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Most Popular VisuStella MZ Plugins by Yanfly

2023 November 7

Have you ever wondered which plugins are VisuStella MZ's most popular plugins? And possibly, how this popularity changed from Yanfly Engine Plugins? Well, I figured that since it's been years since RPG Maker MZ's and VisuStella MZ's launch, we can do some number comparisons.

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Yanfly's Life Hacks for RPG Maker Devs by Yanfly

2024 April 25

Yanfly gives some "life hacks" for RPG Maker devs. Learn tricks like utilizing emojis to quickly identify things, utilizing label sprite sheets, what kinds of debug items to create to speed up testing, collapsing long and/or already done event lists, in-client to-do lists, test-only events, as well as a bunch of useful script calls that Yanfly has personally made.

Yanfly's Advice for RPG Maker Plugin Developers by Yanfly

2024 April 3

Yanfly gives some advice for future aspiring plugin developers.

Virus Detected on Plugins by Irina

2024 March 15

Windows' recent update has started picking up VisuStella MZ and other RPG Maker MZ plugins as viruses due to its new machine learning algorithm. Read this article to see how you can resolve it and how to check if the files are actually filled with viruses or not.

Inspiration Behind Grande by Yanfly

2024 February 24

This series, the Grande plugins, is the grand finale for VisuStella MZ. Its main focus is to provide the extra customization options for actors and battles while being compatible with everything else in the library. In a way, it's not far off to say that it's more of a "wrap up" series than a cohesively themed one, but nonetheless, that's what Grande is.

Inspiration Behind Wanderlust Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2024 January 29

We did not expect to make another Wanderlust volume, but here we are. We decided there's more ways to add wonder and emotion to the game through these plugins.

Timed Hits with Action Sequences by Arisu

2024 January 25

Here's how you can create Timed Hits using the VisuStella MZ Battle Core and QTE and Trigger System plugins through Action Sequences! Includes ways for both the player to attack enemies with and to defend from enemies with.

Inspiration Behind Custom Construct Volume 4 by VisuStella MZ

2024 January 2

Custom Construct Volume 4 closes out the Custom Construct series, a series about creating your own custom systems for your game(s) in creative ways. QTE & Trigger System allow for more gameplay aspects to utilize, Event Signals adds new ways to proc event actions, and Dice Rolls & RNG Seeds allow your players and you to have control over the random nature of your games.

EventPopupTut 4.gif
Event Popup Tips and Tricks by Arisu

2023 December 15

Since the version 1.55 update of Events and Movement Core, you can use the new Plugin Command called "Event Popup", which creates text above specific targets like the player character or an event, and move it. This feature is made by none other than yours truly, Arisu! There's many applications in which this can be used, but only if you change the way it's used. Let's take a look at them! This article will show you how to use popups to display Quick Messages, indicate Obtained Items, giving gifts to NPC's, and throwing items across the map.

Most Popular VisuStella MZ Plugins by Yanfly

2023 November 7

Have you ever wondered which plugins are VisuStella MZ's most popular plugins? And possibly, how this popularity changed from Yanfly Engine Plugins? Well, I figured that since it's been years since RPG Maker MZ's and VisuStella MZ's launch, we can do some number comparisons.

Inspiration Behind Merchant Manager Volume 4 by VisuStella MZ

2023 October 30

Merchant Manager Volume 4 is the final volume of the Merchant Manager series and is focused around adding new features and aesthetics for your game's shop keepers.

Inspiration Behind Combat Crusaders Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2023 October 4

The Combat Crusaders Volume 2 plugins, like with volume 1, are centered around making combat more interactive! Only this time, we aim this interaction at using skills in conjunction with items! Item Throw Skills, Item Concoction Skills, and Item Amplify Skills all focus around having items interact with skills to produce new effects!

Inspiration Behind Dungeon Divers Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2023 September 2

The Dungeon Divers Volume 2 plugins, like with volume 1, are centered around dungeon diving. This time, we focus more on the more mechanical aspects alongside replayability. Replayability here means either subsequent playthroughs or even revisiting already completed content. Also, these focus on providing a different experience for each player, so that whether you're playing or watching someone else stream these games, the experience will be unique.

Inspiration Behind Visual Novel Volume 4 by VisuStella MZ

2023 July 29

The fourth volume of the Visual Novel series focuses on adding voice acting to your games. These is via Voice Acting Control, Battle Voices, and Side Chatter to add that extra audio layer of immersion.

Inspiration Behind Enchanted Explorers Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2023 July 1

We wanted to do more plugins that add life to the adventurer and allow developers to express creativity through their maps, events, and characters. This lead to the creation of the plugins made for the Enchanted Explorers volume 2. Sometimes, being able to convey intent through passive means, either through visuals or text, can do a lot to bring out the wonders of a game's world.

Inspiration Behind Battle Technician Volume 4 by VisuStella MZ

2023 May 27

The plugins found in Battle Technician Volume 4 all center around skills. They are all also plugins that Yanfly has created in the past, either with Yanfly Engine Plugins or an earlier iteration of the Yanfly Engine script libraries. These plugins have been repurposed by the VisuStella Bunny Team to be remade for RPG Maker MZ. Here, we will also talk about the inspiration behind them making these plugins in the past so that you, as a game developer, may spark a new idea on how to use them for your game(s).

The Future of VisuStella MZ Plugins by Irina

2023 May 22

RPG Maker Unite has released a few weeks ago and many of you have questions and/or concerns about the future of VisuStella MZ. This article will answer some of those questions and concerns.

Inspiration Behind Merchant Manager Volume 3 by VisuStella MZ

2023 April 18

Merchant Manager Volume 3 had a lot of plugins that focused on providing alternative uses for gold. Usually, gold is a resource that's mainly used to purchase items, equipment, and a place to sleep with nothing else in mind. This plugin adds three more gold sinks for players to dump their hard earned digital gold into.

YEP Freebies vs VisuMZ Freebies by Yanfly

2023 March 17

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about why the Yanfly Engine Plugins library offers 40 free plugins and the VisuStella MZ plugin only offers 10, ie the "Cores". I also see this question living rent-free in the heads of specific individuals of the community. This wiki article is made to draw comparisons between what the plugins do offer and what is actually in the VisuStella MZ Cores.

Inspiration Behind Battle Technician Volume 3 by VisuStella MZ

2023 March 6

The name of the game for Battle Technician Volume 3 is all about battle-related information. Lots of things can happen under the hood in a battle system, and sometimes, the player wants to know what's causing things to behave the way they are. The plugins included in this series will help uncover that as well as make the information easier to digest at a glance.

Inspiration Behind Visual Novel Volume 3 by VisuStella MZ

2023 January 21

The third volume of the Visual Novel series focuses on adding other tools used in visual novels or story-driven games that add feeling to a game.

Inspiration Behind Custom Construct Volume 3 by VisuStella MZ

2022 December 12

Custom Construct Volume 3 aims to add more mechanics to the map scene, a place where there's seldom many unique mechanics available to explore in many JRPGs. The map, for all intents and purposes, have a base purpose of transitioning the player from one area to another while allowing them access to NPCs, monsters to fight, points of interests to view, and not much more. These plugins aim to change all of that up with what they're meant to do.

Inspiration Behind Dungeon Divers Volume 1 by VisuStella MZ

2022 November 7

The Dungeon Divers Volume 1 plugins are innovative additions to RPG Maker MZ that enhance the gameplay experience and address specific gameplay needs. Inspired by the desire for a user interface compatible with frontview battle systems, the Frontview Battle UI plugin bridges the gap and provides more options for frontview battles. The plugin offers a versatile and aesthetically pleasing UI that seamlessly tracks important player stats. Meanwhile, the Field Skills plugin introduces a unique feature that allows players to activate skills from the map, streamlining navigation and adding depth to the game world. Lastly, the Full Field Recovery plugin tackles item management issues by enabling players to easily access a healing menu and utilize their abundance of healing items effectively. Together, these plugins enrich the RPG Maker MZ experience and empower game developers to create engaging dungeon experiences for their games.

Inspiration Behind Enchanted Explorers Volume 1 by VisuStella MZ

2022 October 31

Enchanted Explorers focuses on making the exploration part of the JRPG gameplay loop more interesting. This is done through adding different kinds of effects to the map and the events that populate it as well as the way the player perceives the map. The visual and audio effects delivered to the play adds a more immersive type of effect with lots of feedback going back and forth between the player and the game.

Battle System Differences VisuStella MZ by Yanfly

2022 April 14

Some of you may have been wondering about which battle system to use for your RPG Maker MZ game. After all, if you're going to design your game's battle system, you'll want to pick the right foundation for it from the start or else the problems will compound upon one another as the game project develops further. This article will highlight the key aspects to take into consideration when picking the battle system suited for your game.

Inspiration Behind Merchant Manager Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2022 February 12

Merchant Manager Series Volume 2 continues the trend of out of the norm shop keepers. With the second volume, the plugins mainly focus on providing the experience of feeling like you're in a different place. Not all shops are uniform in style and these plugins help add to it.

Inspiration Behind Custom Construct Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2022 January 3

Custom Construct Volume 2 adds new plugins that let you interact with the map scene in ways that RPG Maker MZ normally does not allow you to. These plugins allow for completely new mechanics to take place and offer ways to shake up the gameplay loop that most JRPGs have.

Nah IIFE.jpg
An Argument Against Requiring IIFEs by Yanfly

2021 November 7

An article explaining why I don't agree with the RPG Maker Community saying that IIFE's are required for plugins.

Inspiration Behind Battle Technician Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2021 October 11

Read about the inspiration behind Battle Technician Series Volume 2 as well as the plugins that come with this plugin series pack.

ExtStandalone Extension.jpg
Why Extension Plugins Are Not Standalone by Yanfly

2021 September 30

Explanation of why we do Extension Plugins and not make them as Standalone Plugins.

Inspiration Behind Merchant Manager Volume 1 by VisuStella MZ

2022 September 13

The Merchant Manager Series Volume 1 begins the new branch of plugins focused around shop keepers. Not all games would benefit from having out of the norm shop keepers, but for those that do, it's important to understand the inspiration behind them. Read on for more information.

Inspiration Behind Combat Crusaders Series by VisuStella MZ

2022 July 19

This plugin series is created to add more variety and interactivity with the battle system on a player to game level. Normally, the only player interaction with the battle system is just selecting an action, skill, or item for the current character and then it will automatically be performed. With these plugins, there are more on the fly decisions to be made and adding more depth to the battle system than originally intended.

Inspiration Behind Wanderlust Series by VisuStella MZ

2022 March 12

The "Wanderlust" Plugin Series, a collection of RPG Maker MZ plugins that draw inspiration from the desire to breathe life and depth into your game world. Within this series, we present three powerful plugins: Movement Effects, Weather Effects, and Lighting Effects. These plugins have been crafted with the goal of addressing the limitations and enhancing the immersion of RPG Maker MZ. Inspired by the need for more interactive and visually captivating gameplay, the "Wanderlust" Plugin Series introduces a range of features that go beyond the default capabilities of the engine. From dynamic movement options to vibrant weather patterns and atmospheric lighting effects, these plugins empower you to create vibrant, engaging, and atmospheric experiences for your players. Embark on a creative journey, unleash your imagination, and let the "Wanderlust" Plugin Series elevate your game to new heights.

Inspiration Behind Visual Novel Volume 2 by VisuStella MZ

2021 November 8

With volume 2 of the Visual Novel series, began working on the more intricate features found in visual novels. Where volume 1 focused on features that can appear in many RPGs without question, volume 2 focuses on features that are seen more with actual visual novels.

Inspiration Behind Battle Technician Volume 1 by VisuStella MZ

2021 August 14

Read about the inspiration behind Battle Technician Series Volume 1 as well as the plugins that come with this plugin series pack.

VisuMZ NoPort.png
Why Certain Plugins Wont Be Ported by Yanfly

2021 August 6

An explanation on why certain plugins don't have plans of being ported over from MV to MZ. Yes, I realize this thumbnail looks like a T-shirt.

Inspiration Behind Visual Novel Volume 1 by VisuStella MZ

2021 July 17

The Visual Novel series begins here. We focus on drawing out the inherent important tools useful for visual novels that can still be used for regular RPG projects without feeling out of place.

Inspiration Behind Custom Construct Volume 1 by VisuStella MZ

2021 June 22

Custom Construct Volume 1 is a plugin series that focuses on providing more power to the game developer through one of the most commonly used event commands: Show Choices. Adding extra visual functionality to this event command expands the range of things game developers can do. Add on top of that the ability to customize the game's title scene through a custom map, the game dev can customize just about any kind of custom menu or scene he or she wants for his game.

Action Sequence Basic Skill Setup and Target All by MirageV

2021 May 19

It's a very common misconception that Action Sequences are purely graphical tools that are only used in sideview games to move actors and enemies around in fancy ways. Well, that is partially true, but that assumption is missing one very huge part: Mechanics. Action Sequences are also capable of manipulating combat mechanics from the very basics to even more, due to the nature of the common event structure. For today, I will show you a small example to start on how to realize this. In order to make my intentions more obvious, we will be creating these examples in Front View mode as well.

VisuMZ Wave8.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 8 by VisuStella MZ

2021 April 2

Truth be told, we did not originally plan to have this many plugin waves at this point in time. However, Olivia absolutely wanted her battle system, OTB, to be on Wave 8 so we had to make our way up to it. Fitting because her plugin series that skyrocketed is the OctoPack Battler series and what a better way to end the Waves series than with this.

VisuMZ Wave7.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 7 by VisuStella MZ

2021 January 23

Wave 7 is where we decided that it's time to end the waves series. It's mostly because by this point, the majority of general use plugins have been covered and we can start moving onto more specialized plugins. However, for the battle system, we decided to go with an old classic from Yanfly Engine Ace: Battle System - FTB. We already had turn-based battle systems covered by DTB and STB. We had tick-based battle systems covered by TPB, ATB, and CTB. But we didn't have any team-based battle systems so FTB fits the bill.

VisuMZ Wave6.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 6 by VisuStella MZ

2020 December 14

Since we have decided that there would be a battle system for each wave, we had to come up with one for Wave 6. At the time of the creation, Archeia was heavily obsessed with Bravely Default II and we decided to do a call back to it, but for Bravely Default I as we believed that version of the battle system was a better fit for RPG Maker MZ. We also decided to pick some plugins that meshed well with the Bravely Default battle system.

VisuMZ Wave5.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 5 by VisuStella MZ

2020 November 11

Wave 5 is where we have reached the point of pretty much every major popular plugin has already been made bar a few and the waves from 5 onward aim to release them with improvements. We decided to go with releasing one battle system per wave at this point as it's been what happened starting with wave 3. Since STB is the remaining battle system left from Yanfly Engine Plugins, we went with that and gone with it. As STB is pretty tame by itself, we decided to jazz it up with another favorite JRPG series: Persona and selected some plugins associated with it.

VisuMZ Wave4.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 4 by VisuStella MZ

2020 October 12

Wave 4 is when team VisuStella MZ started getting its rhythm. We started getting used to the framework and work flow of making plugins for RPG Maker MZ. On top of that, we have been figuring out how to translate major plugins like Battle System - CTB over to RPG Maker MZ and have it integrate well with the base code. All in all though, the choices for this wave's plugins are split between 50% popularity and 50% based on what Final Fantasy X used for its game's features.

VisuMZ Wave3.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 3 by VisuStella MZ

2020 September 17

Wave 3 is our continuation of converting the Yanfly Engine Plugins library's over to VisuStella MZ. Most features are converted easily, but the VisuStella MZ team decided to update each of these plugins to be more robust and have new features to them. This is also to take advantage of the newer and improved Plugin Command system added through RPG Maker MZ in addition to taking advantage of RPG Maker MZ's new and improved performance.

VisuMZ Wave2.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 2 by VisuStella MZ

2020 August 21

Wave 2 is where VisuStella MZ's luxury and paid plugins begin. Any features that we would deem to be essential across the majority of RPG Maker projects would be added to the cores as updated features while new mechanics and functions that are not relevant across all projects would be found here and future waves as luxury plugins. The common theme across wave 2 is that there isn't any except that they were the most downloaded plugins by analytics and various metrics alone. These analytics and metrics prove to be true even with VisuStella MZ's statistics. Amongst the most downloaded plugins of Yanfly Engine Plugins that wasn't a part of the Wave 1 Cores, these were it and they would make for a great start for Wave 2.

VisuMZ Wave1.png
Inspiration Behind Wave 1 by VisuStella MZ

2020 August 11

The idea behind Wave 1 of the VisuStella MZ plugin library is to create all of the cores needed for the typical RPG Maker MZ project to function. These cores contain everything from modifying the base scripts for RPG Maker MZ, to adjusting the battle system, items, equips, skills, states, saving, the game's menus, etc. We have also decided to make these the best we can by adding in many popular plugin features from Yanfly Engine Plugins, and Olivia's ,Irina's, and Arisu's MV libraries.