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{| style="width: 50%; margin: 5px auto; text-align: center; border: none;"
{| style="width: 50%; margin: 5px auto; text-align: center; border: none;"
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Category:Yanfly_Engine_Plugins'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzE5NzI3NzYucG5n/original/wpb0Ze.png' width='200'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Category:Yanfly_Engine_Plugins'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzE5NzI3NzYucG5n/original/wpb0Ze.png' width='170'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Category:%C3%86kashics_Librarium'><img src='http://yanfly.moe/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/pdrbanner.gif' width='200'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Category:%C3%86kashics_Librarium'><img src='http://yanfly.moe/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/pdrbanner.gif' width='170'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Luna_Engine_MV_(Visustella)'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzIxNjQ5MTkuZ2lm/original/IGNDo7.gif' width='200'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Luna_Engine_MV_(Visustella)'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzIxNjQ5MTkuZ2lm/original/IGNDo7.gif' width='170'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Steamworks_MV'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzI3ODA4NjQucG5n/original/lCx0HU.png' width='200'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Steamworks_MV'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzI3ODA4NjQucG5n/original/lCx0HU.png' width='170'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Fallen_Angel_Olivia'><img src='http://yanfly.moe/img/sidebar/OliviaLink.gif' width='200'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Fallen_Angel_Olivia'><img src='http://yanfly.moe/img/sidebar/OliviaLink.gif' width='170'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Collectible_Card_Game_(Irina)'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1hZ2UvNDIzNTA4LzIxNDM0ODIuZ2lm/347x500/GwKxq0.gif' width='200'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Collectible_Card_Game_(Irina)'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1hZ2UvNDIzNTA4LzIxNDM0ODIuZ2lm/347x500/GwKxq0.gif' width='170'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Visual_Item_Inventory_(Arisu)'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1hZ2UvNDg1OTQwLzI1MDgzODIucG5n/original/9tfprF.png' width='200'></a></html>
| style="width: 14%;"| <html><a href='http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Visual_Item_Inventory_(Arisu)'><img src='https://img.itch.zone/aW1hZ2UvNDg1OTQwLzI1MDgzODIucG5n/original/9tfprF.png' width='170'></a></html>

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Welcome to the wiki! This is where you can find resources from Yanfly.moe, Ækashics.moe,
Visustella, Caz Wolf, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, and other affiliated content creators.

2020 November 25

Weapon Animation VisuStella MZ

2020 November 23

Battle System - STB VisuStella MZ

2020 November 22

Plugin Updates! Update #14
VisuStella Sample Game Project

2020 November 20

Wave 5 Bundle and Plugins Now Available Separately!
VisuStella MZ Wave 5 Bundle
For those who wish to purchase the Wave 5 Bundle or the Wave 5 plugins individually without the All Waves Bundle Collection, you can do so now! Thank you for your patience!
Purchasing the Wave 5 bundle will also yield a cummulative -25% Discount on the All Waves Bundle Collection up to 99%. Unfortunately, we tried to make it 100% but there needs to be a minimum expenditure in order for to register the product as claimed. Please keep this in mind if you currently own 3 waves and plan on purchasing a fourth.

2020 November 15

Plugin Updates! Update #13
VisuStella Sample Game Project

2020 November 11

Wave 5 Now Available with All Waves Bundle Collection
All Waves Bundle Collection

The plugins for Wave 5 are now available if you have the [Access Key] All Waves Bundle Collection. The plugin pages and the Wave 5 page themselves will become available at a later date as we finish creating the plugin pages for them on itch.io. Please be patient as we create them. We are going to be slightly slow as the plugin development team is on break until November 23rd.

Once again, you can acquire Wave 5 early from the [Access Key] All Waves Bundle Collection from here.

For those who would like to see the documentation for the Wave 5 plugins, look no further!

🌻Thank you for your support!🌻

2020 November 8

Plugin Updates! Update #12
VisuStella Sample Game Project

Wave 4 is now complete! We hope all of you found a few plugins you've liked to use for your games in this wave!

The conversion team will be taking a two week break this time to rest up and catch up for the upcoming holiday season. After that, it's time for Wave 5!

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2020 November 17

RPG Maker MZ is 20% Off!
RPG Maker MZ is 20% off until November 23!

2020 November 11

11/11 VisuStella Sale
20% OFF!
Do you know that 11/11 is Singles' Day in Asia? Celebrate friendship with us, as we offer 20% off some of our favorite products this week! First up on show is the Stella Character Generator, down to only $15.99. :>
11/11 VisuStella Sale
20% OFF!
Here's another great 11/11 offer for you all - 20% off VisuStella's Modern City and School Horror pack! We really don't shout enough about how beautiful these pixel assets are..

2020 October 29

RPG Maker MZ Updated to V1.1.0!
RMMZ 110.png
Read the base code changelog here
There should be no plugin conflicts from VisuStella MZ upon updating to this version. Don't hesitate to update to the newest version and enjoy all the fixes and new feature(s)!

2020 October 12

VisuStella MZ All Waves Bundle is now available!

2020 August 28

VisuStella Twitter

2020 August 23

Official Statement from Yanfly Regarding Porting of Plugins
People outside of the VisuStella team are forbidden from porting over plugins from the Yanfly Engine Plugins library for RPG Maker MV to RPG Maker MZ. This is a direct violation of the Terms of Service found here. Read more in the article linked above.

2020 August 20

VisuStella Sample Project

2020 August 10

How to Install Plugins

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