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This is a plugin created for RPG Maker MV.

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Masterarbeit Writer

Fallen Angel Olivia


This is a plugin created by Fallen Angel Olivia.

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RPG Maker Version

This plugin is made for RPG Maker MV versions 1.6.1 and below. If you update RPG Maker MV past that and this plugin breaks, I am NOT responsible for it.

Terms of Use

You are only allowed to use the plugins made by Atelier Irina if you agree to all of the following:

  1. These plugins may be used in free or commercial games.
  2. 'Fallen Angel Olivia' must be given credit in your games.
  3. You are allowed to edit the code.
  4. Do NOT change the filename, parameters, and information of the plugin.
  5. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these Plugins.
  6. You may NOT take code for your own released Plugins.

OctoPack Battler

This plugin is a part of the OctoPack Battler plugin series!


This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that adds a "Concoct" command to any actor you want in battle. Concoct allows the actor to combine together two items to make a new item effect. Concoctions will be composed of a primary component, secondary component, and a resulting effect.

There is also an Item Concoction Preview Window that comes with this plugin. It can be enabled or disabled (up to you). It will display the resulting effect of the two mixed items together if the concoction combination has been made before. If it hasn't, the effects will be hidden.

Plugin Parameters

There are Plugin Parameters that you may configure for this plugin.

Concoct Command: How the command appears in the Actor Command list.

Position: Where do you want to put the Concoct Command in the command list?

Preview Window: Add a preview window to the battle scene if true.

Window Scale: Scale the size of the contents of the preview window down by this much. This is in case the contents of the window become too big.

Window X, Y, Width: Changes the properties of the preview window. Set the setting to "auto" if you wish for the plugin to calculate the ideal position.

Show Unknown Result?: If set to true, it will always show resulting effects of concoction combinations, even if they haven't been performed by the party yet. If set to false, the resulting effect will not be shown until the party has performed the combination at least once.

Show Battle Test?: If this is true, always show unknown results during battle testing.

Unknown Icon, Name, Help: How unknown results will appear.



RPG Maker MV's editor is unable to allow for custom traits/properties that a game dev may wish to associate with a database object, event, map, etc. Notetags are used to work around such limitations by allowing the game dev to tag certain traits/properties using specific Notetags declared by the related plugin.

Here is a list of Notetag(s) that you may use.


Actor, Class, Weapon, Armor, State Notetags

<Item Concoct>
If an actor is affected by this notetag either directly or indirectly through
related traits, the actor can use the Concoct command in battle.

State Notetag

<Item Concoct Seal>
If an actor is affected by a state with this notetag, the actor's Concoct
command will be disabled.

Item Notetags

<Item Concoct>
</Item Concoct>
Makes the item with the notetag a primary component for item concoctions.
Insert multiple 'list' items to make it combinable with more items.

'list' can be formatted in any of these four ways:

Item x: Item x
Item x: name
name: name
name: Item x

If you are using Item x, replace x with the ID of the item you wish to refer
to. If you are using a name version, replace name with the full name of the
item (it is case sensitive). The first item on the list before the : is the
secondary component for item concoctions. The second item on the list after
the : is the item effect that will occur when the first and second components
are combined. The effects of the first and second items are unrelated to the
combined item effect.

Here is an example of how an Item Concoction notetag and list could look:

<Item Concoct>
Item 51: Item 61
Item 52: Item 62
Item 53: Lucid Mist
Item 54: Healing Mist
Plum Essence: Inspiriting Mist
Tomato Essence: Boosting Mist
Onion Bloom: Item 67
Curious Bloom: Item 68
</Item Concoct>

Concoctions will be composed of a primary component, secondary component, and
a resulting effect. In this case, the primary component is the item with the
notetag. The secondary component can be any of the items before the : in the
list. The resulting effect is the item after the : next to the secondary
component selected on the list.


  • Sep 26 Bug Fix: Fix a bug where Concoct Menu returns.
  • Sep 28 Bug Fix: Fix a bug where the notetags clashed.