Luna Engine Limitations

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  • Luna Engine modifies preexisting menus. It does not create one for you.
  • Images cannot persist throughout menus. This is because they’re all different scenes. You will require a custom script to do it.
  • Currently, you cannot make Luna Engine reference any folder outside system for your custom materials. We have plans to add it ASAP.

Message Window

  • You will need to use something like Yanfly Message Core to adjust the message box contents.
  • You cannot animate message window. They are a special case and would require a third party plugin to animate.

Map Name

  • You cannot animate Map Name. They are a special case and would require a third party plugin to animate.


  • Lunatic items: You can animate each lunatic item, but not a lunatic item’s components.
    • Example: Attempting to animate the HP and MP bars on the battle screen to transition on screen in different ways would be impossible, but animating each Actor’s individual battlehud to move differently is possible.
  • Animating the base window and a component differently: The only way to animate the overall window defined in Block 1 is to target the window itself. However, as whole window animations overwrite component animations, the component animation will be skipped or interrupted.
  • Multiple Key frames: Currently, all animations operate on 2 keyframes (start and end). Multiple keyframe functionality is still tbd.