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We're not sure what's exactly going on. It seems ever since the recent Windows update, Windows Defender has been picking up our plugins as viruses through it's machine learning algorithm (you can tell because the virus name has !ml at the end of it). And it's not just VisuStella MZ either, it's occurring for other RPG Maker MZ plugin libraries, too. Fortunately, these are false positives as online websites has determined:

Check The Files Yourself

You can check the files yourself online:


Using VirusTotal.


Using Internxt Virus Scanner.


Using Kaspersky.

What to Do

This is ENTIRELY up to you but you can disable this. You can follow the instructions here on WikiHow.

After doing that and downloading the plugins, scan them again, then add them to the "Allowed" files and then turn back on your Windows Defender.

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