's location on that map. After
  leaving and returning to that map, the events will be reloaded onto their
  last saved positions in addition to the direction they were facing.

Event Notetag:
  <Save Event Location>
  This will enable this specific event to save its location on this map.
  After leaving and returning to the map, the event will be reloaded onto
  its last saved position in addition to the direction it was facing.

If you wish to reset the position of the Event, simply use the Event Editor
and use "Set Event Location" to anchor the event's location to the desired
point as if you would normally.

Plugin Commands


Plugin Commands are event commands that are used to call upon functions added by a plugin that aren't inherently a part of RPG Maker MV.

Here is a list of Plugin Command(s) that you may use:

Plugin Command
  - This resets all the event locations on the map.


Version 1.06:
- Fixed an issue where using an event to instantly move an event would not
save the event's location.

Version 1.05:
- Fixed a bug where if an event whose location is to be saved starts with a
direction other than down, the direction would be overwritten when loaded.

Version 1.04:
- Updated the <Save Event Location> to save an event's direction even if it
didn't move.

Version 1.03:
- Fixed a bug where reset locations would not save properly.

Version 1.02:
- Fixed a bug where battles would reset saved location notetags.

Version 1.01:
- Fixed an incompatibility with the Set Event Location event command.

Version 1.00:
- Finished plugin!