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Yanfly.png This is an article written by Yanfly.

The VisuStella MZ library has a total of 73 plugins released. In what's roughly 8 months of time after the initial release of RPG Maker MZ, I do believe we've done pretty well in regards to getting out the content needed for to let you folks be underway for developing your games. Thank you for being so patient with us as we got our plugins released over this long period of time.

There are a couple of announcements I'd like to make.

The first thing will be that I will be stepping down from team director of the Bunny Team and be on stand-by as team advisor. Reason being is that there are lots of things I need to get taken care of IRL that need my attention more. This is not to say that I won't be around, I just won't be around as often. In fact, this has actually already happened, just not officially. I was team director for the production of the plugins in Waves 1 through 7 to ensure that the foundation we have for the VisuStella MZ plugin base is as strong as needed.

After that, Olivia took on temporary team director to produce plugins for Wave 8. This is because the plugins converted for this batch are originally from her library so I felt that she would do best as the director here. Plus, it's to see if she has what it takes to lead the group. In my opinion, she does and for future endeavors, too.

The team director role will be passed around the Bunny Team depending on the projects at hand. This is to ensure that a focused vision is realized upon the creation of certain plugin projects. I have confidence in the team to be able to pull this off. And should they face any difficulties, I will putting in work as team advisor to get them back on track.

So with that, hats off to them. Do give your support to whoever steps up as team director whenever the time comes.

The second thing is, there will be a break period for the creation of new plugins. There are no definite answers on what is going to be released next or when. I strongly ask of you to refrain from asking Bunny Team members (or Stella Team members at that) what and when something will be released on the plugin side because quite frankly, there are no concrete answers for this.

While I do say that this will be a break period for the creation of new plugins, it also serves as another purpose. It's to give the Bunny Team time to maintain and fix any bugs that come their way to ensure the VisuStella MZ library is as bug free as possible before we continue forward. After all, a sword needs polishing to stay sharp.

Once the Bunny Team decides the current library is as bug free as can be, we'll be moving onto the next phase but-

Until then, I'll be taking a backseat to the whole plugin development process. I'll still be around and will still help out with maintaining the library, just that I won't be as active in the creation of new plugins.

I want to give a big shout out to the Stella Team for providing amazing (understatement) artwork for the thumbnails you see on the plugin videos and pages. Shout out to the Bunny Team for dealing with my shenanigans for the past 8 months as I'm sure you found me and my demands to be insufferable to work with. Also a major thank you to all of those who support us and our works! VisuStella MZ's library could not have gone as far as it did without all of you.


Thank you all! Until next time we meet.