Enemy Thieves (MV Plugin Tips & Tricks)

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Ever wanted to create an effect where enemy thieves can steal from the player party? Using this tips & tricks video tutorial, you can!

Required Plugins

The following plugin(s) is required to create this Tips & Tricks effect:

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This is a Tips & Tricks effect created for RPG Maker MV. Tips & Tricks are not to be confused with plugins. Instead, they are usually customized code created for the sake of producing unique features/effects that do not require an entire plugin to do.

Yanfly Engine Plugins

This Tips & Tricks effect is made possible due to the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

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Follow video instructions.

Copy and Paste version of the code along with explanations of what each line does~

<After Eval>
if (user.isEnemy()) {
  // Determine the success rate of stealing.
  var successRate = 0.5;
  // Check to see if the steal passes.
  if (Math.random() < successRate) {
    // Create an empty pool for what are valid items.
    var items = [];
    // Let's get the length of the all items in the player's party.
    var total = $gameParty.items().length;
    // A for-loop is used to check each of those items.
    for (var i = 0; i < total; ++i) {
      // Define each item for checking.
      var item = $gameParty.items()[i];
      // Check to see if the item is NOT a key item.
      if (item.itypeId !== 2) {
        // If it isn't a key item, add it to the legal pool.
    // Check if there are enough items.
    if (items.length > 0) {
      // Get a random number based on the size of the item pool.
      var random = Math.floor(Math.random() * items.length);
      // Get a random item by using that random number.
      var item = items[random];
      // Have the player party lose 1 of that item.
      $gameParty.loseItem(item, 1);
      // Create a message to let the player know what item was stolen.
      var text = user.name() + ' stole ' + item.name + ' from the party!';
      // Let's play a sound effect!
  } else {
    // The steal attempt has failed. Make a message to indicate it.
    var text = user.name() + ' failed to steal an item!';
    // Play a sound effect to indicate failure.
  // Get the battle log menu from the battle scene.
  var window = SceneManager._scene._logWindow;
  // Make that text show up in the battle log. Let's center it, too.
  window._lines.push(text + '<CENTER>');
  // And finally, let's refresh that battle log window to display it.
</After Eval>

Enjoy the effect!