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This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MV.

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Yanfly Engine Plugins

This plugin is a part of the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.


This plugin allows you to set custom cursors when selecting allies and/or
enemies for targeting while in battle. This is to help with better visual
cues when picking a target if the flashing battler isn't enough.


Cursor Filenames

Save your cursor into your game project's img/pictures folder. This will be
where your project will get all of its pictures from.

The filename plays an important role in the way the cursors work. It will be
used to determine the number of frames used by the cursor. It will work in
the following format:


Therefore, when using 'Crystal_Blue_4x2', it means there will be 4 frames
usable from left to right and 2 frames usable from top to bottom. It will
have a width of 4 frames and a height of 2.

If the format isn't used, then the dimensions will default to 1x1.



RPG Maker MV's editor is unable to allow for custom traits/properties that a game dev may wish to associate with a database object, event, map, etc. Notetags are used to work around such limitations by allowing the game dev to tag certain traits/properties using specific Notetags declared by the related plugin.

Here is a list of Notetag(s) that you may use.


You can use the following notetags to adjust the cursor settings for your
actors and enemies.

Actor and Enemy Notetags:

  <Battle Select Cursor: filename>
  - This will change the filename of the cursor image used for this actor or
  enemy when selected. The same rules apply as the ones listed in the
  Instructions - Cursor Filenames section of the help file.

  <Battle Select Cursor Anchor X: Left>
  <Battle Select Cursor Anchor X: Center>
  <Battle Select Cursor Anchor X: Right>
  <Battle Select Cursor Anchor Y: Top>
  <Battle Select Cursor Anchor Y: Middle>
  <Battle Select Cursor Anchor Y: Bottom>
  - These notetags determine where the origin point of the cursor sprite
  should be.

  <Battle Select Cursor Position X: Left>
  <Battle Select Cursor Position X: Center>
  <Battle Select Cursor Position X: Right>
  <Battle Select Cursor Position Y: Top>
  <Battle Select Cursor Position Y: Middle>
  <Battle Select Cursor Position Y: Bottom>
  - These notetags determine where the select cursor will appear on the
  actor or enemy when targeting them.


Version 1.04:
- Updated for RPG Maker MV version 1.5.0.

Version 1.03:
- Updated plugin to keep the battle select cursor on top of animated enemies
from the YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies plugin.

Version 1.02:
- Optimized plugin to use less resources.

Version 1.01a:
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash if an actor leaves mid-battle.
- Fixed a documentation error for the notetags.