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YEP.193.jpg Merge Common Events

Released: 2019.09.06

For those using complex eventing systems utilizing Labels and Common Events, you may have noticed that labels in one Common event won't jump to any labels located in the parent Common Event. This plugin makes it so that Common Events with the <Merge> tag in their database name will import all child Common Events ran from it and merge it into the current list as if the Common Events have consolidated into one. By doing such a thing, Labels become connected through the parent Common Event and can interact with each other instead of just of just the Common Event instance itself before.

YEP.194.jpg Optimize Script Calls

Released: 2019.09.20

Script Calls, whether they're for setting variables, conditional branches, or actual script calls themselves, can run into performance issues when a lot of them are ran in succession. This plugin will optimize script call usage found inside common events and make them dedicated functions instead for better performance.

This is only done for Common Events, as with Map Events and Troop Events, the event list would be generated on the spot and not something that will continue to be stored in cache the moment the player leaves the map or ends the battle. This also doesn't apply to Move Route script calls to maintain compatibility with Move Route Core.

YEP.195.jpg Main Menu Manager Extension: Main Menu Actor Events

Released: 2019.10.04

This plugin lets you create Main Menu commands that play different common events depending on which actor is selected. A variety of combinations can be ran depending on which keyword and actor is picked by the player before running the common event.

YEP.196.jpg Event Step Animation Options

Released: 2019.10.18

When setting events to have a stepping animation, RPG Maker MV would animate them with a "ping-pong" format where it will go from frame 0 to 1 to 2 to 1 back to 0. In some cases, devs would like to animate their sprites in a different format, perhaps 0-1-2-0-1-2 or in reverse: 2-1-0-2-1-0. This plugin will also give events the option to spin in place while stepping.

YEP.197.jpg Level Up Growth Effects

Released: 2019.11.08

This plugin lets you create items that allow actor growth upon leveling up due to the actor, the equipment worn, class, learned skills, or any states applied to the actor upon leveling up. Growth options include increasing basic parameters, learning new skills, turning switches on/off, full recovery, and for those experienced with JavaScript, any kind of custom effect that can be done using code.

YEP.198.jpg Picture Spritesheets

Released: 2019.11.22

In RPG Maker 2003, pictures had the ability to load spritesheets and display certain frames from them at the issue of a command. Ever since then, later iterations of RPG Maker lacked the feature. This plugin will bring back that old feature and give you access to use spritesheets as pictures once more with complete frame control.

YEP.199.jpg Script Call Plugin Commands

Released: 2019.12.06

Have you ever came across the odd situation where you wanted to use a Plugin Command during a script call or Lunatic Mode code? This plugin will help facilitate the process in doing so by creating a new function for you to use in JavaScript that will transcribe the Plugin Command string and run it during a script call.

YEP.200.jpg Patch Notes

Released: 2019.12.20

This plugin grants your players the ability to access Patch Notes from the game itself. Being able to tell your players what you've changed from inside the game can make all the difference in the player experience. This plugin lets players access Patch Notes from the title screen, the main menu, or from a Plugin Command ran inside the game.