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This plugin series is created to add more variety and interactivity with the battle system on a player to game level. Normally, the only player interaction with the battle system is just selecting an action, skill, or item for the current character and then it will automatically be performed. With these plugins, there are more on the fly decisions to be made and adding more depth to the battle system than originally intended.

Volume 1


Active Chain Skills


Yanfly.png This is an article written by Yanfly.

The original concept for this plugin was created in RPG Maker VX Ace for the Yanfly Engine Ace script library. The original inspiration for it back then was so that there was more interactivity with the battle system aside from just pushing and selecting an action. Now, with a time limited input window, the player can press a button to make split second decisions on how to continue their attack while consuming resources like MP or TP.

The layout is drastically different for what it is in RPG Maker MZ, but that's mostly so it can be usable for mouse and touch input though keyboard input is also allowed. The system works best with sideview and placing it on the right side of the screen over the inactive party members was the ideal place to feature the buttons. The RPG Maker MZ version is updated to have more buttons to chain into, too.

Input Combo Skills


Yanfly.png This is an article written by Yanfly.

Like with Active Chain Skills, the original concept for this plugin was also created in RPG Maker VX Ace for the Yanfly Engine Ace script library. The inspiration for this was more obviously from a video game, which, happens to be Xenogears. Upon inputting a string of actions, the character will perform those actions, and if a certain sequence was made, perform an additional boosted action.

Like with Active Chain Skills, the layout is drastically different from RPG Maker VX Ace's version to RPG Maker MZ. This one is more suited for mouse and touch input while supporting keyboard. The action sequence appears in a more stylish format in the center of the screen and more visible for the player to read. We took out the input timer and decided to have it end when the player inputs enough actions instead.

Evolution Matrix Skills


Yanfly.png This is an article written by Yanfly.

This is an original plugin created by Arisu. Though the inspiration for it stems from an idea I've had during the VX Ace era but never created it. Arisu decided to put her own twist on it and created the Evolution Matrix Skills feature. Here, the player selects an initial skill, and if there are variants to the skill, the skill can evolve for the action to produce a more powerful effect.

This can be used to either expand the options that a player has when selecting a skill to reduce skill list bloat or making the effects more prominent. A regular damage spell can be expanded to do either more damage or have an additional effect or change targeting scopes. The process can be repeated again for more impact.

Volume 2


Item Throw Skills


OliviaAvatar.png This is an article written by Olivia.

The Item Throw Skills plugin for RPG Maker MZ is a dynamic tool designed to add newer layers of strategy and excitement to combat scenarios. We've always been captivated by the versatile ninja characters in iconic games like Final Fantasy. Their ability to throw shurikens, bombs, and even weapons not only looked cool but also added an unpredictable element to battles. With Item Throw Skills, we've recreated this aspect. The plugin allows different items, when thrown, to have distinct damage values and unique effects. A shuriken might cause a swift slice of damage, while a bomb could deal area damage or even inflict status effects. This plugin opens up players to experimentation. Players can try throwing different items in various combat situations to discover optimal strategies or unexpected outcomes. This depth ensures that battles remain intriguing, with players continuously thinking of neat ways to use their throwable items.

Item Concoction Skills


OliviaAvatar.png This is an article written by Olivia.

The Item Concoction Skills plugin for RPG Maker MZ adds deeper gameplay and strategy for items. Our inspiration stemmed from the apothecary class in Octopath Traveler and the inventive chemists of Final Fantasy. Both classes possess the captivating ability to combine items, yielding varied results that can be utilized in battle. The core of Item Concoction Skills lies in its ability to merge two items, with each combination producing a unique outcome. Whether it's healing potions, damaging mixtures, stat buffs, debuffs, or even status inflicting concoctions, the range of possibilities is expansive. But more than just providing a list of combinations, the plugin invites players into a world of experimentation. By trying out different item pairings, players can uncover potent mixtures or discover unexpected effects, ensuring that gameplay remains fresh and engaging.

Item Amplify Skills


OliviaAvatar.png This is an article written by Olivia.

The Item Amplify Skills plugin for RPG Maker MZ draws inspiration from the spell crafters seen in various games who harness the power of items to improve their magic. It grants the ability to amplify skills through using items. Skills can receive boosts such as added damage, additional effects, extended buffs, intensified debuffs, and so on. This offers a rich layer of depth, enabling players to optimize their abilities based on the situation. An intriguing aspect of this plugin is the multi-layered amplification. Skills can be amplified not just once but multiple times. This flexibility results in a myriad of combinations when different items are combined with skills, leading to varied outcomes and strategies. This feature opens the door to experimentation. Players are encouraged to test out different item combinations, seeking the best synergies or the most unexpected effects. This feature ensures continuous engagement, challenging players to explore the full extent of their abilities.

Ending Statements


And that's it for the Combat Crusaders plugins!

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