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VisuStella Plugins for RPG Maker MZ

VisuStella MZ is a plugin library created from converted the Yanfly Engine Plugins library.

Tier 0 Plugins

These plugins have to go to the top of the Plugin Manager list if used.

These plugins provide engines for the plugin library to work from.

VisuMZ.001.jpg Core Engine VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Core Engine plugin is designed to fix any bugs that may have slipped past RPG Maker MZ's source code and to give game devs more control over RPG Maker MZ's various features, ranging from mechanics to aesthetics to quality of life improvements.

Tier 1 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0 plugins.

These plugins are create strong core foundations for other plugins to work from.

VisuMZ.002.jpg Battle Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Battle Core plugin revamps the battle engine provided by RPG Maker MZ to become more flexible, streamlined, and support a variety of features. The updated battle engine allows for custom Action Sequences, battle layout styles, and a lot of control over the battle mechanics, too.

VisuMZ.008.jpg Elements and Status Menu Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Elements & Status Menu Core plugin gives you more control over in-game elemental rate calculations, providing Trait Sets to streamline assigning elements to actors and enemies, and updating the Status Menu to display all that information properly.

VisuMZ.005.jpg Events and Movement Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Events & Movement Core plugin adds a lot of new functionality in terms of event flexibility and movement options to RPG Maker MZ. These range from adding in old capabilities from previous iterations of RPG Maker to more mainstream techniques found in other game engines. Movement options are also expanded to support 8-directional movement as well as sprite sheets provided that the VisuStella 8 format is used.

VisuMZ.006.jpg Items and Equips Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Items & Equips Core makes improvements to the RPG Maker MZ item and equipment dedicated scenes (including the shop) and how they're handled. From more item categories, better parameter control, rulings, and more, game devs are able to take control over key aspects of their game's items.

VisuMZ.003.jpg Main Menu Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Main Menu Core plugin is designed to give you more control over the Main Menu outside of RPG Maker MZ's editor's control. Game devs are given control over how commands work, visual aesthetics pertaining to the Main Menu, and assign menu images to actors as background portraits.

VisuMZ.004.jpg Message Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Message Core plugin extends and builds upon the message functionality of RPG Maker MZ and allows you, the game dev, to customize the workflow for your game's message system.

VisuMZ.010.jpg Options Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Options Core plugin revamps the Options Menu Scene in RPG Maker MZ to be more extensive and sustain a larger variety of options. This plugin will add new options to the list in addition to options from other VisuStella MZ plugins provided that they're installed as well. Game devs that are adept with JavaScript are also able to add in their own options to the menu as well.

VisuMZ.009.jpg Save Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Save Core plugin adds upon the existing functionality of how saves operate in RPG Maker MZ and how the Save Menu appears in-game. Control over autosaves is also provided by this plugin as well as the ability to make Global Switches and Variables accessible across all game saves (including new games).

VisuMZ.007.jpg Skills and States Core VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.20

The Skills & States Core plugin extends and builds upon the functionality of RPG Maker MZ's inherent skill, state, and buff functionalities and allows game devs to customize its various aspects.

Tier 2 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0 and 1 plugins.

These plugins are systems which have their own mechanical systems and structures.

VisuMZ.025.jpg Aggro Control System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.28

A common mechanic found in many RPG's nowadays is the ability to steer the way enemies target party members. This can be in the form of provocations, taunts, and aggro.

Provocations come in the form of states, where when a unit applies a provoke state on a target, the target must attack the provoker when using single target skills. This plugin provides support for multiple provocations and such provocations will be given focus based on the state's priority value.

Taunts are a third way to steer an opponent to focus on a party member. The taunt effects can be split up into global, physical, magical, or certain hit only taunts and these can be applied to almost any trait object.

Aggro is a numeric value that determines the likelihood and/or priority level of how often a target party member is to be attacked by an enemy unit. The higher the aggro value, the more likely the chances of being targeted. A option can be turned on (or through notetags) to set enemies to always target the party member with the highest aggro.

VisuMZ.115.jpg Animated Message Text Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.02.27

Ever wanted to animate the text that appears in your Message Window in order to add just a bit more character to their lines? Perhaps a stagger effect or a shivering effect? Maybe a swinging effect like a pendulum or a glowing effect for a specific color? This plugin comes with a plethora of text effects to pick and use from in addition to letting you create your very own custom text effects through the Plugin Parameters and just by adjusting the various effect properties.

VisuMZ.150.jpg Battle Grid System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.03.29

This plugin changes battles to utilize a grid system. The grid will be composed of nodes for each team and battlers can move amongst them. By being on top of specific nodes, different strategies can be employed such as making certain skills available to use while on such nodes or applying unique passive state effects.

VisuMZ.022.jpg Battle System - ATB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.21

The RPG Maker MZ Time Progress Battle (TPB) system is only a few steps away from the acclaimed Active Turn Battle (ATB) system. This plugin will grant it the various features needed to turn it from TPB into ATB.

This plugin will grant control over how the various mechanics work, ranging from penalties to calculations, to actions that can manipulate the ATB gauge of battlers. Battlers that are in the middle of casting a spell can also be interrupted with specific notetag traits.

ATB Gauges can also be displayed on enemies and/or allies, giving the player full access to the current battle state. The ATB Gauges are also improved, showing different colors for different states and showing a new gauge for the casting state.

VisuMZ.048.jpg Battle System - BTB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.04

The Brave Turn Battle (BTB) system plays off RPG Maker MZ's default battle system with a twist of allowing actors (and enemies) to use up actions from the future or save up for later. These actions will be queued and delivered all in one go! Any borrowed actions from the future will result in following turns without any actions to use. Should a player decide to save up their actions instead through Guarding, they can charge actions with less repercussions. Players will have to be brave about how to go about the battle system strategically.

Because multiple actions can be queued up all at once, they can result in the creation of an action fusion. Some skills (and items) can appear instead of the originally queued actions to result in stronger, better, and more awesome effects, all of which, can be defined by the game dev.

A Turn Order Display will also appear on the screen to show the order the battlers will take their turns in. This lets the player plan in advance on how to go about the rest of the turn.

VisuMZ.031.jpg Battle System - CTB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.19

This plugin creates a Charge Turn Battle (CTB) system using RPG Maker MZ's TPB as a base. CTB functions by calculating the speed of every battler and balancing them relative to one another. When it's a battler's turn, the battler will either choose an action to perform immediately or charge it for later depending if the skill requires charging.

This is a battle system where agility plays an important factor in the progress of battle where higher agility values give battlers more advantage and additional turns over lower agility values, which give battlers less advantage and less turns.

A turn order display will appear to compensate for the removal of gauges. The turn order display will show a preview of what the turn order could possibly be like. This turn order display is variable and can be changed due to player and enemy influence by using different action speeds, effects provided by this plugin that alter the turn order, and more!

VisuMZ.080.jpg Battle System - ETB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.09.06

Energy Turn Battle (ETB) is a type of battle system made for RPG Maker MZ, where the teams for actors and enemies take turns attacking one another as a whole. Energy is accumulated as turns pass on, allowing each team to perform more actions each turn. Each team can freely perform actions among their teammates as wanted. When the energy count is depleted or if one team ran out of battler's that can act, the other team begins their turn and so forth.

VisuMZ.057.jpg Battle System - FTB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.02.22

Free Turn Battle (FTB) is a type of battle system made for RPG Maker MZ, where the teams for actors and enemies take turns attacking one another as a whole. During each team's turns, an action count is given to them and they can freely perform actions among their teammates as wanted (or if turned off by the Plugin Parameters, in a cycle). When the action count is depleted or if one team ran out of battler's that can act, the other team begins their turn and so forth.

VisuMZ.066.jpg Battle System - OTB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.04.26

This plugin changes the RPG Maker MZ battle system to "Order Turn Battle", a turn-based battle system where actions are executed immediately and the orders for both the current and next turn are not only visible, but also malleable. New mechanics are introduced where the player can manipulate the turn order of an action's user or action's target in various ways they want.

The two Turn Orders are displayed at the top of the top of the screen to give the player a clear understanding of who's turn it will be when it becomes time to act, making it easier and viable for the player to formulate strategies and adapt to the situation in battle.

VisuMZ.086.jpg Battle System - PTB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.11.01

Press Turn Battle (PTB) is a team-based battle system made for RPG Maker MZ where the teams for actors and enemies take turns attacking one another as a whole, consuming press actions in the process. When press actions have been emptied, the turn switches over to the opposite team and it repeats. Depending on the results of actions, Press Actions may consume a full action or be converted into a half action, allowing for more actions per turn. This is a battle system that rewards skillful play and punishes bad strategies.

VisuMZ.039.jpg Battle System - STB VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.11.23

The Standard Turn Battle (STB) system uses RPG Maker MZ's default non-TPB battle system as a base. Action orders are determined by the battler's AGI values and they go from highest to lowest. However, actions are not selected at the start of the turn. Instead, as the turn progresses, actions are then picked as each battler's turn comes up and is executed immediately.

Optional to the battle system but fine tuned to it is the Exploit System. When landing an elemental weakness or critical hit against a foe, the battler can gain bonuses as well as an extra turn while the foe will become stunned or gain any desired state(s). When all enemies are exploited in a single turn, a common event can also be played, too.

A Turn Order Display will also appear on the screen to show the order the battlers will take their turns in. This lets the player plan in advance on how to go about the rest of the turn.

VisuMZ.118.jpg Bestiary VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.04.03

This plugin adds a new scene accessible through (but not limited to) the Main Menu, the Bestiary. The Bestiary is a monster book/encyclopedia that will update as the player plays the game. When an enemy is defeated, the player can view that enemy through the Bestiary to see the enemy's stats, elemental resistances and weaknesses, skills, rewards, and more.

VisuMZ.054.jpg Bright Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.18

This RPG Maker MZ plugin allows you to add various bright effects to your game's maps and battle system. These effects can make the game appear more vivid, light, and gives you control over the color settings of a particular map to make a more distinct feeling, too. The bright effects can be changed midway through events in both maps and battles, too.

VisuMZ.134.jpg Challenge System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.09.27

The Challenge System allows the player to select their own challenges. These challenges can range from things like decreasing the party's MaxHP or raising the enemies' ATK power. These challenges can affect the whole game on a global scale or locally through specific maps. With the challenge system, subsequent playthroughs of specific dungeons can feel a whole lot less boring and more interesting with the challenges in play. The more challenges enabled, the more the player is rewarded, too.

VisuMZ.135.jpg Character Creation System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.09.29

The Character Creation System allows players to pick and choose how they want their party members to be created. Players can pick from different classes, appearances, traits, and names for their desired characters. This plugin allows your game to have a Character Creation System so that your players can add a bit more of a personal touch into their game.

VisuMZ.051.jpg Class Change System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.11

This plugin adds the ability for your player to freely change the classes of actors outside of battle from a menu. When changing into different classes, players adjust the game's actors to a different playstyle with different skills, equipment, and traits to make them behave differently.

Multiclassing is also possible. Actors can possess one class to many, from two to ten to as many as you've set up in the Plugin Parameters. Adjust the rulings for how multiclasses behave in your game. Let actors inherit a small percentage of parameters from the multiclasses, skills, equipment access, and more!

VisuMZ.060.jpg Common Event Menu VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.03.01

The Common Event Menu allows you to create your own custom menu setups all through a simple Plugin Command. When using it, you can list whatever Common Events you so wish and generate a menu that when selecting the menu command, it will run the Common Event. This Common Event Menu setup allows you to utilize a help window, a picture window, and a subtext window to allow for your own personal touch when using the Common Event list window.

VisuMZ.145.jpg Date and Time System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.02.19

Does your game need a time system? This plugin adds time-related mechanics to RPG Maker MZ, allowing you to control either Game Time, governed by your own custom rules, or Real Time, synchronized to the player's PC or device.

VisuMZ.013.jpg Dragonbones Union VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.24

DragonBones allows your games to use skeletal animation, a type of computer animation in which a character (or object) is represented by skins/textures and a digital set of interconnected bones (called the skeleton). Using a set of instructions, the game will create animations based off these skins, skeletons, and instructions to create beautifully smooth and light-weight movements.

This plugin gives you such control over various facets of your game: the battle system, event pictures, and map sprites for characters. Various plugin commands, notetags, and comment tags are added through this plugin to give you as much control as you need over Dragonbones from the RPG Maker MZ editor itself.

VisuMZ.034.jpg Enhanced TP System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.26

The TP system in RPG Maker MZ is rather limiting. A lot of the TP system is hardcoded in giving RPG Maker MZ users very little control over how much TP gain a battler can receive from particular actions and situations. This plugin gives you the ability to adjust how much TP battlers will acquire various actions, different TP modes, and letting players selecting and pick what TP mode they want for each actor.

VisuMZ.149.jpg Equip Medal System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.03.27

Medals are a type of personalized equipment that actors can wear. They function just like pieces of armor which means they can get all of the parameter bonuses and traits that armors add. Medals can be acquired through various conditions and allow your actors can be customized in more ways.

VisuMZ.148.jpg Equip Passive System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.03.25

Actors can now equip passive states to further enhance their battle potential. With how flexible states are, equippable passive states can boost actors in numerous ways. Equippable passive states can be learned in many different ways and add further customization potential to your actors.

VisuMZ.063a.jpg Equipment Set Bonuses VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.03.08

This is a RPG Maker MZ plugin that allows you to set equipment to be a part of various sets. When multiple pieces of the set are equipped, (for example: Warrior Shield, Warrior Helm, Warrior Armor), then bonuses are applied. Bonuses can be applied at different stages, too, depending on how many set pieces are being currently equipped. The art (faces, map sprites, battler, and various portraits for other plugins) for an actor can also change based on the number of equipment sets worn.

VisuMZ.077.jpg Extended Message Functionality VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.08.02

The Extended Message Function plugin adds onto RPG Maker MZ's Message Window and adds in various features you would normally see found in modern RPG's. Things like automatically moving the text forward after a set amount of time or fast forward are available. Saving and loading during a message is also possible as well as going to the Options menu or returning back to the title screen. These options are only available to the Message Window on the map scene and do not work in battle.

VisuMZ.092.jpg Furniture System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.02.07

Ever wanted to let your player decorate certain maps with furniture items? Letting players let loose is a great way for players to turn a playthrough into something that they can call their own and express themselves. This plugin allows you to create furniture items that the player can place on designated maps and create a place they feel at home.

VisuMZ.028.jpg Grid-Free Doodads VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.05

In RPG Maker MZ, tilesets are used for mapping purposes. Tileset A is used for drawing land while Tilesets B through E are used to add doodads. But in RPG Maker MZ, doodads added by Tilesets B through E are locked to the grid and add a rather unnatural feel to it. This plugin will allow you to break free of the grid and add doodads unbound by the grid. Doodads can come in all forms, from large to small, static and animated, you name it!

There are two plugins for Grid-Free Doodads. One is the system, which has all of the data contained for how doodads are handled in-game. The other is the in-game editor, which allows you to add, remove, and edit doodads during Playtest mode. These are separate so that when you deploy the game and want just the doodad data to remain without the in-game editor, you can leave the editor out. Or in the event there's ever an external editor, you can use that instead.

VisuMZ.045.jpg Horror Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.12.07

This is a plugin for RPG Maker MZ that will allow you to add visual horror effects to your game's title screen, maps, events, pictures, battle, etc. You can turn on individual effects at a time or multiple simultaneously. The effects include a noise effect, a glitch effect, and a TV effect, which is commonly seen used in most horror films. Now, you can use these effects in RPG Maker MZ, too!

VisuMZ.037.jpg Item Crafting System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.11.02

Item crafting has become a common feature in many RPG's. However, it is not a feature included by default with RPG Maker MZ. This plugin adds in a scene that supports item crafting, either through the main menu, or through an event initiated command.

Craftable items are normally all available by default, but they can be barred away through switch requirements. Upon crafting items, switches can also be turned on/off to make a progression system if desired.

Item ingredients can be items, weapons, armors, and cost gold as well. Multiple ingredients can be required at a time or just one. Some items can also be set to only be craftable at custom crafting areas.

VisuMZ.099.jpg Lighting Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.04.08

RPG Maker MZ lacks the ability to provide lighting by default. During scenes where it is night, the usage of tones is not adequate either since there is no way to illuminate the darkness. This plugin remedies that problem by providing lighting effects that pierce the darkness. From radial lights to conical lights and applying various lighting behaviors, this plugin covers the general lighting needs that RPG Maker MZ does not.

VisuMZ.095.jpg More Currencies VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.03.07

This plugin expands the shop scene's functionality by allowing the game dev to create items that can be sold for items and/or variables instead of gold. Or you know what? Throw gold in there, too. Any combination of the them! By doing so, gold no longer becomes the default currency for every shop, as some special shops may require a different type of trade.

VisuMZ.098.jpg Movement Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.04.04

Movement in RPG Maker MZ can be kind of dull. There's next to no way of interacting with the map. This plugin adds various means of doing so to add more life to the environment. Dust Clouds can kick up when running around. Footprints can be left in the sand. Footsteps can be heard making different sounds based on the flooring. Added movement abilities like Smart Blink, Smart Jump, and Smart Rush allow players more fun traversal options. And to top it off, a smooth scrolling camera will ease in the screen to focus on the player character instead of being locked-on firmly. Motion blurs and motion trails are also made available to further emphasize movement.

VisuMZ.019.jpg Party System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.07

RPG Maker MZ only gives game projects the ability to switch party members within the main menu and nothing more. There's no inherent functionality to lock party members, make party members required, and/or give players the ability to switch party members mid-battle.

This plugin will add in all of those functions as well as a dedicated scene for switching party members. Party switching will allow party members to be removed, swapped, and sorted. Through the usage of Plugin Commands, party members can also be locked and/or required for party presence.

Those using the VisuStella MZ Battle Core will also have access to features in this plugin that aren't available otherwise. These features give players the functionality to switch out the whole party lineup mid-battle and/or individual party member switching.

VisuMZ PictureChoices.png Picture Choices VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.07.05

Ever wanted to create custom menus using pictures and have them work akin to how "Show Choices" event commands behave? This plugin makes that possible by letting you, the game dev, determine how pictures will behave when selected, deselected, and tie them to the various choices in the "Show Choices" window events. Create vivid menu systems with better visuals!

VisuMZ.146.jpg Picture Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.02.21

Picture Effects is a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing RPG Maker MZ's picture by allowing various effects and transitions within your game. With over 70 different types of effects, users can adjust and animate pictures in various ways, ranging from banner-style transitions, hue shifts, many tonal changes, blur effects, transformations, and more.

VisuMZ.142.jpg QTE and Trigger System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.01.22

Sometimes, we need a way to trigger Switch or Variable changes. This can be in an organic fashion or through Quick Time Events (QTE's). QTE's allow for immediate changes to Switches or Variables through player inputs. Or if you have ever wanted a Common Event to run when a specific Switch or Variable changes its current value to something else, you can use this plugin's trigger system for Switches, Variables, Items, Weapons, and Armors to call and trigger Common Events whenever their values change. These don't have to be recurring as they can also function as one-time "promises", too.

VisuMZ.016.jpg Quest Journal System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.31

A quest journal is a very important tool provided by game developers for the players. It lists various quests, missions, and objectives that the player can pursue in order to progress further into the game. This can be helpful in reminding the player what needs to be done in the event the player can forget what things there are to do in a vast and large RPG world.

This plugin places a quest journal system into your RPG Maker MZ game. You can set up how the quest journal appears, move its windows around and/or reshape them to fit your game.

You can adjust the quest's title, display a difficulty level, remind the player who the quest is from, where that quest is from, various dynamic descriptions explaining the quest, a list of objectives to make, a list of rewards that will be given to the player once the quest is complete, and any subtext footnotes and quotes you may wish to insert into each quest.

VisuMZ.133.jpg Random Dungeon Maps VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.09.25

RPG Maker MZ's random "Generate Dungeon" feature is pretty barebones and doesn't give you a means of generating dungeons in-game. This plugin seeks to remedy those problems by giving you, the game dev, full control over the way the randomized dungeon looks through cell maps, utilizes a better random dungeon layout algorithm, and generates them during gameplay allowing for a potential roguelike experience.

VisuMZ.083.jpg Shop Common Events VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.10.04

This plugin allows for shop items, weapons, and/or armors to launch common events upon buying or selling them, either as a one-time event or repeating. These launched Common Events will take the player outside of the shop to process the Common Events before (optionally) returning back, giving your player's party members a chance to comment on his or her purchases.

VisuMZ.042.jpg Skill Learn System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.11.30

This plugin lets your game's actors have an alternative way of learning skills aside from leveling up. Instead, they can learn skills through the in-game skill menu, where they can trade gold, items, or the brand new resources made available by this plugin: Ability Points and/or Skill Points.

Ability Points and Skill Points are new resources provided by this plugin that can be acquired in a variety of ways, of which, you can set through its mechanical settings in the Plugin Parameters. These can be through leveling up, performing actions, and/or defeating enemies.

When learning skills through this plugin's in-game system, skills can have a variety of costs and requirements. These requirements can come in the form of needing to be at a certain level, having specific skills learned, and/or having certain switches on.

VisuMZ.147.jpg Tile Grafter System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.02.23

Ever wanted to insert tiles onto one map from another in-game? And have them retain those changes? The Tile Grafter System allows for exactly that, so that you can make HUB-like maps containing evolving architecture overtime without the need to make lots of map variants. Take them exactly or by certain tile layers only.

VisuMZ.112.jpg Tutorial Panel System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.01.02

The plugin adds the ability to display tutorial panels seen in many recent JRPG's. The tutorial panel system allows the player to read forward and backward at their own pace while having visuals displayed on the relevant tutorial pages. The player can later reread the tutorials found in a dedicated Tutorial List scene that is accessible through the main menu.

VisuMZ.072.jpg Visual Battle Environment VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.05.10

Add extra layers of images to your battle system for background purposes or foreground purposes. These images can be battlebacks, pictures, parallaxes, whatever you need them to be. Add extra settings to them, such as scrolling, blend modes, different opacity levels, hues, and more.

VisuMZ.089.jpg Visual Novel Picture Busts VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.12.06

This plugin enables the game engine to use Pictures (normally available event commands like "Show Picture" and "Move Picture") as Picture Busts, similar to those seen in Visual Novels. These Picture Busts are given a plethora of Plugin Commands to utilize and control them in ways to help create narratives amongst characters akin to Visual Novels. The Plugin Commands will also help streamline and remove the more tedious aspects of trying to recreate a similar bust system with vanilla RPG Maker MZ.

VisuMZ.130.jpg Voice Acting Control VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.08.28

Do you have voice acting in your game to add that extra bit of immersion? If you do, you have probably realized that RPG Maker MZ is not equipped with all the necessities that come with games that have voice acting in them. Some of these necessities include a different audio volume channel for voices alone, control for stopping specific voices that are playing, adding replayable voice tracks for the message window, etc.

VisuMZ.069.jpg Weapon Swap System VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.05.03

This plugin adds in a Weapon Swap System. Actors can equip a different weapon for each weapon type available for use. These weapons can be swapped to and from during the middle of a battle. Swapping weapons can let the player's team adapt to certain situations better or giving them the ability to hit certain weapon weaknesses in battle.

VisuMZ.100.jpg Weather Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.04.06

RPG Maker MZ didn't come with too many weather effects. Only three: rain, storm, and snow. This plugin will ramp that number up a considerable amount and revise the way the original three weathers look, too. These new weather patterns will help breathe life into your game for various scenarios and/or cutscenes. The added control and customization options mean you can alter their behaviors to your liking.

Tier 3 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, and 2 plugins.

These are extension plugins which may have dependencies on Tier 0 through 2 plugins.

VisuMZ.023.jpg Action Sequence Camera VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.23

This plugin adds new Action Sequences functions to the VisuStella MZ Battle Core plugin to give you, the game dev, control over the battle camera and zoom functions.

VisuMZ.043.jpg Action Sequence Impact VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.12.02

With the aid of Pixi JS Filters, this plugin adds more impact to battle by producing special on screen filter effects to make certain actions like critical hits, guarding, and dodging more visibly different adding to the flavor of the battle.

This plugin also adds new Action Sequences for the Battle Core, allowing impacting effects like color breaks, motion blurs, shockwaves, motion trails, and zoom blurs.

VisuMZ.052.jpg Action Sequence Projectiles VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.13

This plugin adds projectile control the Battle Core's Action Sequences, allowing you, the game dev, to create entities that fire from one screen location to another screen location. These locations can be either battler targets or exact points on the screen. Projectiles can come in the form of pictures, icons, and animations. Make them spin, make them arc, make them travel at differing speeds across the battlefield!

VisuMZ.101.jpg Active Chain Skills VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.09.05

When a skill with any potential chain skill occurs, potentially chainable skills will be listed on the side of the screen and if the player presses the right button to trigger that chain skill, the actor's next action will lead into the next chain skill. Chain skills can only be used by actors and can be endlessly chained until either the actor runs out of skill cost resources or until the actor performs a chained skill without any skills to chain off of.

VisuMZ.038.jpg Anti-Damage Barriers VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.11.04

RPG Maker MZ does not have many options for damage mitigation. There are only raw defensive parameters, elemental rates, and direct damage modifiers. This plugin introduces six categories of Anti-Damage Barriers made in the form of states to allow you to create more ways for the player's party to defend themselves with.

VisuMZ.035.jpg Auto Skill Triggers VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.28

Sometimes you want some skills that only occur after a specific condition triggers (ie. death, receiving specific elemental damage, or allies performing skills of a specific type). These skill triggers are now made possible through this plugin.

VisuMZ.026.jpg Battle AI VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.30

This Battle A.I. plugin changes up how enemies and any Auto Battle actors behave by implementing many new key components to their decision making process in battle. These new compotents are: A.I. Styles, A.I. Levels, Rating Variance, A.I. Conditions, and Influencing TGR Weight.

With these new key components put together, you can transform RPG Maker MZ's highly primitive A.I. into something more intelligent. Auto Battle actors can also base their A.I. patterns off an enemy's A.I. in order to behave in more desirable ways during battle as well.

VisuMZ.087.jpg Battle Command - Talk VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.11.03

This plugin allows actors to talk with enemies. When talking with an enemy, a common event will run in place of the typical battle action, allow you, the game dev, to have full control over how the conversation steers. A variable tracker can be used to track how many times the player has started up a conversation with that specific enemy to allow for more drawn out talking if you, the game dev, so desires.

VisuMZ.131.jpg Battle Voices VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.08.30

This plugin allows you to create battle voice sets and apply them to actors and enemies in your game. There are voice lines for various occassions in battle ranging from simple conditions like saying something at the start of battle to using specific hit types for skills and even going as far as having lines to say upon the adding and removing of states.

VisuMZ.070.jpg Boost Action VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.05.05

This plugin adds Boost Points, a mechanic which augments the potency of skills and/or items based on the type of notetag they have. The newly added mechanic allows actors and/or enemies to temporarily power themselves up for the current turn by using the Boost Points resource. Boost Points are gained at the end of each turn if the battler did not use any Boost Points. While Boosted, actions can deal more damage, hit more times, make buffs/debuffs or states last longer, and more!

VisuMZ.093.jpg Button Trigger Events VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.02.09

This plugin allows you, the game dev, the setup events that can be remotely triggered by certain button presses even if the player character is across the map. This can be used in a number of ways such as setting up specific interactions or even reproducing a point and click navigation style.

VisuMZ.081.jpg Chain Battles VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.09.08

Ever wanted to have a continuous stream of battles without the victory sequence appearing until the very end? The Chain Battles plugin will allow RPG Maker MZ to do just that. As the player's party progresses forward, they maintain their states, buffs, and debuffs. The such effects will keep their stacks and turns. Chain Battles will make creating a marathon of battles a possibility.

VisuMZ ChoiceCommonEvents.png Choice Common Events VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.07.07

Ever wanted to have Common Events run when an option in the Choice Window is selected without requiring the player to press OK? This plugin allows you, the game dev, to make it so that specific choices will run Common Events in the background (on the map scene) without any interruptions. Have a legion of Common Events that change what picture is shown based on the selected choice or make some events on the screen jump up and down whenever their names are selected in the Choice Window.

VisuMZ.032.jpg Enemy Levels VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.21

Enemies in RPG Maker MZ do not have levels by default, but instead are given static parameters that do not change throughout the game. This plugin adds the functionality to apply levels and level-based parameter changes to all of your enemies, along with control over how their levels are handled.

VisuMZ.113.jpg Event Chain Reactions VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.01.04

Making events react to anything but the player requires so much work in RPG Maker MZ. This plugin will change that by adding in many different ways to cause event changes to take place. This includes streamlined forms of push and pull, catalysts that cause reactions, pressure plates and heavy objects, chargers and conductors, a form of timed decay, and objects that submerge when moved into the water.

VisuMZ.143.jpg Event Signals VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.01.24

Event Signals is a new way for events to trigger actions, either to or from one another. This will cause events to respond in certain ways based on the type of signals they receive provided that they have a response set up for those specific signals.

VisuMZ.103.jpg Evolution Matrix Skills VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.09.09

When an Evolution Matrix Skill is activated by an actor, Evolution Matrix options appear on the screen, allowing the player to select which evolutions to steer the current skill towards while paying for upgrades along the way. Once reaching the end of an evolution path or deciding to prematurely stop a skill evolution, the actor will cast the finalized skill.

VisuMZ.108.jpg Field Skills VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.12.07

Field Skills differ from Menu skills where they can be also activated from the map to utilize a common event. On top of that, if attached to a battle skill, it allows skills to have a different function in-battle than when out of battle. The Field Skills plugin allows the player to pull up a menu list of skills that the player can select from and activate from the map scene. When selected, the common event attached to the Field Skill will launch and activate, allowing for custom unique effects to occur.

VisuMZ.107.jpg Frontview Battle UI VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.12.05

The plugin creates a more dedicated frontview Battle UI for RPG Maker MZ. Design elements are made to be more visible and elegant at the same time, while utilizing various effects like minor flashes and shaking to depict changes like damage, recovery, and more. The in-battle command windows are slightly altered to give a better feel while also providing enough room for battle portraits to be used.

VisuMZ.102.jpg Input Combo Skills VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.09.07

When an Evolution Matrix Skill is activated by an actor, Evolution Matrix options appear on the screen, allowing the player to select which evolutions to steer the current skill towards while paying for upgrades along the way. Once reaching the end of an evolution path or deciding to prematurely stop a skill evolution, the actor will cast the finalized skill.

VisuMZ.138.jpg Item Amplify Skills VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.10.27

Item Amplify Skills is a plugin that lets you create skills that allow your actors to harness the incredible potential of item amplification. Unlock a new level of strategic gameplay as your characters combine various items to amplify the effects of their skills. By carefully selecting the right combination of amplify-type items, you can enhance accuracy, critical hit rates, variance, and more to take your game to new heights of excitement and strategic gameplay!

VisuMZ.137.jpg Item Concoction Skills VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.10.25

Unleash the power of item mixing and crafting in your game! With the Item Concoctions plugin, you can create skills that allow players to combine two items—a base and a pair—to create powerful and unique effects. Explore a vast array of concoction types, each with its own set of combinations and outcomes, adding depth and versatility to your gameplay.

VisuMZ.136.jpg Item Throw Skills VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.10.23

This plugin introduces Item Throw, which brings the art of throwing items to your battles! Unlock a whole new level of strategy for your actors as they pick up and hurl various items with unique effects and abilities.

VisuMZ.029.jpg Life State Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.07

The Life State Effects plugin allow for trait objects and/or states to create specific, though, commonly used effects found in many traditional JRPG's, such as Auto Life, Doom, and Guts. These mechanical effects add a whole new layer of strategy when it comes to status effects.

VisuMZ.064.jpg Limited Skill Uses VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.03.10

This plugin enables you to set a limited amount of times certain skills (or all skills) can be used per battle or ever. This adds a different type of skill currency and balance mechanic in limiting the amount of times a skill can be used without directly having to alter MP, TP, or the like.

VisuMZ.090.jpg Message Keywords VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.12.08

This plugin adds Keyword support for the Message Window and any others listed in the Plugin Parameters. By having Keyword support, the player can hover their mouse cursor over the Keyword and a tooltip window will appear, explaining further about the Keyword in question. This can be used in the Message Window to explain lore, in the Help Window to go into detail about more complex mechanics, and more!

VisuMZ.049.jpg Message Letter Sounds VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.06

This plugin enables your messages to play sound effects per letter (or at certain intervals of letters) whenever they appear in a message window. Letter sounds can be used to add emotion, character, and feeling to scenes and provide audio feedback to the activity going on in the screen.

VisuMZ.078.jpg Message Log VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.08.04

The Message Log plugin will take and record any Show Message entries played on the map screen so that players can go back to them and review them at a later point in time when needed. This is helpful for players who may have missed important information that would have been displayed or those who would like to review what was said previously. The Message Log will not record any of the text displayed in the battle scene in order to preserve the data to one specific scene.

VisuMZ.055.jpg New Game Plus VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.20

New Game+ is a great way to provide replay value for your game. It lets the player re-experience the game in a different way with either carried over items, to carried over party members, to carried over skills, switches, and variables even. There exists many options to change how New Game+ will work for your game.

VisuMZ.096.jpg One Time Purchase VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.03.09

Not all NPC peddlers have infinite stocks of items. Sometimes, it makes more sense for them to only sell whatever they have on hand, regardless of the item's usual limitability. This plugin allows you to switch between a "One Time Purchase" mode where item entries can only be bought once in a store versus unlimited. To sell more than one of a specific item type, just add more entries to it. However, anything that has been bought will remain sold out until the NPC peddler restocks.

VisuMZ.140.jpg Shop Batches VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.11.29

Sometimes, you want shops to have promotional sales when certain items are bought in batches, bundles, or goodie bags. This plugin allows that to happen. Create a batch item that can be bought, and when the player acquires it, a bunch of items are acquired at the same time.

VisuMZ.141.jpg Shop Bust Style UI VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.12.01

This plugin allows you to modify the shop scene to showcase a dynamic background and character. The character will speak via messages and can even change expressions depending on what the player does inside the shop. The backgrounds and characters, along with their messages, can vary from shop to shop by simply changing Plugin Commands.

VisuMZ.139.jpg Shop Listing Unlock VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.11.27

This plugin allows shop listings to unlock via buying and selling items in any shop. Ever wanted to make a Super Potion that unlocks after buying 10 regular Potions, now you can. Ever wanted to make a Monster Mana Potion unlock after selling enough Slime Cores? Now you can.

VisuMZ.020.jpg Skill Cooldowns VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.09

Skill Cooldowns are a mechanic added by the game to prevent repeated skill usage (or as some gamers call it, skill spamming). Upon usage in battle, a skill with a cooldown will become unselectable for a duration of time set by either notetags and/or Plugin Commands. This duration would have to pass in order for the skill to become usable once again.

Skill Warmups are another addition by this plugin. Skills with warmups will start the battle unusable until a certain duration has passed. This can help prevent strong skills from being used from the very start of battle.

VisuMZ.073.jpg Sideview Battle UI VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.05.21

This plugin changes the RPG Maker MZ Battle UI for Sideview Battle Systems into something more minimalistic. The menus are placed towards the player's party to let the player focus their attention to the center of the screen instead of to the lower ledges of the screen. The input command windows show up near the inputting actor to give the player a clear understanding of who is performing what action.

VisuMZ.058.jpg State Tooltips VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.02.24

This plugin adds a tooltip window in battle (and other scenes) whenever the player's mouse cursor is hovered over specific areas of the screen. The tooltip window will display a list of the states, buffs, and debuffs the hovered battler has along with a description of the entities and their remaining duration.

VisuMZ.046.jpg Steal Items VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.12.09

Thieves with the ability to steal items from enemies aren't an uncommon class in RPG's. This plugin lets you set up enemies with items that can be stolen from with different types of effects that can occur upon stealing.

VisuMZ.013a.jpg Victory Aftermath VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.26

The Victory Aftermath plugin consolidates the rewards granted upon finishing a battle successfully into one screen (or more if there are level ups). This helps reduce the amount of button presses needed to display similar information by default. The level up screens will also display parameter changes and new skills acquired in addition to victory quotes.

VisuMZ.116.jpg Visual Cutin Effect VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.03.01

A good Visual Cutin Effect can add more impact to a scene, allude to a different character focus, or add hype to an action sequence in battle. This plugin allows you to create Visual Cutin Effects of your choosing, with a plethora of types to pick from. Their different visual appearances each fit a variety of situations for your game.

VisuMZ.119.jpg Visual Gauge Styles VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.04.05

The Visual Gauge Styles plugin allows you to swap out the various gauges found and used in the game to don a different appearance and aesthetic. The aesthetics can be mixed and matched to your liking, going from more visual polygon structure-like styles to enhance a feeling to more mechanical-like styles to relay information better. As these styles are all pre-rendered, there are no custom files used with this plugin.

VisuMZ.084.jpg Visual Gold Display VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.10.06

If you ever wanted to make it look like 1 gold is equal to 100 pieces of silver, and 1 silver is equal to 100 pieces of copper, this plugin will allow that to happen. Want a diamond to represent the millions, you can do that. Want a gold bar to represent the thousands? This plugin changes how gold is displayed in game in the majority of scenes (though not all of them due to visible screen space limitations). Determine which icons appear where and how they're formed.

VisuMZ.017.jpg Visual State Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.02

States, buffs, and debuffs are amongst one of the most important aspects of the battle system. Therefore, relaying proper information to the player is extremely important. RPG Maker MZ does relay information to the player about the various states and effects, but it is far from perfect. This plugin allows you to add more detail and visual effects regarding states to relay proper data.

VisuMZ.061.jpg Visual Text Window VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.03.03

Ever wanted to create an instruction window on the screen while the player is exploring or an informative window detailing what the player needs to do while on certain parts of the map or during a particular phase of battle?

This plugin grants you the ability to create a text-filled window and put it on the screen without the need for a "Show Text" event. The Visual Text Window will linger on the screen. It will update and/or remove itself when commanded.

VisuMZ.067.jpg Weakness Display VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.04.28

This plugin creates a display in battle to show enemy elemental weaknesses. These weaknesses will start off hidden and will be slowly revealed whenever the respective enemies receive elemental damage of the correct type. This way, your players no longer have to jot down mental notes on what enemies are weak to which elements, and instead, have access to their pool of discovered knowledge right at the screen.

VisuMZ.040.jpg Weapon Animation VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.11.25

Ever wanted to give your swords different images despite being the same sword type? Or how about your axes? Or any weapon? Now you can! On top of that, you can even use custom images to accomplish this.

This plugin allows you to go past the standard weapon images and even using custom images.

Tier 4 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, 2, and 3 plugins.

These are standalone plugins, which are best placed towards the bottom of the Plugin Manager list.

VisuMZ.104.jpg Ambience Sounds VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.10.31

This plugin allows you to play periodically timed sound effects from events to create an ambience effect. The volume and the panning of the sound effect will vary depending on the distance the player is from the event giving an immersive feeling.

VisuMZ.027.jpg Animated Map Destination VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.02

When the player clicks on the map, the player sets a destination for the player character to move to. This destination is, by default, marked with a white square sprite that flashes over and over. This aesthetic does not necessarily fit every type of game project so this plugin will allow you to customize it.

You can change the way the square sprite looks, change it into a circle, use an image file, or even use an animation file. There are various properties for each of these settings, too.

VisuMZ.036.jpg Animated Pictures VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.30

This is a RPG Maker MZ plugin that gives functionality to Show Picture events to display animated pictures. Animated pictures are shown in a sprite sheet format. There are looping controls and speed controls that can be used with these animated pictures.

VisuMZ.091.jpg Attached Pictures VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.12.10

This plugin allows you to attach Pictures to the Message Window or other Pictures. This means that their positions, effects, and the like become relative to the attached target's, including their position and properties. Use this to display busts on Message Windows or piece together actor busts with a basic body image, a set of eyes, and a mouth. Add some flavor by letting pictures interact with the Message Window in different ways as well as make your actor bustss more vivid.

This plugin allows you to attach pictures to the Message Window. This means that their positions, effects, and the like become relative to the Message Window's position. Use this to display busts, special effects on an actor's face, or add some flavor by letting pictures interact with the Message Window in different ways.

VisuMZ.050.jpg Battle Cursor VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.08

This plugin allows you to set custom cursors when selecting allies and/or enemies for targeting while in battle. This is to help with better visual cues when picking a target if the flashing battler isn't enough.

VisuMZ.068.jpg Break Shields VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.04.30

This plugin introduces a new mechanic called Break Shields. Actors and/or enemies can have them. Whenever a battler is struck with an elemental weakness, their Break Shield is reduced by 1 (unless modified by a notetag). Once the battler's Break Shield reaches a score of 0, a state is then applied to the battler (usually a stun state). Once the Break state wears off, the battler will regain their Break Shields again. This can be used to create complex battle depth for your game.

VisuMZ.014.jpg Button Common Events VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.28

By default, there's only a few keys on your keyboard that perform any kind of action when pressed on the map screen. This plugin allows you to bind Common Events to various other keys to expand the keyboard's functionality. Plugin Commands can be used during the middle of a playthrough to change up which Common Events are bound to each key as well, allowing you, the game dev, to have full control over which keys can be used during the map screen.

VisuMZ.117.jpg CG Gallery VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.03.03

Does your game have a lot of pretty art? Especially pretty art that your players would love to view again on their own? This plugin provides a new scene called a CG Gallery for players to view art that they have encountered on their game playthroughs. The CG Gallery allows you to separate art into various categories where the player can view them individually, zooming in and out and moving all about for that perfect angle.

VisuMZ.053a.jpg Combat Log VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.15

Sometimes text appears way too fast in the battle system or sometimes players may miss what kind of information was delivered on-screen. For times like that, being able to access the Combat Log would be important. The Combat Log records all of the text that appears in the battle log window at the top. The player can access the Combat Log display any time during action selection phase or by holding down the designated Hot Key. Sometimes, players can even review over the Combat Log to try and figure out any kinds of patterns enemies may even have.

VisuMZ.082.jpg Conditional Random Encounters VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.09.10

Do you use Random Encounters for your RPG but want certain troops to appear only after certain conditions have been met? For example, a pack of wolves that appear when a specific switch is on, or a school of piranhas that show up if they detect you have bait in your inventory? This plugin allows that to be possible!

VisuMZ.088.jpg Consumable Defensive States VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.11.05

Consumable Defensive States are states that will protect its user once from a specific element(s), skill type(s), or hit type(s) before automatically removing itself. These defensive strategies can range from reflection, evasion, or damage immunity. When utilized, these new state types can add a whole new range of strategy to the battle system.

VisuMZ.110.jpg Credits Page VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.12.19

This plugin adds a 'Credits' command to the title screen and Main Menu scene that will bring up a scene with a credits page made the way you want. Both categories and text codes can be used for the credits page to allow for more customization options.

VisuMZ.044.jpg Database Inheritance VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.12.04

Populating a database can be extremely time consuming regardless of how much you plan for it. One of the biggest offenders to making the process so time consuming is the lack of inheritance features. By default, RPG Maker MZ is unable to have objects directly inherit properties from parent objects, meaning that each and every database object has to be created from scratch or be the result of a copy/paste template before going forward.

This plugin allows you to mark specific database objects with inheritance notetags, making it more efficient to carry over properties. Each database object is able to inherit notetags, traits, effects, parameters, and more.

VisuMZ.011.jpg Debugger VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.21

The RPG Maker MZ default debug menu (accessible through the F9 key during a play test session) only has switch and variable manipulation options, which might not be enough for some game developers. This plugin adds in a new debug menu with access to launching Common Events on the go, teleporting to any desired map, quick options, initiating battles, modifying quantities for items, weapons, armors, altering self switches, and applying buffs, debuffs, and states. Furthermore, this plugin also makes the debug menu accessible from anywhere.

VisuMZ.144.jpg Dice Rolls and RNG Seeds VisuStella MZ

Release: 2024.01.26

Games that use random elements in their game can benefit by using visualized Dice Rolls in order to give players an understanding of what kind of logic is happening behind the randomization. Various things like switches, items, and skills can also affect the roll values to give the player more control over the nature of RNG. However, to give the game developer more control, Random Number Seeds are also provided through this plugin. These seeds allow for games to function in a more controlled pattern and prevent things like save scumming for better results. Though the numbers themselves are still random, they will exhibit predetermined and predictable outcomes through the usage of Plugin Commands.

VisuMZ.047.jpg Encounter Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.12.11

Both random encounters and on-screen encounters are pretty limited in what they're able to do in RPG Maker MZ. This plugin expands their functionality with some unique effects added through this plugin.

Both types of encounters can benefit from having more control over the occurrence of Preemptive and Surprise Attacks. These can be enforced through Plugin Commands and set up in a queue.

On-screen encounters can utilize alert functions that will cause events to chase the player (or flee from them) once the player steps within their visible detection range.

On-screen encounters can also utilize new functions added for use with the Conditional Branch to determine which direction the player has approached the on-screen encounter event from.

Random encounters can utilize repel and lure effects to nullify any random encounters for a certain amount of steps or to increase their rate of occurrence.

VisuMZ EventTitleScreen.png Event Title Scene VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.07.09

For those who feel compelled to create their own custom title scene using in-game maps and events, this plugin will replace Scene_Title with a new dedicated map scene to allow such a thing to happen. Customize it however you can within your abilities and utilize the full power of RPG Maker MZ's eventing system. Just don't forget to use an Autorun event to kick things off, alright?

VisuMZ.030.jpg Extra Enemy Drops VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.09

By default, RPG Maker MZ limits enemies to only drop up to 3 items max and at very limited drop rates. This plugin allows you to add more than 3 items at drop and at custom rates that aren't limited to a demoninator value.

This plugin also gives the functionality to force specific drops or give any additional bonus drops to make some battles give different rewards despite having the same types of enemies encountered before.

And if you have the VisuStella Battle Core, drops can be visible on the battlefield and spring out of the enemies as they collapse!

VisuMZ.085.jpg Fluctuating Shop Prices VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.10.08

Does your gave have a live, ever-evolving market? Do the prices of items change over time depending on how your player influences the game? This plugin allows you to create fluctuating price systems via RPG Maker MZ's variable system. These variables are able to change factors such as the base price, the base padding, rates, and flat additions.

VisuMZ.109.jpg Full Field Recovery VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.12.09

Do you shower your players with items only to find out that they don't use them? Or perhaps they're always hoarding the items despite being incredibly low on health while they explore dungeons? This plugin adds in a simple button press for your players to push in order to pull up a Full Field Recovery window and uses items to fully recover the party's HP, MP, and status by using lower cost items first to higher cost ones (or if you want, create your own priority list). This quality of life feature will make the dungeon crawling aspect of your game more comfortable for your players provided that you give them a plethora of items to heal with.

VisuMZ.021.jpg Gab Window VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.10

Sometimes there's random jibber jabber that does not warrant a message box. The Gab Window fulfills that jibber jabber by placing such text outside of the message window box and at the corner of the screen. The gab text will appear briefly and then disappear, not showing up again until the gab text is updated with something else.

VisuMZ.121.jpg Hospital Shop VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.05.23

In most RPG's, inns are often used to allow parties to recover their health, restore their status, etc. It's often a cure-all for a set price. This hospital setting, however, charges based on the amount of damage taken, to the amount of mana consumed, and the state ailments inflicted also have a bearing on the cost. Players can also heal individual members as opposed to all members of their party in the event that they cannot heal the whole party. This provides a challenge to the player and also provides a more cost-proportional way of recovering from damage obtained through battle.

VisuMZ.129.jpg Icon Balloons VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.07.28

RPG Maker MZ provides us with 15 Balloon Animations to use to allow our events to show emotions with. Sometimes, this just isn't enough. However, this plugin allows you to use icons from your IconSet to extend the number of balloon types you can use as well as animate them frame by frame.

VisuMZ.105.jpg Map Camera Zoom VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.11.02

This plugin enables the ability to zoom the in-game camera inward and make the visible game area larger and more focused. The camera can also focus on events or specific tiles other than just the player, making it helpful for cutscenes. Easing accessibility also makes the zoom and camera shifts more soft and less rough feeling.

VisuMZ.106.jpg Map Damage Effect VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.11.04

This plugin changes the cheap-looking red flash when taking floor damage or slip damage on the map to something more elegant looking or allows you to utilize a custom image in place of it. The effect can vary depending on the region the player is currently standing on to the slip state the effect is originating from.

VisuMZ.127.jpg Map Event Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.07.24

Sometimes for an event cutscene, you want to do more than the available special effects provided by RPG Maker MZ. This plugin adds more functions including hue changes, floating, sidestepping, shaking, scaling, breathing, tinting, and flashing. Use these effects to spice up your map events.

VisuMZ.056.jpg Menu Cursor VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.01.22

Add a menu cursor that uses an icon or an image from the pictures or system folder to help the player find out which windows are active quicker. The subtle movements of a waving cursor can do wonders to grabbing the player's attention to speed up the process of directing player focus.

VisuMZ.079.jpg Message Visibility VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.08.06

This plugin adds in the functionality to toggle the visibility of the Message Window on the map scene so that the player can observe the full view of the screen, to better visualize any pictures, parallaxes, and/or backgrounds before them. This can be done via a shortcut key or, if you're using the Extended Message Functionality plugin, by button. These options are only available to the Message Window on the map scene and do not work in battle.

VisuMZ.120.jpg Multi-Layer HP Gauge VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.04.07

Want to give certain enemies some more significance than others? Like giving them a giant Multi-Layer HP Gauge spread across the top of the screen in a super imposing type of fashion? This plugin will do just that! Multi-Layer HP Gauges can contain upwards of 10 layers while displaying all of their states in a spread out fashion. Your players will know this enemy is a boss that means business.

VisuMZ.111.jpg Patch Notes VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.12.21

This plugin grants your players the ability to access Patch Notes from the game itself. Being able to tell your players what you've changed from inside the game can make all the difference in the player experience. This plugin lets players access Patch Notes from the title screen, the main menu, or from a Plugin Command ran inside the game.

VisuMZ.018.jpg Picture Common Events VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.04

With RPG Maker MZ having better touch support, it's important that almost everything can be interacted with such as pictures. Pictures on the map screen can have a Common Event bound to them, which will launch once clicked (assuming no other events are running). These pictures can also change the Common Events bound to them and/or clear them during the game.

VisuMZ.033.jpg Proximity Compass VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.10.23

This is a RPG Maker MZ plugin that adds a compass to the map screen, marking the position of nearby events and the directions of far away events. Events are represented by icons from the icon set. This can be used to help the player locate objectives, points of interests, NPCs, and more.

VisuMZ.128.jpg Proximity Messages VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.07.26

This plugin allows events to display text windows saying whatever they want once the player character is nearby. Once within proximity range, the window appears for the player to be able to read. This can be used to simulate seeing sign-boards from afar, eavesdropping on NPC's, or simply emulating an NPC shouting something in general for the public to hear. Doing so will allow the player to continue moving and not interrupt their exploration.

VisuMZ.097.jpg Randomize Shop VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.03.11

Ever wanted to create NPC's that sold a random assortment of items each time you encounter them randomly through a dungeon? This plugin not only makes that possible, but also stores their randomized shop data so that you can recall it at any time or refresh their listing through the usage of Plugin Commands geared towards this very facet.

VisuMZ.122.jpg Recruiting Board VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.05.25

This plugin allows you to create a recruiting board for actors that the player can add into their party for a sum of gold. Each recruiting board can have a different list of actors and even discount rates to go with it.

VisuMZ.132.jpg Side Chatter VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.09.01

This plugin allows you to create dialogue that appears on the side of the screen without interrupting gameplay. These can be accompanied by sound (and thus, voice acting if desired). After a while, the side chatter that appears on the side will fade out.

VisuMZ.071.jpg Skill Containers VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.05.07

Skill Containers let you transform skills in-game to contain an inner list of skills, accessible to players. These container skills will draw from a list of skills that either require the player to already have them or allow them to even use skills they don't normally have access to.

VisuMZ.123.jpg Skill Shop VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.05.27

This plugin allows you to call forth a Skill Shop that contains varying skills that the player can purchase with gold to teach to various party members as long as the shop's skill requirements are met.

VisuMZ.114.jpg Unique Tile Effects VisuStella MZ

Release: 2023.01.06

This plugin allows you to add new properties to tiles, by marking them with regions or assigning those properties to the terrain tags. These new unique tile effects allow more player and event interactivity with the environment. Such interactivity ranges from tiles that cause the character to slide from one end to the other to other tiles that bounce the character forward.

VisuMZ.094.jpg Variable Gauges VisuStella MZ

Release: 2022.02.11

This plugin allows you, the game dev, to place gauges on the screen whose values are governed by variables. These gauges can appear on the map screen or the battle screen to your liking. Their maximum values, placements, type, colors, and more can be adjusted to suit your needs. Mark them with icons and have tooltip windows appear explaining their purpose when the player hovers the mouse cursor over them.

VisuMZ.062.jpg Visual Fogs VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.03.05

Fogs are a handy feature long removed from RPG Maker since RPG Maker XP. This plugin reintroduces them back into RPG Maker MZ. Fogs function similar to parallaxes, except rather than being under the tile map, fogs appear above the tile map and the characters. This plugin gives you an unlimited amount of fogs to apply to each map alongside many controls to make the fogs appear more vivid.

A restricted fog area system is also added to this plugin to make fogs appear only within certain regions and/or terrain tags. This way, you can utilize parallaxes as masked layers for obscured sections of the map.

Sometimes, fogs may be too intrusive to the player's visibility. A vignette feature has been added to make fogs appear only on the borders or certain sides of the screen. This way, fogs can still add to the atmosphere without obscuring too much of the visible screen.

VisuMZ.059.jpg Visual Item Inventory VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.02.26

This plugin changes the item list displayed in-game to become more visual and show bigger images, either as icons or pictures. The enlarged item, weapon, and armor images will show their item quantities next to them while a tooltip window appears above their selected cell to show the item's name.

VisuMZ.065.jpg Visual Parallaxes VisuStella MZ

Release: 2021.03.12

By default, RPG Maker MZ only allows each map to have one parallax. Such a limit makes it difficult to create different layers of objects to portray distance and the like. This plugin will remedy that by allowing you to add an unlimited amount of parallaxes per map alongside many controls to make the parallaxes more vivid.

A restricted parallax area system is also added to this plugin to make parallaxes appear only within certain regions and/or terrain tags. This way, you can utilize parallaxes as masked layers for water surfaces and the like.

To make the most out of this, with the tilesets are formatted properly, reflective water and reflective solid surfaces are also new effects added through this plugin. Water effects will show ripples while reflective solid surfaces are static.

VisuMZ.041.jpg Weakness Popups VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.11.27

When striking enemies with elemental attacks, it's difficult for the player to know at first glance if he or she has hit a weakness or resistance, especially if they are unfamiliar with how much damage the enemy should take normally. This plugin creates popups that appear upon being hit at various elemental rates, from 200% to 101% for Weaknesses, 99% to 1% for resistance, 0% for immunity, and under that for absorption.

Critical hits also gain an extra popup effect to indicate landing a critical hit in case they've missed the extra flash that comes with one by default. This plugin helps relay information to the player in a more visible form.

VisuMZ.024.jpg Weapon Unleash VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.09.25

The Weapon Unleash plugin lets you give battlers a chance to perform a skill that's different from the usual Attack or Guard action they have. Unleashes work off a success rate system, meaning they can but not always occur.

In addition to Unleashes, replacements for the default Attack and Guard actions also available through this plugin. Unlike Unleashes, replacements are always present. Though, if an Unleash manages to succeed, they will take over the replacement skill.

Each of these features can help alleviate the monotony of using the same commands over and over throughout the game, giving more life to the battle system and keeping it fresh and interesting.

Tier 5 Plugins

These plugins must be placed under any Tier 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 plugins.

These are patches, used to create compatibility between VisuStella MZ plugins and those outside of the VisuStella MZ plugin library. They can also be used to link software and/or libraries from outside of RPG Maker MZ.

VisuMZ.012.jpg TileD VisuStella MZ

Release: 2020.08.29

A warning: This plugin is for advanced users, or users who plan to learn TileD. We at VisuMZ are not TileD support and will not be teaching TileD, or answering support questions in regards to TileD itself. If you think learning a new mapping program may be too hard, or might be too tedious this plugin is not for you.

Tired of RPG Maker MZ's Map Editor? Do you want to map the XP way but more? Tired of Parallax Mapping? Want to do round corners? Want to create a map with basically unlimited layers?

Well, now all those worries are gone! Instead, let's just use the awesome map editor, TileD! Free, easy to use and very flexible Map Editor. Grab it from here: