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2019 June 21

YEP.188 – Test Play Assist – RPG Maker MV
Test playing your game can be quite time consuming. Each second you spend on the title screen, each time you accidentally picked Continue instead of New Game, the time it takes to turn on the FPS counter, and more. While each of these take little time on their own, the amount of extra time wasted adds up fast. This plugin will give you access to various features that will aim to help you save more time when it comes to test playing your game. These features will only occur during test play and will not run in finalized versions of the game.
Download it here.

2019 June 19

Collectible Card Game plugin suite by Atelier Irina
The ever so incredible Atelier Irina has released a plugin suite that lets you create your very own collectible card game in RPG Maker MV! That’s right, you’ve read that correctly. Your own CCG!
What’s more is that it comes pack full of features to make your cards holographic, a comprehensive deck builder, a custom-evented battle system that lets you tweak it the way you want, along with a sample project that will show you the ins and outs of how everything about the card game works!
You can purchase it here: