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Game Name: Fast Food Fantasy

Project Name: FFFF

Revision: 0.0.1

Game Design Document Written by: Yanfly


Elevator Pitch

A fantasy hero is missing the taste of the world he came from: fast food.

In order to satiate his hunger, he must do whatever it takes to recreate hamburgers, fries, and more.

And he won't let anyone get in his way, not even the king, the monsters, nor the demon king!

Project Goal

To create a sample project for Visustella.

The concept will have to be memorable and generate a lot of laughs.

Help Caz make money with her amazing fast food icons.

Theme / Setting / Genre

Medieval Fantasy: This is based in a medieval fantasy world with swords, magic, elves, dwarves, and monsters.

Isekai: The hero is originally a denizen of another world: Earth.

Food: The goal of the game is to create fast food in a world where it doesn't exist.

Core Gameplay Mechanics (Brief)

A quick list and description of the game's mechanics.

  • Battle: Standard RPG Battle System
  • Exploration: Streamlined.
  • Quests: Flexible ordered self-given quest system.
  • Simulation: Open up a business after a while to fund ingredient gathering/farming/raising ventures.

Targeted Platforms

This game will aim to be released on these platforms:

Monetization Model

There is none. This is supposed to be a sample project placed on the web.

Project Scope

Game Time Scale

These are estimates.

Cost: None

Time: 3 months

Team Size

Core Team:

  • Yanfly
    • Roles: Developer, Coder, Artist, Writer
  • Aekashics
    • Roles: Battlers (already made)
  • Archeia
    • Roles: Tilesets (already made)
  • Caz
    • Roles: Tilesets, Icons (already made)

Marketing Team:

  • Yanfly
    • Role: Lead marketing

Influences / Inspirations

  • General Isekai
    • Medium: Manga, Light Novel, Web Novel
    • Isekai would have a purpose in this game to give a reason why the hero would want to create foods that don't exist in the fantasy world.
  • Recettear
    • Medium: PC Game
    • Business handling aspects. Won't be the same, but instead, streamlined for more focused gameplay.
  • Atelier Series
    • Medium: Console Games
    • Going around gathering ingredients to fighting monsters just to complete some recipes.

What sets this project apart from others?

  • Fast food spin on the fantasy angle
  • Not many isekai games out there
  • Business aspects of the game

Detailed Core Gameplay Mechanics

This is a list of the core gameplay mechanics and how they work.

  • Exploration
    • Details and how it works: Exploration will be done in a streamlined fashion. Maps would only be one or two screens to explore, capping at three for "larger" areas. "Nodes" will appear on the map and going up to them will make different events occur. These can range from battles to treasure chests to random chance occurrences to spice up the gameplay. Exploration can lead into battles. Exploration can also end voluntarily by the player. Ending exploration will bring you to the narrative at the end of the day.
  • Battle
    • Details and how it works: It's the standard turn-based RPG battle system. AGI determines turn order. However, battles with one group of enemies can affect the boss of a region. Defeating a group of enemies may give the player's party a temporary buff until they leave the map or change up the way the boss fights. Boss fights won't be overly long, but just there to stand as a temporary roadblock for some progression.
  • Quests
    • Details and how it works: At the start of a new day, you wake up from your camp/inn/house/business (depending on progression level), and select a goal to (try to) accomplish for the day. Afterwards, pick your party and be off! The paths are pretty open ended and can even be repeated for better results/grinding. But once selected, the player party will embark into that region to fulfill the quest (usually involving defeating the area boss). However, there are sometimes options that are always open once unlocked (like the business, certain villages, etc).
  • Business
    • Details and how it works: Manage the fast food restaurant opened up by the hero and his party to get funding, unlock new quests, and potentially party members. The business functions as an anti-grind mechanism to passively help the player acquire resources and level up reserve party members. The restaurant also functions as a place where you can change up the recipe of some menu items, which when used in battle, can give the player different buffs, too.
  • Narrative
    • Details and how it works: At the end of each day (or exploration session), the player will see a narrative about the hero and/or his party members and the progress they've made so far. Sometimes, there would be new cutscenes. If not, there could be generic cutscenes based on the current progress in the game.

Story and Gameplay

The hero was originally a person from Earth and was summonsed to the fantasy world to save it from the diabolical demon king. Amidst his adventures, he suddenly felt a craving. A craving for a nice, big, juicy hamburger. The problem? The food in this world sucks. Like, completely sucks. People make the driest bread, only steam their vegetables, and meat is scarce. The hero, unable to focus on his mission at hand, decides to make a detour to satiate his hunger and create his world's food in the fantasy world.

The flour is too low quality to make good tasting bread? No problem, convince some fairies to bless your wheat fields. Salt is a rare commodity in the area? Better look for a way to defeat the Sodium Golems near the Dwarvan mines. Lacking quality beef? Word has it that there's a nest of minotaurs deep within the demon king's territory. Where there's a will, there's a way. After all, you know what they say.

Today's enemies are tomorrow's ingredients.

Assets Needed

A list of the game's assets that are needed.

2D Graphics

  • Battlebacks
    • Landscapes
    • Interiors
    • Panoramas
  • Sprites
    • Actors
      • Busts
      • Map Sprites
      • Battle Sprites
    • Enemies
      • Busts
      • Map Sprites
      • Battle Sprites
  • Faces
    • Main Cast
    • NPC's
  • Parallaxes
    • Landscapes
    • Interiors
    • Panoramas
  • System
    • Balloon Skin
    • Icons
    • Damage Skin
    • Window Skin
  • Tilesets
    • World Map
    • Outside Nature Tiles
    • Outside City Tiles
    • Interior Dungeon Tiles
    • Interior Building Tiles


  • BGM
    • Battle
    • Castle
    • Dungeon
    • Field
    • Scene
    • Ship
    • Themes
    • Towns
  • BGS
    • Ambience
    • Nature
    • Talking
  • ME
    • Fanfares
    • Jingles
  • SE
    • UI SFX
    • Effect SFX


  • Plugins available
    • Visustella
      • Core Engine
      • Battle Core
      • Elements & Status Menu Core
      • Events & Movement Core
      • Items & Equips Core
      • Main Menu Core
      • Message Core
      • Options Core
      • Save Core
      • Skills & States Core
  • Plugins needed
    • Visustella
      • Plugin 1
      • Plugin 2
      • Plugin 3
      • Plugin 4
      • Plugin 5


  • Animations
    • Effekseer


What is the projected schedule like?

  • Prototype Phase
  • Core Gameplay Loop
  • Character/Art
  • Writing
  • Polish