Yanfly.moe has changed from WordPress to MediaWiki!

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Hey, all!

Yanfly.moe is now changing away from WordPress to MediaWiki!

There's a number of reasons behind this change.

1. User Accessibility. It's hard to navigate through a WordPress blog to look for relevant information. Things are jumbled up all over the place and everything is only sorted by post dates. This makes it harder to look up what you need. This is especially true when there's over 180+ plugins available.

2. WordPress, for what it's worth, is changing for the worse in my opinion. The latest update just simply made it harder to use on the user end and, let's face it, it's always been highly inconvenient for the readers when there's no way to instantly navigate through a table contents for each page. This is especially true for help manuals and such whereas in MediaWiki, a Table of Contents list will instantly let you jump to the section you need.

3. MediaWiki allows for far better organization and customization. It's easier to create proper lists and data tables for needed information. Indication of this can be seen through collective Action Sequence lists, Notetag Lists, Script Calls, Text Codes, and more.

4. Affiliated partners like Aekashics, Archeia, Olivia, Irina, Caz, Aries would all have the ability to modify the pages the way they want. This makes it easier for our affiliated partners to share their stuff with us on a more global platform.

5. This will also make it easier to place new articles and such in view without them getting drowned out by new blog posts, a problem that exists commonly in WordPress sites with multiple authors.

Plugin manuals have been fully transferred over from my end, while other content creators are slowly adding in their own stuff, too. A couple of articles on Yanfly.moe would need to be transferred over at another point in time, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

There's a couple of demerits to the MediaWiki and that's mostly that it consumes more resources on the webhost. I may have to switch to a stronger hosting plan sooner or later to accomodate for that, but as far as things go, that's minor.

Hope you guys enjoy the changes!