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Here are some useful shortcuts to speed up playtesting your RPG Maker MZ game.

This will be a TL;DR article without all the fluff text.

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What You Need


What you need is the VisuStella MZ Core Engine.

The Shortcuts


By default, these shortcuts are already enabled, but if you need to enable/disable them, you can access them from the Core Engine's plugin parameters, Quality of Life Settings,

F6: Toggle Sound


Only works during playtesting.

Pressing this will switch all audio volumes to 0% or to 100%. Handy for an instant mute or trying to listen to something at full volume without needing to navigate to the options menu.

F7: Toggle Fast Mode


Only works during playtesting.

Pressing this will make cutscene events and battles run at 2x speed. Pressing it again will return speed back to normal.

During battle, cast animations from Battle Core will not play if the fast mode is turned on to further save on time.

Shift + R: Recover All


Only works during battle and playtesting.

Pressing this will restore the party's HP, MP, and removes status effects. Just like the Recover All event command.

Shift + T: Recover TP


Only works during battle and playtesting.

Pressing this will recover the party's TP to full. Useful for wanting to test out skills that cost TP but the starting TP doesn't let you do it.


That's it. Nothing terribly special or verbose. These are some neat features from the Core Engine that happen to be overlooked and I wanted to share them with you to boost your playtesting efficiency.

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