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This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MV.

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Yanfly Engine Plugins

This plugin is a part of the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.


Plugin Commands are one of the more useful additions to RPG Maker MV from
its previous iterations. They offer the ability to launch custom plugin
functions without the structural complexity of script calls. However, the
Plugin Commands themselves aren't too flexible as the values inserted into
the command strings tend to be fixed. This plugin allows you to use
variables and switches to make the Plugin Commands values more flexible.


When you make a Plugin Command event that you'd like for data to become more
dynamic and/or flexible, use the following Plugin Command replacement codes
to produce new effects:



 - Replaces v[x] with the value of variable x.


 Quest Add v[8]
 - YEP_QuestJournal's Quest Add x Plugin Command will now use variable 8 to
 determine which quest to add.

 gainJp v[11] v[12]
 - YEP_JobPoints's gainJp actorId jp Plugin Command will use variable 11 to
 determine the actorId to give variable 12's value as JP to add to.



 {s[x] ? OnText : OffText}
 - Replaces everything inside the { } brackets depending on Switch x.
 If Switch x is ON, then it will be replaced with the 'OnText' string.
 If Switch x is OFF, then it will be replaced with the 'OffText' string.


 EventTimer {s[1] ? Pause : Resume}
 - YEP_EventTimerControl's EventTimer Plugin Command will now Pause if
 Switch 1 is ON or Resume if Switch 1 is OFF.

 ForceAdvantage {s[2] ? Preemptive : Surprise}
 - YEP_ForceAdvantage's ForceAdvantage Plugin Command will give the player
 a preemptive strike if Switch 2 is ON or give the enemy a surprise attack
 advantage if Switch 2 is OFF.



 You can combine both the variable and switches together for more complex
 Plugin Commands using both types.


 ShowIconBalloon v[15] on {s[5] ? Player : Event v[16]}
 - YEP_IconBalloons's ShowIconBalloon x on y Plugin Command will now show
 an icon based on Variable 15 on the Player if Switch 5 is ON. If Switch 5
 is OFF, then it will show the icon on an event determined by Variable 16.

 Quest v[20] {s[10] ? Show : Hide} Reward v[21]
 - YEP_QuestJournal's Quest x Show/Hide Reward y Plugin Command will have
 a quest affected by Variable 20 change its reward settings to Show or Hide
 based on Switch 10. The reward ID changed is based on Variable 21.



Version 1.00:
- Finished Plugin!