How to Get Animation Frame Durations

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Ever wanted to figure out how many frames an animation is? You probably know that in RPG Maker MV, the animation frames listed in the database don't equal the wait duration in the game. Or in RPG Maker MZ, the Effekseer animations don't even have durations listed at all. Here's how to figure them out.

This will be a TL;DR article without all the fluff text.

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Step 1: Create New Event


First, create a new event.

Step 2: Set Variable


Next, create a Control Variable event command with this as the Script value:


Make sure Set is selected.

Step 3: Play Animation


Next, make the event play the animation you want to time.

Make sure Wait for Completion is checked.

Step 4: Subtract Variable


Next, create a Control Variable event command with this as the Script value:


Make sure Sub(tract) is selected.

Step 5: Invert Variable Value


Follow that up with another Control Variant event command and Multiply it by -1.

Step 6: Show Message


Finally, create a Show Message displaying the variable value with the variable code listed:

Duration: \V[20]

Final Event


◆Control Variables:#0020 Temporary Variable 20 = Graphics.frameCount
◆Show Animation:Player, Fire One 1 (Wait)
◆Control Variables:#0020 Temporary Variable 20 -= Graphics.frameCount
◆Control Variables:#0020 Temporary Variable 20 *= -1
◆Text:None, None, Dim, Bottom
:    :
:    :Duration: \V[20]

This is what the final event should look like.

Test It Out

Time to play test.


Yay, it works!

I recommend you put this event somewhere in a debug room for quick access in case you ever have to figure out the full frame durations of many different animations.


That's it. Nothing terribly special or verbose. Just some quick get it out of the way stuff for people who know their way around RPG Maker and just want to get things done.

End of Article

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