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Application Questionnaire

I'm sure many of you have heard the news about the upcoming RPG Maker MZ.

The new features look extremely solid, especially that new revamped animation system.

But let's cut to the chase, you're here because you want some answers.

While I cannot provide many, I'll do my best to answer some questions.

Some of you are wondering if I will return to make plugins for RPG Maker MZ.

And if the plugins made for MV will be ported to MZ.

The short answer to that is a "No" and "Yes"

The long answer is a "No, I won't be making plugins again", but "Yes, the plugins will be ported over to MZ"

As I've mentioned before in my retirement video, the funds generated through Patreon and will be used by Archeia to hire programmers capable of creating core plugins for RPG Maker MZ for free.

In addition to the funds I will be providing them, I will also provide notes on what to do, how to construct a working code foundation, and what kinds of improvements can be made to enhance the RPG Maker experience.

In other words, I will only be functioning as a mentor this time around to the programmers.

This leads to the second question you may have.

Who are these programmers for RPG Maker MZ's core plugins?

Archeia and I will be discussing with each other about potential programmers to hire.

They must meet all of the following conditions:

1. Being able to work in all facets of RPG Maker, from battles to menus to visuals to mechanics.

This way, everything can be covered as a part of the core plugins.

2. Must be able to improve upon the plugins after porting them over from MV.

If there were no improvements, users are better off staying in MV, right?

3. Have a strong focus on user experience and practicality.

In other words, they need to be able to do more than just "knowing" how to program properly.

Anyone is capable of just saying they know how to code well, but can they put it to practical use?

4. These core plugins will be released under the "VisuStella" name.

This is so that users will know which are officially endorsed by Archeia and I.

We will be looking for a team in the upcoming weeks.

Once assembled, there will be a future notice.

See you later

Happy RPG Making