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Ever wanted to setup your RPG Maker MZ game to have WASD movement? Now you can.

This will be a TL;DR article without all the fluff text.

ArisuAvatar2.png This is an article written by Arisu.

What You Need


What you need is the VisuStella MZ Core Engine.

What You Need to Do

Step 1


Open up the Core Engine's Plugin Parameters and select Keyboard Input.

Step 2


Under Controls, select WASD Movement and open it up.

Step 3


Set it to Enable and press the OK Button.

The WASD Movement settings will change from "false" to "true".

Step 4


Save your game and Playtest it.

You should now be able to control the player character with WASD controls.

If not, it's because you have some other plugin conflicting with it.


That's it. Nothing terribly special or verbose. Just some quick get it out of the way stuff for people who know their way around RPG Maker and just want to get things done.

End of Article