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RMMZ CoreScript Update.png

This is the changelog for the version differences in the base code for RPG Maker MZ across the versions.

Update #1: 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

RMMZ 110.png

  • rmmz_core.js
    • Version Number Update
  • rmmz_managers.js
    • Version Number Update
    • StorageManager.saveToForage updated to arrow function
    • StorageManager.removeForage updated to arrow function
    • EffectManager.startLoading arguments added for onError
    • BattleManager.startAction now cancels the subject's motion refresh
  • rmmz_objects.js
    • Version Number Update
    • Game_Battler.prototype.cancelMotionRefresh function added
    • Game_Actor.prototype.makeAutoBattleActions updated from Number.MIN_VALUE to -Number.MAX_VALUE
    • Game_Map.prototype.screenTileX rounds to the nearest whole number
    • Game_Map.prototype.screenTileY rounds to the nearest whole number
    • Game_Player.prototype.centerX is now calculated using the $gameMap.screenTileX() function
    • Game_Player.prototype.centerY is now calculated using the $gameMap.screenTileY() function
  • rmmz_scenes.js
    • Version Number Update
  • rmmz_sprites.js
    • Version Number Update
    • Sprite_Animation.prototype.targetSpritePosition can now align to bottom
    • Sprite_Gauge.prototype.gaugeX is now calculated using measureLabelWidth function for generic gauges
    • Sprite_Gauge.prototype.measureLabelWidth function added
  • rmmz_windows.js
    • Version Number Update

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